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"What?" I choked out, looking at him dumblefounded. "There's no way you can be my dolls. You're human." I looked at the others members for support and they all stared at their leader just as shocked at what came out of his mouth as I was.

"There's no way we're dolls." Suga said, his voice sounding as one that was stating the obvious.

"I know it doesn't sound like a sane theory, but you guys need to think about it clearly for a minute. We all passed out and woke up nineteen years later and we look exactly how we were the same day we disappeared. How do you exactly explain that?" Rap Monster said firing back. His voice gave off no hint of him being uncertain and I felt my stomach twist inside.

"These guys are weird.... I thought

"We were obviously in a coma." Suga said, equally as confident, ignoring my caught off guard face I was making at them.

"That doesn't make sense." Rap Monster said flatly, his eyes sharp as knives. He had his head propped to the side ever so slightly as he and Suga glared at each other and all of us stood by watching them.

"I don't make sense?" Suga huffed, sarcastically huffing a cloud of air out of his mouth. "You're the one that thinks we're dolls." He shot back.

"How else do you think we've stayed this young and appeared in a girl's room?" Rap Monster said angrily.

"Maybe she kidnapped us. Maybe she's lying about being a fan and she's kept us here for the nineteen years." Suga said, eyeing me down now. I glared right back at him, wondering what this guy's problem was. Sure they were attractive and were idols at some point, but that was nineteen years ago. I've never listened to their music before and this was my first time eating them. Ya I had dolls of them, but my mom gave them to me.

"I didn't kidnap you guys." I said glaring at Suga more and I was about to say other things but Jungkook stepped in.

"That's enough." Jungkook said harshly stepping forward a little. "We shouldn't just start blaming people without evidence. We'll figure this all out, but for now I think we should all settle down. We're probably not the only ones in this house and if -" Jungkook said suddenly looking at me.

"Sorry, what you're name?" He asked me awkwardly.

"Sumi." I said back.

"Right, well if what Sumi said is true and she doesn't know how we got here then we need to make an excuse to why we're here." He said. Suga glared at him, his eyes looking like they could cut through brick, however he didn't get a chance to say anything more because my head snapped at the mention of my grandparents and I quickly ran out of the room, realizing that we had been, no doubtingly, really loud and they were in the house. The sound of my hurried footsteps hit the stairs as I literally flew down the stairs, leaving BTS behind me.

"Grandma!" I yelled, my voice flying around the various room. However as I yelled their name again I got no answer only greeted by the silence of the air, which was quickly replaced with BTS walking down the stairs. I quickly looked back at them and ran towards them, trying to push them back up stairs.

"Go back upstairs! My grandparents could see you." I said, quickly pushing Jin back up the stairs, however I really didn't get far because Suga pushed Jin back at me.

"Obviously the person you're looking for isn't here. You've been yelled for them for a few times now. We heard you" Suga said staring at me angrily.

The seven guys continued to walk down the stairs even after asking them to go back and quickly filed into the nearest room where the stairs connected to; all of them curiously looking around, eyeing the gray couch covered in different kinds of pillows that sat directly in front of a flat screen tv, and a simple wooden book shelf that stood to the left of it. They could also tell that the colored walls stayed the same all through out the house, and the room in which they were standing in was connected to the dining room. As they kept looking around I just stood there trying to figure out where my grandparents could of gone.

They didn't tell me anything about leaving in the morning yesterday during dinner... I thought folding my arms together. My head peered back up to the stairs where my grandparent's room lay and I debated whether or not to go and look for them.

If I left the seven of them here they could end up stealing some of our things.....they might be BTS but they've been gone for a long time and I bet all of them are thinking of a way to get back home. As I contemplated what to do I felt a hand touch my shoulders and I quickly turned around coming face to face with Jungkook, confirming my previous thoughts.

"Sorry to interrupt your thinking, but could you tell us where we are?" He said, his eyes quickly peering down at my hands before looking back into my eyes. He gave me a small smile, only causing me to down.

I knew it. I thought flatly.

"Ya sure. You're in Northridge. It's a small town a couple of hours away from the nearest city. My grandparents and I live here, but I don't really know the town since it's only my second day with them. I said, telling him everything I knew. Jungkook nodded and let go of my shoulder. " I see." He said looking like he was thinking and he stepped back a little.

"Then it would take a long time to get back." He mumbled slowly. "Would you know where the nearest bus stop is?" He asked me, looking at me from the side, but I shook me head.

"I drove here." I said. As Jungkook went back to thinking I looked back at the rest of the guys and saw that they were all talking among themselves quietly. It was out of the question for me to drive them because I still don't know if they were totally safe and I hated driving.

Hopefully they don't ask me to help them. I thought hopefully, looking over to them again. Maybe.... maybe I should at least take them away from my house just in case my grandparents appear and if they try to pull anything there at least there will be people around. I don't know where my grandparents are so I can't think that they didn't have anything to do with it. It's the morning.... so their probably hungry. I thought.

"Hey guys." I said and all of them turned to me. "If you're hungry we can look for a place to eat." I said quickly, eager for them out of the house.

Hopefully they don't think I'm weird for suddenly asking them to eat with me.... I thought nervously.

"We can eat and then as we walk around I can look for my grandparents and you can look for a bus stop of something." I said, staring at them and waiting for their answer. The guys looked at each other a little taken back by my idea and then back at me.

"You would help us?" Rap Monster said curiously. "You don't even know us, and I can tell you don't trust us either." He said and I bit the inside of my cheek knowing he was right.

"Well, in all honesty I want to keep my eye on you guys. I don't know if you're dangerous or not and it's kind of funny that my grandparents went missing and you guys showed up. I know I said you guys could look for a bus stop, but I don't want you to leave until I find my grandparents." I said.

"You think we did something to them?" J-Hope asked curiously, looking at a little hurt.

"I'm not accusing you. I don't have any evidence, but I can't just rule it out." I said watching their eyes fall a little. I don't think they liked being accused of kidnapping, however I really couldn't help it. If Suga was going to accuse me of kidnapping then I was going to do the same thing. We stood their for a minute and I watched them think it over. Finally Rap Monster spoke up again.

"I guess that's fair." He said looking at me, and all the other guys nodded. "Maybe we can find some clues to why we're here too." Rap Monster said. I nodded as well and I turned and headed for the door as they all followed me.

The slight breeze hit our faces as we walked out of the house and I stuffed my hands into my pockets. Damn it's a lot colder than I thought it would be... maybe I should run back and get a jacket quick... I thought, but I dismissed it quickly since we were already walking away. I eyed the houses that we past, remembering from the car ride here that there was a small restaurant just a few blocks away, and since I didn't have the keys to the car I couldn't drive us there. Not like I actually want to drive or that we would all fit... I huffed loudly and peered to the back of me, watching the seven guys curiously look around trying to see if there was any bus stops.

After a few seconds Jungkook caught me looking at all of them and we quickly locked eyes. I turned my head back almost instantly, not wanting him to get the wrong idea, but soon I heard his feet hit the pavement quicker catching up to where I was walking and folded his arms, looking at me.

"So, where is this restaurant you're taking us too?" He asked casually, his eyes eyes peering at me. I didn't look at him as I answered and extended my hand out pointing in front of me. "It's just around the corner." I said.

"What do they sell there?" He asked, and I only shrugged my shoulders since I really didn't know myself.

"Food." I said. I could feel Jungkook's eyes still on me and it kind of made me nervous, but I soon I heard him laugh, forcing me to look up at him.

"What so funny?" I asked suspiciously, raising my eye brow. Jungkook smiled at me and laughed again.

"Just the way you answered." He said and I frowned, looking away. We walked in silence for a few minutes later until Jungkook spoke up.

"So why did you move here?" He asked me casually, probably because he thought it was getting awkward. However, that was a question I didn't want to answer.

"That's not important." I said flatly, looking ahead. Jungkook pulled his lips into a flat smile and turned away "okay..." he mumbled a little taken back. I felt bad for vaguely answering, but it wasn't important for him to know why I moved here. I wasn't ready to talk openly about it.

Since it was the middle of the morning the small restaurant we entered was bustling with customers from the town. The noises of dozens of people rang through our ears and the bodies made it hard to move around easily.

"Follow me." I yelled above the voices so the guys could hear me. The hardwood floor looked old and dirty under our feet as I tried to squeeze through people. The booths and tables were all filled as I far as I could see and I had to double check places because the restaurant was so big.

For being a small town this place is a lot bigger than I thought it was. It must be the only good restaurant in the area I thought starting to get a little mad that we still couldn't find a place to seat, or even someone that worked here. I sighed and was about to head back towards the door when a man unexpectedly rushed out of his half circle booth with his family knocking right into me sending me flying back. However, we were all standing to close together that I fell right into one of the guys arms.

"I'm so sorry miss!" The man said quickly looking at my surprised face.

"It's fine." I said quickly feeling the strong arms hold me up. The man gave me a smile and said one more apology before he walked off. I sighed after he was gone and looked up at Jungkook who had caught me.

"Thanks." I said, hoisting myself up. Jungkook simply nodded and looked at the open seats in front of up. "I guess we can sit here then." He said. We all squished into the booth that had just opened up and thank goodness it was fairly big because if it had been a regular sized one, which sat four-five people, we wouldn't of fit. I sat by Jungkook since he was right behind me and everyone filled in on each side. Suga sat by Jungkook and then it went Jin, Jhope, and V. On my other side sat Rap Monster and Jimin. Since the restaurant was packed it took a little bit for one of the waiters to notice that someone new had sat down and to bring us menus but thankfully one of the did and soon we all had waters.

"Is this your first time with us?" The waitress asked, giving us a smile.

"Ya. We all just arrived yesterday." I said casually, and all the guys nodded. The woman nodded back and then preceded to rattle off their specials of the day, but I didn't really listen. I really just wanted to order the least expensive item of the menu since I knew that I would have to pay all of them. I had noticed while I looked back at them that all their pockets looked flat, which meant that they didn't have any money. I sighed to myself since I was actually really hungry and spotted that a few pieces of toast costed $1.99.

"All of you guys ready to order?" She asked us after she was done talking.

"I'm good, are you guys?" I asked looking around. They all nodded and I looked back at the waitress.

"I'll go first then. I'll just have a side of toast." I said, closing my menu and looking at Jungkook to go next. He looked at shocked for a splint second that I would only order toast but quickly looked at the menu and back at the waitress.

"Um...I'll have the stack of pancakes" He said closing his menu as well and stacking it on top of mine. As the rest of the guys ordered I rested my hand on my head and sighed again seeing the price of our meal go up.

Well I guess it's my fault for suggesting something to eat I thought flatly. When the waitress left with all our menus Jungkook looked back at me.

"Why are you only ordering toast? Aren't you hungry too?" He asked curiously.

"No." I lied looking away so he couldn't tell that I wasn't telling the truth. I didn't want to make them feel bad about ordering so much food, because i'm certain that they all had forgotten they were completely broke and ordered what ever they wanted, and even so i've only known them for like a hour, and I guess I wanted to be nice. We were in kind of a weird situation with one of them thinking that they were my dolls, even though non of us believed Rap Monster, it was kind of weird to think about. Besides, they were actually BTS so they must of not of had a good meal in forever for being gone for so long. Wherever they were.

"Even so, you should eat more." Rap Monster said next to me. "It's not good to starve yourself." Rap monster then started to lecture how last comeback that they were all trying to lose weight and barely had stamina to get through a practice.

"I'm not starving myself" I grumbled angrily as I was forced to listen to the boring story. My patience was slowly starting to dwindle and by the time Rap Monster was beginning to go into statistics about weight lose methods or whatever I literally blew a fuse.

"GUYS I'M NOT STARVING MYSELF." I yelled at them. Rap Monster shut his mouth and all of them looked at me shocked, their eyes widen in surprise. "None of you have any money and I'm trying to lessen the cost of breakfast by getting only toast. I'll have something when I home. So just chill."

"What are you talking about? We have money...." Suga said angrily, but as he reached into his pocket his hand came back completely empty and I just sat their looking at home giving them a look that said 'I told you'. I sighed to myself as all the guys quickly reached into their pockets and all came back empty.

"Shit. Why didn't we notice anything before?" Rap Monster said grumbling.

"My Gucci wallet!" V sadly mumbled to himself. I only rolled my eyes.

"It's fine. I have enough to pay for you all so don't sweat it." I said, leaning back into my seat, slightly hitting Jungkook's and Rap Monsters shoulders.

"It's not fine Sumi. We should of ordered something else." Jungkook said, looking at me. I looked at the other members and saw that they were all nodding in agreement. They all looked guilty, but there was nothing I could do now.

"Then you can pay me back when you guys get money." I said simply. The guys were silent for a minute then all nodded.

"Sounds good to me." I said closing my eyes.

The food arrived a few minutes later and all the seven guys quietly ate their food, probably still feeling guilty. I on the other hand just ate my toast in peace ,the voices of the other people in the room filling my ears.

After we all eat I quietly paid and all of us walked out of the restaurant and onto the street. It was still the morning, but the street held people running with shorts and a shirt on and adults in their cars going to work.

Crazy People. I thought it's so cold.

"Are we going to look around now?" V asked me curiously, snapping me out of my thought. I looked at him and nodded as our eyes met.

"Ya and we'll start at their work. Yesterday they told me that they own a coffee shop downtown so we'll walk down and see if they're there." I said, beginning to walk in the direction to what I think was downtown.

"We're going to walk there?" Suga said, shock visible in his voice. The wind blew again as he talked and I shivered wishing I had actually gone and brought a jacket. My hair flew delicately in the wind as my face downcast to the gravel pavement below me.

"Ya. I don't like driving." I said simply, a small frown on face as I kept walking, however no one really could see it. Even though with my weird answer they all started to follow me without a word.

Sadly, I didn't have the same luck of finding the shop as I didn't with the restaurant and we ended up completely lost and I had to ask for directions. I really didn't mind though. I was new and obviously I wouldn't just have a lucky guess to where the heck I was. The guys didn't say anything when I announced that we had to turn back, and we quietly walked back into the direction of the restaurant. I guess they understood and they couldn't complaint because I had bought breakfast and they were also new to the area as well.

When we finally did arrive in the downtown area I quickly found the coffee shop that my grandparents owned and walked inside. The smell of roasted coffee beans hitting my nostrils and I heard the guys sigh in happiness.

"I love the smell of coffee." Jhope said, smiling from ear to ear. I nodded and looked around, noticing how rustic the shop looked. It wasn't like it looked old, but I could tell that my grandparents had hired someone to design the shop, because it looked warm and inviting. One wall was made of wood as the others were painted a warm gray tone. It had shelves aligned with various items that were solely there for decoration and behind the counter was a teenager girl, probably around my age. Since we took so long to walk here the rush hour was already over and only a few people were sitting in the metal seats that were siting all over the place with a wooden table, and I walked over to the counter.

"Excuse me." I said politely. The girl looked up from the register and gave me a warm smile.

"How may I help you?" She asked.

"I'm just wondering if the Kim's were here? I'm their granddaughter." I asked, pointing to myself.

"You're their granddaughter?" She asked me her lips tugging into a friendly smile, her eyes darting quickly to the seven guys behind me.

"Yes. I'm staying with them as of now and they weren't at the house when I woke up so I'm just wondering if they're here, or if you know where they are." The girl in front of me nodded, keeping her smile, and as she looked back at me, moved her eyes back to BTS. Her pink lips pressed together and she hummed softly to herself. The smell of coffee invaded my nose again as I waited for her to answer my question. The girl looked around for another second before finally her mouth parted.

"Well I was here when we opened and they haven't arrived to help which is weird since they're usually here before I am." She said curiously. I frowned, not happy with her answer and I looked at BTS to see if they had any reaction to it since they were behind me and I wanted to know if maybe they were becoming nervous because I was on to them, but they looked just as unhappy as I was.

Maybe they really didn't do anything to them? I thought, seeing that they haven't done or said anything suspicious this whole time and I only scrunched up my my eye brows together even more unhappy. I sighed again and looked back to the girl.

"Well thanks anyway." I said flatly before turning around. The guys followed my action, but before we could go anywhere the girl drew back our attention.

"Before you go do you want to order some thing?" She asked, and I didn't have to look at her to know she was staring at the seven guys around me again. It seemed that she hadn't had enough time staring at their faces yet. I don't blame her though. They are idols, so their bound to be really attractive. I turned around with the guys and shook my head.

"No thanks. I don't have any money on me." I said, which really wasn't a lie to get out of there. I had spent a lot of the money that I came her with on breakfast. The girl nodded like she understood and quickly looked at BTS.

"How about you guys then?" She asked sweetly. I looked to my side and saw all of them swift awkwardly, not really wanting to stick around either.

"Er, no. We don't have any money either." Jungkook said, speaking for all of them. The girl looked disappointed, and I decided that was our cue to leave.

"Well, thanks for the information. We're going to keep looking for my grandma and grandpa." I said quickly walking out of the shop and eyeing a sign on the coffee shop window that said they were hiring.

Outside the crisp air hit my skin and it sent shivers down my arms and legs, and I wished a third time that I had a jacket on. I folded my arms together and started to walk down the sidewalk we haven't checked yet.

"Lets check around this area. Maybe they're running errands." I said just as another gust of wind blew my hair back. The guys nodded, watching me shiver.

"Are you okay?" Jungkook asked me curiously. I nodded, looking around. Jungkook raised one of eyebrows up, not believing me as the goosebumps were clearly visible on my skin.

"Are you sure? Do you want my jacket?" He asked me and I quickly shook my head. However, he began to take off his jacket even so, so I quickly stopped him. "No I'm fine. It's your only jacket. Lets just look around so we solve this mess and you guys can go back to where ever you guys came from." I said, walking for up front. I looked back a little as I walked farther away and saw Jungkook shrug his shoulders casually and put back on his jacket. I turned away to get back to searching and sighed to myself, secretly grateful that he had offered.

We went on to search for hours trying to find my grandparents, but we didn't get anywhere, and about twenty minutes before sun down we returned to the house, collapsing on the couch, our feet tired from walking miles and miles.

"I can't believe we didn't find them!" I said, sighing heavily, looking at ceiling.

"I can't believe we didn't use a car once!" Suga said and the seven guys nodded their heads in agreement and I sighed again.

"We can look tomorrow too or maybe they will come back tonight or something." I said encouragingly.

"Okay." V said, sitting up. I sat up as well and stood up.

"You guys can rest. I'm going to go make some food. Do you guys want any?" I said, looking at them, knowing full well they were just as hungry as I was.

"We're fine." Rap Monster said, but I rolled my eyes knowing that he wasn't telling me the truth.

"Stop worrying about this morning. I know you guys are hungry." I said sternly, glaring at them. I saw Jungkook bite the inside of his cheek and shift in his seat awkwardly.

"If you want to repay me then you can help me. Cooking for eight people is a lot of work." I said folding my arms together.

Jin immediately stood up. "I'm pretty good at cooking." He said smiling.

"That's great." I said grateful, and he quickly followed me to the kitchen. The kitchen wasn't huge, but it was comfortable for two people so it wasn't like we were squished, which I was grateful for. It would be awkward if we couldn't move around without bumping into each other.

"So what do you want to make?" Jin asked me, opening the cupboards. I thought for a minute as I walked to the sink and turned it on, washing my hands.

"How about pasta? That shouldn't take more that thirty minutes." I said moving to the cabinet next to Jin and taking about some pasta, and Jin walked to the sink to wash his own hands.

"That's a good idea. I know you haven't eaten for the whole day so you're probably really hungry." He said shyly. "We're really sorry about that by the way. We totally forgot about our wallets." Jin said sympathetically, his hand scratching the back of his head after he dried them. "It kind of makes what Namjoon's theory about us being dolls make sense. There wasn't any wallets that came with your dolls I bet, and we didn't have our wallets. So it's kind of scary. He said, laughing a little.

I guess Namjoon is Rap Monster's real name I thought. It makes sense that they wouldn't call each other by their stage names.

"Do you really believe that you were dolls?" I asked him curiously, taking out a large pot and pouring water into it. Jin thought for a minute and shook his head.

"Of coarse not. I guess it's just fun to think about rather than being in a coma like Yoongi suggested.

Yoongi must be Suga I thought. I set the pot down on the stove and turned it on. Twenty minutes later the pasta was cooked along with some sauce that Jin made, which surprised me. When he said he was good at cooking he actually wasn't kidding. I lifted the pot of pasta off the stove and carried to the sink to rinse the water.

"I can do the rest." I said. "Can you bring some bowls to the guys and let them know that the food will be coming out soon. Jin nodded and grabbed some bowls from the cabinet and left the kitchen. As I poured the water out of the pot I could see that it had suddenly turned to night outside by the sight out the window which was right in front of me. I sighed knowing that I had looked all day for my grandparents and still didn't find them.

How could they just disappear? And how did a missing idol group appear in my room? I sighed again, knowing that I wouldn't find any answers just thinking about it. I poured the noodles into a drainer and set the metal pot in the sink to wash later. I walked to my left and was about to open another cabinet when I suddenly heard the sound of multiple bowls crash on the wooden floor.

What the hell? I thought quickly running into the living room where I knew all the guys were sitting.

"How could-" I started to say, but as I run into the room it wasn't seven sympathetic looking guys that I met, it was a pile of dolls and a pile of white broken bowls in the middle of them instead.

"No way." I mumbled completely dumbfounded staring mindlessly at the two piles in front of me.


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