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http://www.allkpop.com/article/2017/08/seo-in-guk-signs-an-exclusive-contract-with-bs-company So Seo In Guk has decided to leave Jellyfish Entertainment and sign with BS Company. I am very happy that he has made a decision and even happier that it seemed to be a fast one at that, or at least released the news in a fast manner unlike Infinte whose contracts have ended forever ago and have not finalized anything yet which is keeping me on edge. Speaking of, has anyone heard of anything about Infinte?? Anyway, enough of my random rambling, back to the topic at hand. I absolutely love Seo In Guk and wish him the best and hope he receives everything he is looking for in a entertainment company through BS Company. The article link I shared listed some other actors signed with this company but does anyone else know who else is with this agnecy? Just curious. Well, just like I said Seo In Guk is one of my favorite singers and actors and I look forward to his future projects! In other news, a few weeks ago I made a card about my top 5 and finally in a few days I will be able to post my cards of my top 5 artists and such. After I posted the original card I was called in for a job interview and they hired me on the spot so I have been getting my bearings at work the past couple of weeks and in my free time I have been working on my first fanfiction that I hope to finish and post hopefully this time next week. Since it is my first one I am very nervous and very critical of my story. So wish me luck, hoping I get what I need done before my final semester begins in a couple of weeks. *fingers crossed* Bye for now
I swore the title said that he was moving to a bs company...
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Trust me I thought the same thing
Last time I checked about infinite everyone but Sunggyu had resigned . Everyone says he is waiting until his return for the army
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I don't know honestly. I know he doesn't have much time left until it becomes a problem