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OK! So before I completely forget what happened im going to write down everything!

So there was this big yet somewhat classy party going on and I went with my friends as special guests. There was tables every where as if we had entered a restaurant. It was actually quite lovely especially the hanging lights that where also everywhere. Im looking around and I finally see an empty table (or so I thought) and I go to claim it until I see this gorgeous man already sitting there. I look straight into his eyes for the longest time realizing that it's Jin! He doesn't even hesistate and pulls me into the booth and gives me this smile that instanly melts my heart.
He then whispers to me, "Aime what took you so long? I missed you." As soon as I heard those words I quickly wrapped my arms around him and said, " I missed you too Jin." (In my obviously now mind and body I kept screamimg and saying how tf do i know this man enough for me to be like this with him?!) After we finish hugging he gives me a kiss on the cheek (which would have resulted to me going to the ER for almost dying) But I simply smiled and continued to look at Jin. As if I had really known and missed him. We begin to talk about our lives and how we missed each other. Then someone comes to sit at the table (at this point idek where my friends went xD) and says, "Oi Jin, You can't keep Aime all to yourself." I quickly look up recognizing the voice instantly and smile.
Namjoon them smiles and says, "Hey Aime." and then giving one of his adorable smiles with a wink I quickly get up and rush over to him and stare into his eyes. As I wait to see what will Namjoon do, in the very corner of my eye I can see that Jin wasn't very happy to see that Namjoon had come to see me. Namjoon quickly pulled me into a hug and we hugged a very long time.
After the hug we both sat down and as I finally took the time to think about what was happening I looked across the table and realized that I was sitting across two beautiful men asking myself, "What am I going to do?" As the night goes by at some point Namjoon comes over to my side and begins to playfully flirt with me and me being the little love-struck fool I am I played along and ended up leaning my head against his shoulder making him rest his head on top of mine. Jin began to get jealous and begins to eat the chips that were (somehow) on the table and looks at us with anger* Namjoon then Whispers into my ear, "he looks like an angry fish." Which I somehow found that funny I began to laugh and then quickly nudging Namjoon as a way of telling him to stop. Jin got so a angry that he began chewing harder making him accidentally bite his lip. After he bit his lip he began to well not completely scream but whine on how much his lip was hurting so I quickly get up from the booth and go to his side to see how bad his bite was. With a small tear in his eye I quickly grabbed his hand and wiped his tear. He looked at me while saying, "Thank you Aime." I blushed from looking at his face so closely and suddenly he begins to move closer. He then tells me, "Can you check my lip Aime, please?" One cannot resist a please from Jin so I check his lip and he begins to get closer and closer.
He then puts his hand to the side of my face and tells me, you need a closer inspection." Namjoon realizes what he's trying to do and just before our lips could touch Namjoon quickly gets up and says, "She loves us both Jin." After snapping back to reality I push myself away and look at the two confused and heartbroken. Without knowimg why or how I began to cry and covered my face asking myself, "Why?" Jin quickly rubs on my back as he & Namjoon begin to argue and scold each other. Just as I was about to leave I see both standing in front of me and in unison they both ask me, "Who do you choose?"

And just like that. My Dream Ends. ;-; Idk what to do with my life after a dream like that you guys. I need help!

I'm jealous, I can't even get them in my dreams...😢.
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@SugasPrincess try watching something of BTS before you go to sleep let that be the last thing your eyes see before going to bed (I recommend you fangirling extra hard lol) that sometimes work try it and maybe you will dream of them sometimes also they say that you dream what your heart desires so try to desire them like you life depends on it 😂😂
Omg 😲 this could seriously be a fanfic I was fangirling through all this how lucky. I also had a dream it was weird and I hate those type of dreams because a scene just pops up after your previous dream so when you wake up your like what the hell did I just dream and how and why just that part right? Well anyway idk how my dream started but I was kissing Jimin very lovey dovey and all (I was super hyper and happy when I woke up cuz Jimin is my bias wrecker and ultimate bias lol) and then all of a sudden the person I was kissing changed and it was Jungkook omg 😲 I was fangirling in bed that morning but what sucked is that it didn't last long cuz I had to get out of bed to go to work 😑. I hope nxt time I dream from the beginning and my dream makes sense
Why do we have to wake up at the good parts😱😰
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@YessicaCardenas Omg ikr! I was so ready to choose but then I JUST HAD TO OPEN MY EYES! (My brain was probably like this feels too real lets check? xD)