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Good and evil are ethical solutions, are points of views of the reality. We can affirm this in another way, we can say that there are two discernments, two mentalities, two basics forms of love.
One discernment is benevolent, blessed, edifyng, contructiv, just, diffusive, compasive, this is living according to the spirit. The other instead is destructive, selfish, chaotic, unfair, this is living according to the flesh.
Sin and God's law are lifestyles, we serve God or money. Serve God is to improve the world, is to be co-creators with God, serve God is to co-create, is to increase the spiritual gifts, is to increase the perfections in the world, perfecting ourselves and perfecting the world, that is the meaning of life when we serve God .
Instead when we serve only money we serve our selfishness, our own personal happiness without regard to the needs of those who are around us. Ultimately we choose between the love of ourselves and love for God, the love for all the creation. http://www.quintoevangelio.com.ar/en/articles/item/232-mentalities.html
So true
Invest your money so that it serves you.