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Xiumin shook his head reading the newspaper. It amazed him how fast the company covers things. ‘Or it could be true,’ he thought, ‘Baekhyun was being a little strange and very emotional.’ He laughed. Chen came walking out of the bathroom, fully dressed and ready to go.

“What are you laughing about? Reading the comics again?” He asked packing his bag but when he opened his bag, everything was already in it. “Of course, you already packed it for me.” He zipped it back up.

“No, look at this…” Xiumin turned the paper around for Chen to see.

Chen laughed taking the newspaper and read it out loud, “What is this? ‘CAUGHT IN THE ACT OR A HOAX?’ SM confirms that Byun Baekhyun of EXO had been seen laying a smooch on fellow band member, Park Chanyeol but explains Byun Baekhyun fell ill after having been awake for only a short time. The incident was only that of Byun Baekhyun fainting and incidentally grabbing hold of Park Chanyeol. ‘It was quite comical, that they banged heads making it look like a kiss happened.’ the manager of Byun Baekhyun says, who was in the room waiting for him to return after visiting with another fellow band member and the second occupant of the car accident, Kim Jongdae.’” Chen busted out laughing, holding his side.

“Aish… Those two. If it was true, can you imagine what that would be like? They're constantly fighting as it is.” Xiumin commented.

Chen shook his head, “Naw, I don't think it went that far. I think he was just feeling a little good after they gave him his shot. I'm surprised he walked back to his room without Chanyeol carrying him.” He stopped and thought about it, thinking on his own feelings, “I… Do you think it might be true? I mean, you know, that Baekhyun really loves him that way.”

Xiumin came up behind him, resting his chin and arms across Chen's shoulders, “What do you think?” He stared at Chen's perfect profile, Chen had questioning eyes. Xiumin wanted to answer his question with a yes.

Chen laughed, “No. I think there's love but it's brotherly love. Kinda like what we have… right” Chen shifted his eyes towards Xiumin a bit, not knowing what his answer would be. Xiumin played, calling him his wife, always holding his hand, always holding him in his arms, even kissing him lovingly.

It sounded more like a question and Xiumin wasn't sure how to answer that. He knows his feelings for Chen are strong and they border on more than brotherly love. He wanted to tell Chen that but he didn't, if there had been a time for that, it passed them and now he had Nari to think about. He liked her and wanted to see where that was going to go.

Xiumin smiled, tapping Chen's chin. “Are you ready to go?”

Leaving the hospital was a mad house, getting back to their dorm was worse. Fans everywhere. Fans followed them in cars and taxis, hanging out the windows crying to them, flowers flung at them at every opportunity. Chen and Baekhyun latched onto each other, shaking and terrified when the van had to break all of a sudden when one of taxis cut in front of them. Chanyeol was ready to jump out at that taxi but the manager escorting them, held him back. As soon as the van stopped, they were nearly mobbed. The van driver pushed through the crowd and took a different route until the police came and escorted them, forcing the pursuing vehicles to fall back.

“I just want to go home” Chen said nearly in tears. Xiumin put his arm around him, giving him as much comfort as possible.

“We’re almost there.”

As soon as they reached the dorm, they filed into the door quickly. They hoped no one followed them that far or else they would have to move again. It was a matter of time before that happened.

Xiumin helped Chen up to his room. Since Lay was back in China again, he would be able to stay with him for a while. He put Chen to bed and went to lay down himself when he got a text. It was Nari.

Is everything okay? How is Jongdae-ssi” she asked.

“He is okay.”

I want to see you. Can we meet later?

Xiumin looked across the room, Chen was sleeping soundly. He was happy to be in his own bed.

“Yes. I'll pick you up in an hour.”

Okay. I'll be waiting

He smiled at her text. He got up quietly from his bed. He snuck out of the room and out of the dorm.

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