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So, I took @SweetDuella 's post and as I'm in S. Korea at the moment, I decided to go to the nearest Starbucks and ordered it. Now, I thought it was gonna be sweet like out boys, but no... It is literally just ice black coffee its the most digusting thing in the world...

Shimmie shimmie ko ko bluh
I think I hate it
I let my gaurd down down
I'm super embarassed
It worked its way into my dizzy heart

Awoo it total trash
Awoo it really sucks
I get sick on my stomach.

Nuff said, Don't buy it...
I'm laughing and crying reading this. 😂😭 that spoof was totally hilarious but so saddening to hear its just black iced coffee and not all that exciting. my gosh side note I'm super happy that you were in south Korea and got to check it out. 💙💙 I hope your having a wonderful time!
@SweetDuella Thank you, its been wonderful here! Its been awanzing dispite the lack of caffine ive been given😂.
s.korea is in my bucket list to travel...wonder when will i have the opportunity to go there...i'm jealous of u😂