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Hello ARMYs and Agust D stans!! 

It's day 2 of my Agust D 1 Year Anniversary Event!!! I'm going talk all about Agust D's, aka Suga of BTS, mixtape!!
If you missed Day 1, find it 》 HERE
These are just my opinions, let me know what you all think! ♡ This one's gonna be long.


Today I'll be going over track 2: Agust D !!

The overall flow and composition is on point. ♡ His rapping left me breathless. He sounds a step above any idol rapper yet. Which he talks about in this song; saying he is too big for kpop. His second rap verse is killer! I mean whew.... he got me feelin some way... ♡
I'll add my comments about the lyrics below.


They call me new thang
The recruit is here, to take over everything
The whole world, concert so sick
From Asiana Asia
You could be my new thang
I’m different from the hyungs
That ignore their duties
An uprising of celebrities
Damn only strong ones can mess with me
Some think it was easy for me to reach my position
Fuck you I’m the thorn in the eyes of those hyungs
Who have no chances of becoming successful
Honestly, “Ssaihanuwar” is embarrassing
We sell 500,000 copies a year
My size is different to fit in the K-pop category whoo
He's too big for kpop. With concerts worldwide and sales through the roof, he is a pain to all the other guys trying to make it as big as he is. And he worked damn hard to get there.
Right, if you want to go ahead
Try reserving first class
My seat is business
Yours is economy, forever behind me kissing my ass
Next target is Billboard
Brazil to New York
My busy passport
Great pun. Also, he's predicting the future, saying Billboard is the next target. On May 21, 2017, BTS took home the Top Social Artist BBMA award! And we all know they definitely have a full passport.
A to the G to the U to STD
I’m D boy because I’m from D
I’m the crazy guy, the lunatic on beat
Sending listeners to Hong Kong with my rap
My tongue technology
A to the G to the U to STD
A to the G to the U to STD
A to the G to the U to STD
Sending listeners to Hong Kong with my rap
My tongue technology
He really does surprise everyone with his rapping skills. His "tongue technology" lol.
I’m the guy who shoves his junior or senior
Who copies from copiers
Doesn’t matter if I’m nasty or if I’m a wack or fack
I’m the guy that will carve history on the ground
Always getting more light
Among other hopeless rappers
The raquet caused by the jealous hyungs
Who are scared I’d take away
Their source of income with my fame
Such a savage verse. Saying that no matter what, he is going to have the spotlight. That the others in the rap industry are scared of him.
Hey ho I don’t give a shit
When you’re busy being a moron
I will simply bury you alive in the grave
You dug out yourself
Hey ho you can’t handle me
You wasted rappers should be grateful
That I’m an idol
I love this verse cause it feels like he's saying that if he wasn't an idol and was just a rapper, all the other rappers would have no chance.
Cause I’m busy I’m busy 24/7 what rest?
I hope those idiots who have lost their opportunities
Keep each other company
Those childish and jealous people
Don’t realize what’s important
Paris to New York damn
My non stop schedule
"Ain't no rest for the wicked" right? haha. He's busy making his dreams come true with a tight schedule. He knows what to do and how hard he has to work to get there.

I’m sorry I mean it I’m sorry
I’m sorry for taking away your source of income, boy
I’m sorry I reject fury
Your mom’s going to be sad
When you lose your only asset, health
Again, so savage! He doesn't get bothered by people being mad at him. So sarcastic when apologizing for making it this big. And how the only thing they have going for them is their health.
I’m sorry, you should change your job
Your ability of making yourself look like a moron
Is extraordinary so change your job, boy
I’m sorry I mean it I’m sorry
I’m sorry that your rapper sucks compared to me
This last part is brutal. His adversaries should just quit and find a new career. They make fools of themselves and can't compete with his rapping.
Overall, this is one of my favorite tracks on the album. I am not usually one to enjoy self-praise songs but this one is so good. Savage. As this man usually is. I mean, he apologizes for being so good. He's just stating facts, right? Haha.

Stay tuned tomorrow for track 3: Give it to Me !!
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Woo, Mr. Tongue Technology indeed! This is the song I play when I'm in my 'step away from me peasant!' mood
Perfect song for that!! 😆