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Fillers are the new trend in Korea's plastic surgery world.

They're cheaper than surgery, recovery time is quick, there is no cutting involved, and the fillers fade. Plus it doesn't drastically change the shape of your face like a nose job would, it just enhances what is already there. That is, until you go overboard.

The thing with fillers is, your body naturally breaks them down and gets used to them so your first filler might fade in a month, but if you get them more often your body stops fighting them and they stay longer (so the abnormal puffiness stays longer too)

Most recently, G-Dragon:

The thing with GD is that I think he 100% has control over his face and body. I don't think YG would force him into this. Plus, he's a true artist, he knows what he likes, he is a very visual person and wants to be a work of art himself. On top of that with al his tattoos and peircings, its natural to try other body enhancements. He has never spoken negatively about plastic surgery and has praised other people for changing their looks before so I dont think he has a problem with it (and i dont think we shoudl either!)

On the other hand, there is NCT's Yuta

We all know that SM artists have little to no say in their physical appearance. From forcing idols to diet harshly, change their hair, and even get plastic surgery to change their nose after clearly saying they didnt want to (Onew) I'm not surprised by this, just sad. Yuta's chin has undergone extreme changes since debut and they dont even give him the recovery time to hide the swelling - that's why the pictures look so odd :/
here's predebut yuta's gorgeous chin -
and more recently:

What do you think of this trend?

Personally its whatever - its their bodies! But when its not their choice (like probably with Yuta) that's when I get upset :(

The first picture of Yuta with the fillers kind of scares me... I'm completely fine with people getting plastic surgery if it's out of their own free will, but to force someone to alter their appearance is awful...
I crying 😂😂 why is this a thing people do, it low-key looks scary.
They looked so much better before. what's so nice about the alien face shape?
I'm worried about Yuta. I wish companies would give idols more say on their visual instead of forcing it upon them.
yeah :'(
hate to be mean but its just ugly :(
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