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So what jobs could Namjoon being working if he wasn't in BTS? Which ones would he be the best at? Which would he be the worst at? Here's some options! Let me know what you guys think he could or could not do!


Fashion Designer

I say fashion designer but I'm trying to say something different. He probably wouldn't draw the clothes and make them and all that jazz. He would be better at taking a bunch of clothes and putting them together and making them look good. Like just making outfits, I guess, because he has a good fashion sense.

Biologist/Animal Specialist

He loves animals, so I can see it being a good fit. Plus he's way smart enough to do it. He would want to work around a bunch of different animals, so maybe at a zoo or something similar. Or if he would rather play with fish, then at an aquarium or something.


I feel like even if he wasn't in BTS, then he would still be rapping. He loves rapping and he's good at it. Plus that actually was his job before BTS. He was an underground rapper.️‍♀️


He has the brain for it. He would probably be good at teaching others. But I'm not sure which grade level he would do best at. I want to say collage maybe.‍


Fine China Shop Owner/Worker

I mean come on. We all know he would destroy all of the merchandise. By accident though, and he would feel super bad about breaking everything.


I'm not saying he's bad at dancing. Truthfully, I wish I could dance as well as him because I have no jams. I'm just saying that this probably wouldn't be the best job for him. ‍♂️

What does RapMon have to say?

He actually said at one point that he would probably be in some boring job because of his academic skills. I don't know about you guys, but I sure am glad that he gets to be with BTS! ❤


RapMon said that he once had a dream about being a security guard for apartments.‍♂️

Let me know what your guys' opinions are! Do you agree with the jobs? What about what Rapmon said he would be doing?

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He'd be an amazing fashion designer. 😍 he'd be good at anything he tried though. Love this card!
Yes, I agree. He can do anything he wants! Thank you😊