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Fake Subs 😂🤣 MARKSON
But this is hilarious lmaoo!! I found this and had to share it for a good laugh!! lmao!

oh my goodness people are loosing it already with this two..They want them
together so bad..lmaoo!

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@MaricelvaRomero what do you mean? yeah they are gifs..
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@MaricelvaRomero that's a real interview in China and someone created fake subs for it.. that is not what he is really saying..🤗
10 days ago
this was amazingly beautiful because it actually looks like he's talking about that 😂😂😂😂😂😂
10 days ago·Reply
@BabydollBre 😂😂that's the beuty of it..it looks real..lol to us Marksonians at least 😁😂😂😂
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Me too, ..is because it looks very real to me..HONESTLY...😁😁
10 days ago
This is funny!
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@sukkyongwanser yep.. lol😂😂
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