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Hello Royal Family! This week theme is lyrics to describe your member. So here are the lyrics I choose......
"Your bright smile (bright smile) your warm embrace (your face)"
BEAST ----12:30

He has such a great smile and I can feel the warmth from his smile.
"I wish the sun would hide his head, so I can watch you dream some more"
Yellowcard---October Nights

I love to watch him get some rest and dream. He needs quite time somtime.
"Makes me laugh when I want to cry"
Reba McEntire--- He Gets That From Me

When I am feelin lonely or sad, I look at the goofy things he does and makes me laugh.

I hope you enjoyed these. Until next time, stay Royal!
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Royal squad
@MelissaGarza -our leader
such a great smile
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Yes he does.
5 months ago
wow! great song lyrics
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Thank you!
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