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Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 6 Preview Eng Sub
More previews for youuu! Good stuff must be shared so pls share with ur friends everyone! (for the dumbdumbs like me you can share via the "F/T" button... took me awhile to realise that kekeke) Check out my page for more drama previews and drop me a msg if u think i missed out any good dramas! ======================================= Kang San: He is the one who killed Mother Kang To: He saved your life three times even though he had to risk his own Mok Dan: Maybe he is my acquaintance... is he Young Master? "Gaksital cannot be a hero for the Joseon people. We have to stop him." Myung-Sub: Is this a trap to catch Gaksital? "Is Gaksital really dead?" "I will tell you the truth behind the story..." Kang To: Did you see who killed my mother? Tell me!!!
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Ummm..at the end of the preview, is it just me or isn't Kang-to the one in the Gaksital costume?
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Thank you for sub!
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oh guys there's live recaps of Ep 6 now! Leegloria is doing them here http://www.vingle.net/posts/22024
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