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Who: Reader x Jay Park
What: Flip Universe, Smut
Story: As the CEO of MGM, Kim Hyojin known by your American name Y/n, you're battling the stress as a boss. So you enlist Park Jaebeom, as your stress reliever. No strings attached.

Y/n's POV

Jay leaned on you until you were pushing your arms behind you to hold you up. His hand slid up your leg when it became exposed from the slit in your dress. You kissed him back but you just knew you shouldn't get so hot and bothered before going around multiple people. One of your hands went to his chest to push him up but that made him kiss you harder. He grabbed the hand you used to push him and led it up to his neck. You moaned and brought him closer. You just loved when he kissed you. He made your body melt.

"Jay, Jay w-waiiiiit." You panted.

As you tried to make him stop, he kissed down your neck while his hand smoothed over your ass. You were panting heavily and whining lightly. He sucked on your neck lightly without thinking about the hickey you'd have on your neck because of it.

"Ja-Jaebeom-ah." You whined.

He laughed and lifted up to look you in the eyes.

"It's incredibly adorable how easily you get turned on." He said.

You looked at him panting and then said,

"Don't say that."

He chuckled,

"What, it's true. Besides you said you needed me I was only giving you a little something."

"It's hard for me to maintain composure with you doing that." You said straightening up in the seat.

"You bounce back quick." He said looking out the windshield.

"Jay. Please behave during this event."

He nodded and moved towards you with a mischievous smile.

"I still owe you a spanking for what you did on the phone." He said leaning over again.

You backed away stretching your hand out to keep distance. It honestly didn't matter to him though because he was heavy enough to push your hand back.

"You were serious about that?"

"I never kid about spankings." he grinned.

He came to your ear with that low whisper that always made your body warm from the inside out. It sent chills down your spine to make you shiver.

"They're my favorite things to do." He chuckled in your ear.

You felt his hand come to your ass again.

"Jay please-"

"Shut up." He cut you off.

His command wasn't said in a mean tone, almost playful. He was clearly amused by your reaction to being spanked but even more he slipped into such a dominant role so easily it was striking. He pecked your lips lightly, teasing you into wanting more while his hand still rubbed your butt.

"I'm not going to do it right now because we need to act professional. I don't want to disrupt your work or sully your reputation but just know tonight when I get you back to your place,"

He lifted your chin and made you look at him.

"I'm going to punish you."


He nodded with a sneaky grin.

"I'm going to be so mean to you baby girl and you're going to love every minute of it." He said.

You looked at him feeling your heart doing leaps. The car stopped and Taewon said,

"We're here Ms. Kim."

"Thank you Taewon." You said staring at Jay.

Jay opened the door and slipped out and held the door open for you to follow. You scooted out right behind him to find him offering his hand to you. You held onto it and he helped you get out before closing the door behind you. You both walked into the building without touching each other.

Once you stepped inside, you saw bodies everywhere, people talking and dancing, mingling with each other. The press was there and the bar was open. There were people upstairs talking and others were closer to the stage where there would be an auction later on. You led Jay deeper into the party and you started to mingle with people seeing a few actors you had met before. You chatted them up while introducing Jay and they complimented your dress.

You noticed photographers hanging around taking pictures of the crowd and the actors you were talking to. You weren't bothered by it much because Jay was talking with the other guys and he seemed very open and casual. He was honestly the best person for you to show up with because he was so personable. He didn't touch you unless it was a slight nudge to get your attention and he played it off very well like nothing was going on between you two aside from being good friends and business partners. Lee Seong Hyeon, a solo female artist, showed up to ask Jay for a dance. He happily accepted it and took her out to the dance floor. 

Now, you had every reason to like Seong Hyeon. She was a sweetheart, very caring, she had a beautiful voice and she was beautiful herself. You had no reason to hate her but you did. It was simply because she seemed to capture alot of Jay's attention. She smiled so innocently in his face and he was laughing with her. They looked pretty nice together and that bugged you more. You turned to look at the men before and engage yourself in their conversation but it wasn't any help. Your mind kind of drifted to where Seong Hyeon and Jay ran off too. Part of you wanted to slap him for leaving you all alone, the other half of you was confused as to why you were upset that he was with another woman.

He wasn't yours and you weren't his. He wasn't going to sleep with her, at least you hoped not, he was just dancing with her. Some how you felt threatened. You excused yourself from the men with a polite bow and walked off to the women's room to calm yourself down. You washed your hands and patted down your face with a cool paper towel then a dry one. You were annoyed and that further annoyed you because you were annoyed that Jay was with Seong Hyeon. You pulled out your phone to look through your calender for the next few weeks. There was just nothing but business meetings after business meetings. Some with Jay, some with potential sign ons. Some with Chaewon and your promotion team. Then you had the concerts. You swore, after all of this, you were taking a two week vacation, you didn't want to hear shit from anyone at MGM unless it was to say hi or there was really urgent business that they absolutely couldn't do without you. Other than that you were going to go M.I.A.

You would've had Jay join you to leave by now but the auction hadn't started yet and you knew there was nothing left you were going to want to buy but it was going to a good cause so you'd have to bid for something. You finally calmed yourself down and walked out of the bathroom. A gentleman was coming out of the bathroom and he smiled at you. You smiled back but when you started to walk off he said,

"Oh wait."

You turned around to look at him and he sighed. He gave you a smile and said,

"You look familiar what's your name?" He asked.

"Kim Hyojin. Well, I prefer Y/n." You said.

He thought for a moment and then seemed to realize it.

"You're the owner of the MGM label." He said.

"Guilty." You smiled.

"I'm Kwon Hyuk. My friends call me Dean."

He held out his hand to shake and you took it with a smile,

"So should I call you Hyuk or Dean?" You mused.

He chuckled,

"Which ever you like Y/n." He smiled.

You chuckled and said,

"Okay." You kept your smirk not giving him a clue on which you'd call him.

He chuckled lightly and said,

"Would you like to dance with me?"


You looked out for a moment thinking that you shouldn't but you spotted Jay still dancing with Seong Hyeon. You turned to Dean and said,


You took his hand and he walked with you out to the dance floor. You saw Jay looking at you as you walked with Dean but it was more obvious to him than anyone else that you were more in your polite business personality. Jay smiled at you as you walked with him and then looked back at Seong Hyeon. Your jaw kind of clenched at the fact that he looked away from you.

Dean had led you away from Jay unintentionally and you two danced to the little waltz music. He spun you around in your dazzling silver dress and brought you back into his body. You both stepped in time with each other, his hand was wrapped around your waist and it angled up on your back when he dipped you backwards. He pulled you back up and you giggled feeling a little more chilled out than before. Dancing always made you feel a little more alive.

"You seem less tense." He smiled.

You chuckled a little,

"As much as I love having my own label with Hyun Jung Unnie, it usually leaves me with knots in my shoulders."

"I sometimes think that means you care a lot about it."

"Really?" You said interested.

"Yeah, if it didn't mean anything to you, it wouldn't cause you any stress. Why would a person stress about something that in no way matters to them or affects their life?"

"I see your point." You said.

"Hi Y/n."

You turned your head to see Jay dancing beside you and Dean. You raised your eyebrows and smiled politely before saying hi to both Seong Hyeon, whom he was still dancing with, and Jay.

Jay's POV

When he looked up and saw the guy she was with, he admitted to himself he was jealous. Even if it was obvious on her face that she was just being polite with him. She didn't have much of an expression in her eyes and he felt it was necessary for her sake not to show his jealousy but he didn't really want her dancing with him.

He was being polite to Seong Hyeon by dancing with her. She was so much shorter than him so it was like dancing with a little girl. She was cute and obviously young but not his type of girl. He was being nice to her but he was trying not to entertain the obvious little crush she was holding on him. He didn't enjoy breaking girls hearts. He let her enjoy the moment.

Some how he found himself gravitating their dance towards Y/n and her suitor.  She looked like she was having fun and jealousy only rose more inside him. He was plainly aware that she didn't want a real relationship but he actually liked her. She was sweet and he liked how well she bent to his will. Sexually, she was completely submissive but he liked how when she called him or texted him she had the true demeanor of a boss. It turned him on how she could switch from one to the other. In charge all day and on her knees begging for him at night. She made him laugh when they texted but Kiseok wasn't joking when she said she was the best when it came to business. She was headstrong and he knew she had the weight of the world on her shoulders.

"Hi Y/n." He smiled at her happily.

He couldn't even really be possessive of her until she called on him. It was slightly frustrating for him. There was a part of him that wanted to take her into the bathroom and spank her, grab her by the neck and growl in her ear that she belonged to him. No one else could touch what belonged to him. He had no power to do that. Their contract stated it was a physical relationship only but he saw the loop hole. It never said they couldn't evolve the relationship. She was the one to say that, she didn't want a relationship she wanted sex and he was all for giving her sex. She was the most obedient and somehow playful little girl he'd ever had in bed.

He wanted to bust out laughing when he saw the face she made when he called her little one. She was stunned and it was the cutest thing ever. She must've never heard anyone say that to her before. No one must've owned her before, really owned her, body mind and soul. Even he wasn't that close,  her body was his when she called on him, her mind was his only for moments at a time and he hadn't gotten close enough to her and deep enough in her system to own her soul. He was just on the edge. He was in the yard of the glass house just staring inside hoping to get a chance to go in.

"Dean this is Park Jaebeom, a friend of mine. Jay this is Kwon Hyuk." She introduced them.

He reached out his hand and said,

"Call me Dean."

Jay shook his hand,

"Hey, nice to meet you." He said.

Hyuk relaxed back in his position next to Y/n the same way he did but Hyuk's hand was around her waist while Jay's hand was around Seong Hyeon's shoulder. That annoyed him but he held it in and acted politely towards him. He just felt the need to punish her though for getting that close and comfortable with him. They all talked for a while quite calmly, they all seemed friendly towards each other but deep down Jay wanted to just walk up and pull Hyuk's hand from around her waist and just tell him to keep his hands to himself. He wanted to yank Y/n over to him and kiss her so hard she lost her breath and blindly agreed to do what he told her to do. When he got her to her place, he'd fuck her brains out. Maybe he'd torture her by teasing her until she was melting in the bed.

He could see her in his head, hands tied above her head and blindfold, her in black panties and her bra and he'd pour hot wax over her. He'd hear her cry in desperation and beg to cum as he toyed with her heat. He wanted to push a vibrator inside her on high and put one on her clit until she was screaming to cum. He'd threaten her if she came before he was ready he'd spank her but when she did explode he was going to turn her ass bright red.

He could only lick his lips at the sexual teasing he could inflict on her. He could only anticipate making her get down on her knees to suck him off. He wanted to feel her mouth on him and hear her choke on him. He wanted to see her eyes look up at him from below while he fed her every inch of his cock.

The auction was beginning and it was time for everyone to sit down and bid. Y/n took Jay to sit down at a table and he sat close beside her. She looked up at the stage and watched carefully as the bidding began. Jay smoothed his hand onto her thigh, they were so close no one else could tell what he was doing. Y/n turned her head to look at him. She leaned over to whisper,

"I asked you not to Jay."

"No one can see us. Just behave baby girl don't lose your cool."

"Jay." She whispered.

His hand slipped under the slit of her dress and he gripped her thigh. The wildness in her eyes was a mixture of excitement and fear. Fear of who she became when he took over. His hand came closer to her entrance and his pointer finger began to pet her tiny sensitive bulge. She turned to look away from him and she stared at the man on stage and listened to the bids. He leaned over and said,

"It's okay little one, I'm only going to tease you a little. Just be good." He whispered.

Her face didn't change from the stone face she wore but he felt her clit twitch at his whispering voice. Her thighs tensed and squeezed together so that he couldn't get good access. He leaned over to whisper again,

"Open your fucking legs right this minute or when we get to your place I'm going to punish you for hours." He growled lowly.

She breathed shallowly but her legs parted a little. He smiled and looked back up at the stage with her. His finger continued to rub and play with her heat; he could feel her getting wet. It didn't help that she was wearing a thong as well. He kept his smile down but he loved that even this was turning her on.

Before she could get anymore wet he pulled his hand away and kept to himself.  He spotted her look over at him with puppy dog eyes a few times almost wondering why he stopped. He just gave her a smile and then looked back up at the stage. He did it to get power over her, she was his, she should belong to him. She should know that he was the only one that could leave her body quaking like an earth quake. She should know that he was the only one that could make her want something so bad she could almost taste it on her tongue.

If at one point Hyuk's hand on her waist meant anything to her, he knew it sure as hell meant nothing now. That made him proud...

Y/n's POV

At first, you didn't want Jay to touch but his voice had already reached your core and stirred your whole being. The way he just commanded you drove you crazy. You couldn't describe the flutter in your heart when he called you little one. There was happiness but it wasn't happiness alone. It was like you felt important in his eyes and that made you feel warm. You could try as hard as you could to describe how you felt but you couldn't find any words that would make sense. There was nothing that could even slightly describe how he made you feel when he said that.

When he threatened you, it turned you on more. Honestly, you had remembered the deal that if you disobeyed him he could leave right in the middle of it and you didn't know if you could handle that kind of frustration. You really needed him.  Every part of you needed him in your system.

The night ended with you paying sixty five million won for a trip to Hawaii. Jay had stopped teasing you for a little and then he went back to teasing you during your biding. It got to a point where you and one other person were going back and forth between biding but Jay's fingers had you so un-concentrated that you just kept biding regardless of the price. By the end of it, whomever you were biding with, the price became too high for his blood and you won.

Hyun Jung would probably scold you for spending so much money but it was for charity as well so it didn't matter too much. It was for a trip for two in Hawaii with an island tour. The trip was for a week and it covered air fare and one hotel room. You'd use that as a part of your two week vacation. The date fell perfectly between your rest time so you could do whatever the hell you wanted. It wasn't such a waste of money to you.

Jay led you outside, this time with his hand on your upper back and Taewon had pulled up minutes later after you two stepped outside. Now that the event was done you could go home and relax.

"Will I be taking Mr. Park home this evening?" Taewon asked.

"No, he'll be staying with me tonight." You said.

Taewon just gave you a slight nod and continued down the road. You looked at Jay and he smiled at you.

"What is it?" He asked

"Why do you call me that?"

He looked at you curiously.

"Why do you call me little one?" You clarified.

He chuckled and moved in closer to you. He lifted your chin and said,

"Because you're my baby girl and if I'm going to take care of your needs that makes you my little one. My. little. Baby. Girl." He said pecking your lips between each word at the end.

"What if I don't want to be your little one?" You asked.

He climbed over your body making you lay back on the back seat. His finger traced a line down between the valley of your breast making your stomach twist and butterflies scatter.

"Oh you want to be my little one. I can see it in your eyes. You behaved so well inside but wait till we get back to your place. I'm going to hear you scream for me. Nice and loud baby girl." He said in his ever so seductive whisper.

His finger slowly trailed past your breast and down your clothed stomach. It made its way to your heat and he pushed down on your clit so you could moan for him. You bit your lip utterly turned on by his touch.

"I'm going to drive you insane."

"You're half way there." You moaned back to him....


Taewon pulled up at the house and Jay opened the door and let you out on his side. You walked up to the door after waving goodbye to Taewon and walked inside with Jay.

"Take off your dress." he demanded immediately.

You turned to look back at him wondering why his command came so quick, he didn't even close the door all the way by the time he said it. You started to remove your dress and let it drop by your ankles before you stepped out of it. You stood before him in your black thong and matching bra with the lace at the top. He looked you over biting his lip as he did and he walked over to you. There was a dangerous look in his eye that made you feel incredibly small compared to him. He followed you deeper into the house capturing you in the living room. He turned you around said,

"Bend over."

You looked back at him but bent over like he asked. Your hands rested on the back of the couch to hold yourself up and you felt his hand smooth over your butt.

"You're going to count for me. All the way to ten." he said.

His hand smoothing on your butt suddenly disappeared and just as suddenly came back down on your right cheek with a loud smack in the air. You cried out loud both in shock and pain but the sting felt oddly amazing. His hand smoothed over it again and he leaned down to your ear again. He growled,

"Count." in your ear.

You whimpered and said,


If the other nine smacks were just as painful as this you didn't think you could handle it. His other hand shielding your left cheek then disappeared and came back down on your butt scaring you to let out a shriek. You had tears brimming your eyes already.

"Two." you said.

He continued your spanking with a pattern of slapping and smoothing his hand over the area he just hit. He moved rather quickly but the pain on your ass said he was moving too slow for you. You counted all the way through with tears first stinging your eyes then falling from them. He turned you around so you could face him. He lifted your chin so that you'd look up at him and he looked you deep in the eyes.

"That's called punishment." he whispered.

You nodded and he cupped your face to wipe your tears. He kissed you softly and slowly, he was very sweet and tender with you. He made you feel safe enough with him. You trusted him even with his harsh punishment. His tongue wiggled in your mouth and you remembered that was your favorite part of him. His tongue worked wonders on your body. You couldn't wait until he had it gliding down your body and between your legs.

He pulled away slowly and said,

"You should get some rest."

"What?" You said like he had just threatened to kill your puppy.

He smiled and patted your head,

"Get some sleep Baby girl, I'll catch a cab back to my place." he said.

He turned from you to walk to the door and you grabbed a hold of him out of desperation. It had less to do with sex and more to do with that fact that you really didn't want him to leave. You held onto him tightly as if you had the strength to keep him in that house with you. When you were with Jay, you weren't a boss. He broke that personality down so that he could see a little deeper, you both hated and loved that. The way he commanded you set you free in the oddest way and it was very clear to you that you were addicted to him. He was so dangerously ruling over you that you couldn't help but want to beg him to stay.

"Please." you whimpered against his back.

"Please don't go." you said in desperation.

Jay slowly turned around and lifted your chin again. He smiled big at you and kissed you roughly. He lifted you up in his arms and led you to the bed. He laid you down and took off his tie and tied your wrists together. You looked down at him as he pulled your thong to the side and he opened your legs wide. He dipped his head down to kiss your thighs, which tightened because of his teasing. He kissed from one thigh to the other and the sounds of his kisses turned you on more. You wiggled in his hands and he gripped your ass as if to silently tell you to stop moving or else.

You held still as best as you could. You felt him only press his lips up to your clit which made you try and drive your hips up into his mouth. He blew on your clit frustrating you more. He enjoyed every moment he teased you and you felt your will weakening more because of it. He sat up and crawled over you. He helped scoot you up closer to the head board and he used the belt to his dress pants to connect your tied hands to it. You looked at him oddly, wondering what he was up to.

He crawled back down until he was face to face with you again. He pecked your lips softly and whispered against them,

"Do you trust me?"

You took a moment because you weren't sure where he was going with this but then you nodded your head. He smiled and said,

"Good. Then be a good girl, little one."

There was that flutter again. Like your heart skipping a beat, you could feel it stop and continue every time he called you that. You felt your body come to life and you didn't know why you liked it so much you just knew that you did. Jay moved off the bed and took off his blazer along with his dress shirt. He pulled down his pants until all that was left was his boxers which he kept on. He lit a candle beside you and let it burn while it was on the side glass table. He walked to the foot of the bed and said,

"Does my baby girl have a vibrator?"

Your stomach turned wondering what he was thinking about doing to you. You nodded obediently anyway but feeling every cell in your body scream at the possiblity of what he was about to do.

"Where is it?" he asked.

You took in a deep breath and looked at the dresser that you had set up against the wall. You nodded towards it and said,

"The second drawer to the left. It's under the clothes."

He smiled and headed over to the drawer and looked exactly where you told him. You didn't like how slow he was moving because it was messing with your head. You knew he was doing that just to make you go crazy. He told you he was going to drive you insane. He was getting closer to reaching his goal. All the while, the anticipation of waiting for some friction and the way he moved so slowly had your body preparing to be fucked hard. Your heat was soaking wet and hotter than a stove waiting for him to come for you. He looked through your little box thoroughly like it was a box of treasure.

"You've got a range of toys here my pretty little girl." he said.

He turned around and stood up and you noticed that he had one of your black scarves in his hand. He laid the box on your bed beside your leg and he climbed over you. He stretched the black scarf out and said,

"Let's play a game called, Don't cum."

He smiled almost devilishly and wrapped the scarf around your eyes. He tied it tight enough so it would slip off and you heard the toys in your box move around.

Which one did his choose?

Your entire body was on fire. You were scared....

But you wanted to play...

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