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Who do yall think?
1 Magi,. have you seen what these guys are capable of in the manga lately. 2 and 3 are close but I say One Piece 3 Naruto I only have them as 3 because One Piece is only half way done so they will be stronger by the end. 4 Fairy Tail. They are a strong team but I don't think they have the same fire power level as the top 3. If Gildartz was in the group they would be #2. 5 AOT, I am fairly confident that the top 4 could take this group down. 6 Team Rocket, no explanation should be needed.
I want to read the Magi manga. I'd started the anime but didn't get far at all.
The monster trio !
One Piece, the Monster Trio. They're asking for a trio and Team7 is just a duet with a healer,
Team rocket is the strongest team ever 😁
Lets stop the jokes so pokemon and attack on titan is out fairy tail stop being a trio the moment they added Lucy and Wendy (#lisanna #wendyiswonderful) I'm not sure about the straw hat trio team 7 is played out And magi ( finally somebody new) I don't know the extent of Aladdin power but they get my vote
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