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yes those abbreviations make sense
JJProject GOT7 Screenshot Game RESULTS!!!
okay I have no chill.. lol late night sugar so sue me.
Now onward to my babies and my much needed commnmentary and explanation as to why the results could make sense. >>>
언녕하세요 내 사랑. Its your favorite blue eyed green eyed black girl. 저는 Elisha입니다 aka ENF2.
Soulmates don't mean your fated to love each other romantically. For me to make sense of this it would definitely be that our souls are mates. Fated to be friends. Fated to cross paths and be positive influences in each others lives. Now as G7s favorite Noona Gyeom is our Mischievous Maknae aka My Baby that I sometimes let get away with stuff (When the Hyung line isn't looking). His passion in dance is probably what I'd be a big positive influence on. He lives and breath dance and I envy the he'll out of the communication delivered through the combination of rhythm and body movement. I'd be his biggest cheerleader. Soul mates that nuture each other mentally. Possibly having the best and strangest hypothetical conversations. Example (What if JinYoung was a girl idol, would we still want to be his friend? lol)
Out of the 7 YoungJae is one of the top 3 I see being my Best Friend (1.Mark, cuz we're both American and pretty quiet, 2.Jackson, he's a friend magnet,everyone is his friend). YJ is super thoughtful and I think a good listener, also generous. We might have stand still because we both want to be kind. might both open the door for each other and neither want to be the first to walk through. in all honesty we are super simular G7 might call us "TheTwins" . but that's kind of a reason I don't see us being besties.. we might be those people they call each other that but don't really act like it.
*blushes* well look who got to me first. the Bias Wrecker. this is highly possible without me trying to explains to myself(oh you though I was trying to get you to understand? ha no this was me telling my story to myself you're just here to enjoy the ride.) Well Leader nim and I would be close as a "before G7" thing, possibly a JJP timeline or B-Boying or something like that.. this could mean he's my first kiss ever or just my first kiss out of G7 *wink wink nudge nudge* either way my brain is in debate of if I responded to the kiss or if it was one-sided.
for now I'll say I was shocked that it happened but as I registered what was happening I maybe kissed back... maybe. I mean he is my Bias wrecker and what a wonder ful one he is... *gazes in the distance daydreaming of the situation*
1 and only again I say I did not force these results just like I didn't for my last screenshot game JinYoung and I are just meant to be (deal with it). First love, but was it one sided? see look at me playing my own devil's advocate smh. yeah I can see me being smitten for him and it not being reciprocated. and the JB swoops in and steals my kiss (that would be if this was a JJP debut situation). JB as the 2nd male lead if this was a KDrama. JinYoung is my bias so if the scenario was he knew I liked him and he liked me back we'd be together forever.
Since he couldn't be my bestie he became my enemy. I'm all love and Markie Pooh is all love and compared to Koreans(from my view point) outtrovert introvert Americans are all very alike so we'd be "play enemies", which in my opinion is just sassy friends or best friends. (see what I did there, done made Mark my best friend on the slick )
so the only ones not mentioned were Bam and Jackson and I feel they might feel a certain way about their favorite Noona taking away their besties and not giving them attention but I totally would.. I think we would all mesh well that's why I keep saying I'm their favorite. thems the goals.. I'm aiming for 'em.
any who CLICK HERE for the game itself.
This is your favorite Kpop K-World fandom trainee, just a trainee. Remember today is #AnotherDayToDoBetter , I'll do better you do better.
사랑해 <3