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Namjoon's anger soften to comfort me. His arms wrapped around me, shielding me with warmth. That warm feeling returning making my heart jump. This little moments..are what helped me through the pain. But it didn't stop me from plotting my revenge. I got up in a rough manner separating myself from his embrace. "We need to come up with a plan and we need it now". Yoongi thinks he can play with me and get away...yea to hell with him!!!. Throwing my phone with enough force to break it. "If you meant to break that Y/N, aim for the wall...not the couch"                  **************************** I rubbed my eyes, still red from all the inevitable crying. "We've been at this for hours Joonie" whining to get a little break from the mischievous well elaborated plan we've come up with. It's 7:40, another bzzzz wiped my focus onto my phone I had left on the couch. It was Emi one of my close friends. I swiped right to answer. "Y/N are you almost at the club ???" Completely forgetting the small gathering they've arranged for my bachelorette party. "Mina, Lisa, Jesu.. and I are on our way" Too tired to even care. I had to blow off some steam and destress. "Emi I'll be there soon" I will go. I deserve to have some fun if I'm about to ruin my own suppose wedding, right? "Great. See you there Y/N" Hanging up to find my suitcase. Even though I didn't bring much I had just the right clothes to wear on a night out like this one. "What the.." he held me down before I walked away and said "it's not a good idea...You know to go out and drink away the night." Namjoon said before I kindly ask him to let go. He wouldn't budge, "I'll let you come with me.. If that will make you feel better". "It will but I  rather  have you here, where there's no sweaty  strangers trying to get a glimpse at your goodies or grind so close to you" He said almost sounding like my father. "Oh really? Just the two of us here..alone" I teased making him reevaluate his words. "No... no more in the sense of getting to rest before you drop the news in from of dozens of people" Namjoon's tone changing to that carrying understanding guy I admired. "But overall who am I to deny you having some fun. You deserve it baby girl" A high pitched scream left my mouth, hugging him by the neck pulling him down to my level.                             ***************** "Y/N it's been almost an hour, what's taking so long" Namjoon said knocking the bathroom door for the fifth time. "Just a little make-up and I'll be done" "Let's goo Joonie the girls are waiting". Squishing his cute dimples to wake up from his nap. Quickly waking up, since he's a light sleeper. "Are you done, how long has it been?" "Yea I'm done and it's only been five minutes". As he got up and whipped his eyes he stood there amazed as he got a better view of you in something so casual but sexy. It's cute how he couldn't take his eyes off you but you both had somewhere to be. "Come on Joonie we can't keep them waiting any longer" Now you were on the other side complaining of precious time being wasted. You grabbed the key and card. Both of you headed down to the parking lot. You've never heard of this club before. Lucky for you he had. To your surplise it was less than two blocks away. The club was well guarded. Three body guards at the entrance. All you had to do was say your name and your companion here got in no special pass required. Only you're name of course. One of the guards was nice enough to guide us to the VIP area. Just as promised we were in  a room full of handsome muscular guys and gorgeous females with inhumanly features. Thought non sparked my interest. You looked to your left thinking Namjoon would be starting at the almost naked  females. Boy was I wrong. He went straight to the bar, sending a wink my way as to say "I'm watching you"   It's been  two hours since we got here. The night was spent chatting away watching the strippers get friendly with Emi and Jesu. The rest of us laughing talking about how lucky I was and  what we use to say about attending each other's weddings. Growing tired of his name being mentioned. I picked myself up and walked to the one sided mirror, holding my third margarita with my left. Walking to the one sided mirror watching dozens and dozens of strangers carelessly dancing away the night. Fantastic we can see down to where everyone was from this second floor. My mouth began to water, oh no I knew that feeling all too well. I rushed to the bathroom located a bit further down the VIP section. "Shit" I dropped my glass on the bathroom floor. I rushed into a stall. "Eventually someone was going to clean that up" I thought to myself. Nothing came out but the feeling was still there. I couldn't stay there the entire night so I washed down the yucky taste with some wine the waiter offered me and others outside of the bathroom hall. The background noise prevented me from hearing most of the chatter going on around me. As I got out of the bathroom hall I saw Namjoon in the corner talking on the phone. Curious as to who he was talking to. I quietly approached him. Obviously forgetting how loud the club was. I was close enough to hear his conversation. "I miss you." Turning myself back. Three drinks so far, that's all I had in my system, and some champagne not enough to make me hear things that's for sure. But...I know what I heard for sure. Why me?? Why am I hurt by such words??? Yet I have no right to feel this way... he's only my body guard. Why do those simple words hurt me more than everything Yoongi did all together??. Something inside was telling me to look. As I passed another one way mirror. This one and bit more clear than the others. Yoongi? What the hell is he doing here. You asked yourself. Reminding you of that phone call from earlier. **Hours earlier** You swiped right to answer. It wasn't a normal phone call. There was no hello, how is everything, how's the planning going. Completely nothing. All you heard was a feminine voice heavily panting asking for "more" as she was repeatedly being slammed against what sounded like a desk. But what finally made you end the call was the voice you she kept asking for more. Yoongi's voice demanding her to " Say my name...who's your daddy now" **End of flashback** He seemed to be searching for someone among the crowd of people. Surprise surprise. Look who we got here. It was that female. The one he was with in the mall. Forgot it. I couldn't take it anymore. I need another drink I said to myself walking to the bar. Namjoon POV I turned around, "Y/N ??" I said it loud and clear thinking I heard someone behind me. "I miss you too guys, but I got a little situation going on here and we'll duty calls" I repeated to make sure they've heard me before I ended the call. There she was quietly ....taking shots ??? I approached her. The closer I got I realized she's had enough. "Joonie dance with me..." She said slurring her words pulling me closer to her. "Y/N you've had one too many drinks we should go" I said wanting to keep her out of harm's way. She refused. In a matter of seconds gone to who knows where. Disappearing into the crowd. "I should've convinced her to stay home" Trying to catch my breath but in a place like this you can forget about any of that happening. I've been searching for Y/N for over nine minutes. Where could what be. It's like the heavens heard my pleads for help. Y/N was dancing with some strangers. Only the thought of it happening enraged me, but seeing it with my own eyes made my blood boil. Walking down from the VIP area I noticed a familiar face. Could it be that Yoongi ??? The one Y/N is in love with?? It hit me like a truck. It was in fact him, the one from that photo I took. Putting together the pieces of a huge puzzle . Y/N saw him, Of course that's why she's been acting up making herself look like a fool in front of those people. "Y/N, that's enough let's go home" Raising my voice as I approached her. "Just one more Joonie... please" thinking she would get one more drink. "No Y/N, I won't repeat myself" I said getting her away from those two trying to take her. It was time to call it a night, Grabbing her heels and purse before we exited the place. "The fresh air feels great at night" she said getting into the passenger seat. "Don't worry I'll take you home safe...To where you belong." "I know exactly why you're acting up like this" I thought. Silence filling up the car, until she decided to speak up. "My mother sh-she wanted the perfect man for me and so did my father " Y/N said expressionless letting tears fall down her cheek. "Old habits die hard" was all I could say to help ease the pain she felt.   "Yea old habits of cheating and getting down with his female colleagues" anger evident in her voice. It was past midnight. Y/N was already looking sleepy. I decided to carry her inside. To avoid a lot of noise and wake up her parents. Not only that but to avoid her getting scoolded by her parents. I carried he bridal style from the back door all the way up to her room. As I layed her down to rest she held on tight to my neck, reluctant to let go. "Stay with me" she said while I tried to untangle her from me. "Am I not good enough for you?" She asked letting a few tears fall.   Wiping the tears with my thumb ."We can't you're in a  vulnerable state. Don't do anything you'll regret later. You won't be the only one getting hurt if we do this Y/N". I said finally getting her to loosen her grip on my neck. God if anyone were to barge in I would be dead. I'm breaking many rules of my contract. I can't help it I tried to contain myself building a wall with our relationship. I was her bodyguard...wanting to explore her mind, body, and soul in more ways than the average Joe could think of. but I had one too many and so did she. So I placed a soft kiss on her cheek before tucking her into bed and leaving. I knew this was not the right time to confess anything. "Goodnight babygirl"...
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