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due to potential language, and sensual content
Lead: Jackson Wang of Got7

You're woken after a 500 year sleep, by the blood of your long-lost love blood relative. When you come to the re-new world, you come to learn he even looks just like him. This time you refuse to lose him and do everything you can to keep him, as well as protect him, from the person that separated you both 500 years ago.
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~(Ren POV)~


I made it back to my private jet, after attending the party for Jackson and Mark. The chair in front of me, spun around, as my Maker, sat before me. "She still doesn't know?" He asked as I smirked deviously. "She still has no idea my lord."

Erik ran his fingers through is hair, before waving for me to come to him. I made my way over to sit on his lap. "Good girl, now send out a personal invite for them to come to the councilor's office in China. Put them in rage to be killed all with the others. I don't want them getting in my way of becoming King."

I nodded my head, before taking out my phone to do as order. He took my phone out of my hand, and kissed my neck. "After I play with you, 4,000 feet in the air." I giggled at his comment, as the plan took off for China. He sank his fangs inside of my neck, as his hand wonder up my shirt.

There was no way I would ever be able to say no this man. Even though its one-sided, I will always love this man. Even when I was human, I begged him to keep me by his side. Every time he play with me, his touch and lips word always caress my soul, heart, and body. But his words haunted my mind.

Erik always called me Roselyn when we play in the sheets. If it wasn't that he was either complaining or comparing me to Roselyn. I understood she was his first female fledgling, and he had plan to make her his lover, and queen. But she had betray him, unlike me, I stood by him always. I even got on the council for him to have his power back.

Erik wanted her to stay alive, but for Mark and Jackson to be killed. This way Roselyn would be force to be by his side. But there was no way I was going to let her live too. There was no way she was stronger than me. I plan to have her killed with them.

I was straddling his lap as his hips were bucking into me. His hand was gripping my neck, as he bit into my chest. He was an aggressive lover, that did as he pleased with his lovers. Though Erik would only show true love and affection for Roselyn. If I wanted to be by his side forever, with no problems, she was going to have to be finish.

No way was I giving Erik or power to Roselyn

He was mine

the throne beside him was mine

It was all mine... I earn it.

~(Roselyn POV)~


After the party was over, I took Mark and is mother to stay at my place. Jackson took his parents to the hotel. They didn't want to stay in the same place as me. I am no surprise they don't like me, because their ancestor suffer in a burning house due to my loving him. I show Mark and his mother to their rooms, so they could get settle, before going to my office.

I did still have a business to run, so I did some of the work that needed to be done, from home. "Roselyn..." I turn around to see Mrs. Taun standing in my office doorway. "Yes? Is there anything you need?" She came over and sat down on my desk.

"I plan to talk to my husband about what really happen to Mark. He still in denial about our sweet boy becoming a hybrid."

I sat back in my chair, to grant her my full attention. "If it goes the way I believe, he going to need to see you personally. Is that possible?" I sighed heavily, before fixing my hair with one hand. "Honestly I would love to meet him, its just, I will have to bring Jackson and Mark with me. They are not safe away from me, currently. There is still a bad man out there that wants to control Mark, and kill Jackson."

She nodded her head, and got down from the desk. "Well then I'll see what I can do... Hopefully he allows them both to join you." She patted my back, before leaving my office. I sighed heavily once again, as I stare up at the ceiling.

No one knew were Erik was, Ren was acting weird, and Jackson's parents hated me, what next was going to happen. Mark ripping my throat out while I am resting. The only thing that made me feel comfortable was meeting the Dragon of all supernatural. Normally he stood on neutral ground, but I had a feeling I was going to need his aid soon. I rest my eyes and try to relax, but it was hard with all the heavy information on my mind.

I felt a pair of hands gently touch my shoulders and started to give me a massage. My eyes shot open, to see it was Mark. "Wow you tense up quick. Half expected you to react and throw me across the room." I growl softly, before sitting up and rubbing my temple.

"Your scent... I knew it was you but it could of been your mother too."

Mark hummed before leaning against my desk. "Well at least I know you can notice us by scent. Normally it has to be blood." I glance up at Mark a bit annoy, but he didn't know anything about Day-walkers. So I couldn't hold anything against him at all. "I want to kill Erik."

His eyes glow, as a threat, while he growled. "I told you that a subject we can't talk about." I pulled open a draw that revealed a letter opener knife. "I think its time you knew what trigger my betrayal for him. Why I'm not bond by that evil. Why I'm a Day-walker, and he's an undead dick."

I caught Mark snicker under his breath, trying not to laugh at my last comment. "And how are you going to do that... by killing yourself?" I pick up the knife, as I noticed him tense up. "I'm the type of vampire that only drinks human blood to learn. Its not hard, since it naturally happens."

He looked at me confused, as I touch the flat side of the knife to my write. "All the memories, the knowledge one accumulate as the age. It all stays and travels through their blood. So what do you think you will learn, if you drink mine?" I looked up at him, and he noticed what I was planning to do.

"You want me to drink your blood?" I nodded my head, as he sighed. "I'll make it easy for you, grab that cup. One small cup full should be enough for you to learn." I pointed to the cup that was upside down, next to my computer.

"I don't mind drinking from your write, its just the idea of drink blood period. Though I already drank yours, so it shouldn't bother me too much, right?" He took a deep breath, as I cut my wrist. His eyes lit up, as he attacked my wound. I closed my eyes, as I could feel the blood rushing from my body into his mouth.

When I felt light headed, I moved my fingers, and he realized I was at my limit. His tongue glided along the wound, to heal it, as he stopped. He was down on his knees, and looking up at me like a lost puppy. I pet his head, as I pulled away from the desk, to kneel down in front of him. He looked at me surprised, but with empathy.

"Yes, 500 years ago, I was human, and honestly happy. I had my family, the girls that lived next to me were my best friends. I had a good human life, and apparently I was view as a beauty. When turn 18 years old, My family had arranged a marriage for me. The man couldn't wait til I was his wife so he had attempted to sexually assault me."

I took Mark's hands into my own, as I hung my head. "Erik was a family friend that had always looked out for me. He was light an older brother at that time, though we did fall in love at that point and time. Erik was the one that saved me from the assault, and took me far away." A hand rested on my shoulder, making Mark and I look up at his mother.

"Sorry I felt blood, came to see why... but please go on. I think this knowledge will help me win my husband over."

We smiled warmly at each other, as he lightly play with my hair. She had taken my desk chair to sit, while I gave my attention back to Mark. "Erik was a wonderful man, and told me if I married him, I would get to continue having the good like I already had. What I didn't know was that he was a vampire. So when I told him yes, that same moment he attacked me."

Mark looked at me confused as I could feel his mother behind me freeze. "He did the same thing he did to you, towards me. Erik bit into my neck, then snapped it, after I drank his blood. It was dawn when he did so, and he left me there in the sun, for reason I don't know myself. I only knew I was in the sun, because when I woke up, it was daylight."

Mrs. Taun came down towards the floor. She sat down beside her son, and rest her hand on ours. "I went inside to curse him, but when I found him, he had a blood of wine. Which turn out to be blood, and I did drink it, but I got sick. When night fell, he got me animal blood, and I was fine. He told me how rare I was, and the fact that the sun-kissed me with blessed rays, I was going to be the only one to walk in the light."

I closed my eyes tight, as I rest my head on his hands. "He said he was going to marry me, and had me do the house earns in the daylight for him. Yet, he kept having random woman coming and going. Erik lied to them and claim I was just a maid. One day I just snap and couldn't take it anymore."

Mark was petting my head, as I felt the water works building up. "I return to my family, who welcome me with open arms. Just glad to have me back, but they still plan to send me to the man that assaulted me. I ended up killing my own family, when they brought me back to that man. I... I... was scared, and didn't know what to do."

A pair of arms, pulled me away from Mark and his mother, as I started crying hard. I knew that scent and snuggled into his arms. He kissed the top of my head, and I felt myself calming down. I looked up to see Jackson, with his beautiful glowing blue eyes. He kissed my tears away, before wiping away the bloody steams along my face. "Keep going... I want to know now too."

I touched Jackson's face as I remembered my past more. "I ran away, far away, Leaving my dead family, the man they wanted me to marry, and Erik. I looked for another vampire that would be able to teach me better than Erik. He just kept me cooped up in the house, and didn't teach me anything. That's how I ended up in China."

Jackson's smile warm my heart, as he petted my head. "I found a female vampire, she taught me the noble way of the vampire, and was joy to find out I was a Day-walker. She had me be one of the girls that clean, and kept me away from being a YiJi, who what Japanese call them as, Geisha. One day a very charming and sweet scholar, came, and lay eyes on me. His name was Bo, Jackson's ancestor."

They all looked at me surprised, as I kissed Jackson's cheek. "Your ancestor was a cute dork just like you. He even came for the YiJi. He would help me with cleaning, and always greeted me with flowers. I wish I knew what he though when he saw me, cause I dress like a commoner." Jackson grin at me, before kissing my head.

"Bo was my prince charming, and the light in the night for me. His way of proposing to me was tying a red string around my finger. He made sure that I was never alone, but it came with a cost. The vampire mistress that had taken me in, exposed me to Bo one night to see if his love was true. She tricked him into coming to see me when I was feeding on the farm animals we had."

I sighed heavily and rest my head on his shoulder. "He saw that I wasn't cruel about it either. I would use my vampire ability to make it as less painful as I could, and I only took so much blood. I never killed any of them, mostly cause they were needed still. Bo said it explain everything, but then he came over and held my left hand."

I got up from being in Jackson's arms and open my desk draw. I took out a box and handed it over to Jackson. He open it to see a blank band ring, with rubies. "I will always love you, whether you are human or vampire. You are the most beautiful soul I have ever seen in my life. It is as if your soul was created to live forever so it could find its home with mine."

He looked up at me, and I had the Taun family's attention too. "Those were the words he told me when I was exposed to him. The mistress told me that it would be best for us to wait for when Bo turn eighteen to turn him. This way we were the same age together forever. Your ancestor was only sixteen at the time."

Mark and Jackson looked at me in shock when I told them his age. Mrs. Taun and I simply giggled. "Mark, wolves imprint is worse than that. Your imprint and be trigger no matter how old the person is... they could be one years old and trigger it." Mark looked at his mother in horror more than shock.

"That's if the imprint even still works, you are a hybrid now. You could be free to love anyone now."

Mark smirked when I reminded him that he was a hybrid, but noticed the perk that came with it. "I spent two years by Bo's side, and even met his family. They welcome me with open arms, and loved me as if I was their daughter. They took me in the month before Bo's eighteen birthday, so that his gift was our marriage."

I took the ring from the box, and place it on Jackson's left hand's fourth-finger. "You are proof that our souls were meant to be together, Cause your blood brought back the memory of him to my mind. I loved him, but I love you more than I loved him. Your everything he was but enhanced and allow to blossom better." Jackson pulled me into his arms, and snuggled closely to me.

"Mark, Erik found me on Bo's birthday. He was furious that I had found happiness away from him, with another man. That's when he show me his dark side, and it was like when I took out my family all over again. Only difference, it was Erik and knew what he was doing. I didn't and lost control to fear."

Mark and I were locked in eye contact now as we got to the point that trigger my full mutiny. "He told me, I wasn't allow to be happy with another man. I belong to him and him alone. When I fought back to protect them, he had his men jump me. One staked me in the heart, as the other started a fire. The one that started the fire, killed Bo's family, but left him to burn alive in the fire with a broken leg."

Mark's eyes lit up, as the white turn black. I could see the revolution in his eyes, as the glowing red turn ice blue. "I was dragged back to Erik's side, so he could tell me if I found him again he would repeat history. That when he shoved the stake far enough that I fell into my deep slumber. I honestly thought I was dead, but the stake wasn't made from the holly tree."

Mark's eyes return back to normal, as he took hold of my hand. "I don't want history to repeat either, so I give you my word as a wolf, and as your fledgling. I will protect Jackson with my life. Allowing you to handle Erik yourself." I grabbed the knife, after having Mark and Jackson hold hands.

I started to chant, as the knife glow white. "Its is one of the vampire holy knifes, we used for ceremony. What I'm about to do will bond you two together, as your blood mix together, through the holy blade." They both looked up at me, before I stabbed through both there hands they holding together. Jackson's eyes and Mark's changed but finally matched, aside from the white of their eyes.

"As your maker, I bind you two together for eternity, to death do you two part." I pulled the knife out of there hands, and licked my hands before holding theirs to heal the wounds. Jackson's wound heal into a tattoo of a wolf, that soon faded away. Mark's heal with a tattoo of the sun, before fading as well. "Mark, with this pack, you are now the Knight to the King."

Mark laughed and punched Jackson in the arm. "Damn it! Why you gotta be true to your last name." We all laughed, as I clean the holy blade, that I was using as a letter opener. "You do have a matching one to this ring, am I wrong?"

I turn to look back at Jackson and smiled warmly. I took off my necklace, to show him the ring on the chain as the string inside of it. "I went into my slumber with it as a string around my neck. A week after waking up, I had it put into a silver ring. Jackson smiled, as he pulled me into his arms again.

I was about to snuggle up to him, when all our phones, except for Mrs. Taun's, went off. I took out my phone to see it was a group text message from Ren. We were invited to the councilor's office in China, along with Erik. I looked up at Mark, as he did the same.

It wasn't hard to see that this was something fishy

I knew Ren couldn't be trusted

Question was.. do we walk into the trap or not?

to be continue

*She will have 3 names... Chinese - Mei Raun| English - Roselyn Hope | Korean - Gu Ki Raun
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