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This is awesome! ^_^ WICH one is your favorite??
Pervy sage, haha perfect match
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Future Trunks & Sasuke
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Die Sasuke. You are no where near good/cool enough to be like Trunks.
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No. bcuz i know Sasuke kinda has a heart. I mean like I see Sasuke just like i see Sakura. A cry baby who couldnt/wouldnt rise above his depression. Future Trunks' family was killed in front of him so he got stronger to fight back. Sasuke just went cry baby for several years then decided to get stronger. I dont see Sasuke as anything more than a petulant child. At least Trunks didnt let his emotions take over and mess with his head and life. Naruto would have been so much better without Sasuke and Sakura in it.
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