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Who: Reader x Jay Park What: Flip Universe, Smut Story: As the CEO of MGM, Kim Hyojin known by your American name Y/n, you're battling the stress as a boss. So you enlist Park Jaebeom, as your stress reliever. No strings attached. Jay's POV The moment the scarf went around her eyes he could tell she was excited. Her body waved slowly in anticipation to know what he'd chosen as his first point of teasing. He decided to play with her senses to get her heart rate going. He was going to make her go crazy. He pulled out one of her bigger toys and held it by her ear while he lowered his lips to hers. He brushed them against hers making her breathe in softly. Excitement rushed through her as she opened her mouth to be kissed. It only made Jay smile more. He pecked her lips softly allowing the sound of their kiss to rattle her. He saw her swallow wondering what would happen next. She probably wanted him to hurry and do something already. He flipped her vibrator on by her ear. The sound startled her, she jolted for a moment before she calmed down and realized what it was. He held back a chuckle and just observed everything her body did. Her legs started to rub together with the anticipation of her toy teasing her below. Her breast were still clad in her bra and he moved the toy over it to find her nipple. She pressed her lips together to hide a whine that only turned Jay on more. It was more than cute, it was fucking sexy seeing her all worked up. He rolled her vibrator around her nipple making her wiggle more and then he pulled it away slowly. He watched as her mouth opened up to let out shallow breaths. Her panting picked up a bit and her hands clenched into fists. She pulled them down for a moment and perhaps remembering she'd been bound she stopped them. He moved the vibrator to her other breast finding her nipple to tease. Her other one was so hard it was poking through her bra. He let his other hand explore her stomach slowly which made her breath hitch. Her stomach sank down to flee his touch. She bit her lip and then released it to breathe. His hand slid past her belly button and slipped between her thighs. He grabbed her thigh and pushed her legs open wide so that he was between them. Jay reached into the box to pull out a slender vibrator and he came to her ear. "Open your mouth." She turned her head towards the sound of his voice. "Jay." She whimpered. He came closer to her ear. "Open that fucking little mouth baby girl." He growled in her ear. She whined and her mouth opened up. Jay smiled and placed the slender vibrator in her mouth. He watched her tongue quickly swirl around it before her lips clamped onto the vibrator. He cut off the other one and set it to the side. He pushed up her bra. He reached for the candle and poured the hot candle wax over her chest and down the valley of her breast all the way to her stomach. She moaned and waved into the heat. She shuddered while Jay sat the candle back down. She wiggled beneath whining and kicking her legs. He pulled the vibrator from her mouth. She was panting hard, "Jay- what are you doing?" She cried. "I'm playing with my baby girl." He answered with a smile. He pushed her thong to the side and slowly pushed her vibrator inside her she moaned out loud and her hips wiggled again. Y/n's POV You moaned out loud feeling your vibrator snap on inside of you. You yanked at the binds that were on you. You could barely breathe your heart was racing. "Jay....Jaaay." You moaned. You felt his hand scoop up your breast and play with them. His tongue circled around your nipples. Your back arched off the bed pushing your breast further into his mouth. His full lips sucked on your perk nipple, your body felt cold and warm at the same time. Cold in the places that he licked but your body was warm from hot wax and the anticipation. Now even more from your toy vibrating inside you. "Pleeease. Please. Please. Please." "What do you want baby girl?" He breathed against her lips. "You.... Please just fuck me." You breathed. You heard his dark chuckle meet your lips in the most sinful way which only made you whine. You felt him move the vibrator in and out of you slowly but it was precise. His movements were calculated. His hand rounded to your ass and you winced from his grip. Your butt still hurt from his punishment. "Mine." He cooed. "Jay." You mewled. "This little body is mine." He growled. The speed went up on your vibrator pushing a loud moan past your lips. You tried to move and wiggle from him but you felt his hands push your legs down. Then something heavier came over you, almost like he'd sat on your legs to keep you from moving so much. "You are mine Y/n." He declared. You wanted to say no but you wanted to say yes. You were torn at the moment because saying yes meant he could do anything to you and you wished he would but saying no established what had been stated before. This was just about the sex. You didn't say anything. It wasn't like he was asking anyway, he was more like declaring. For right now, he could declare all he wanted as long as he did something to you. Jay pushed the vibrator deeper inside of you and you squealed. You shook your head with the blindfold still on. You body shook and your legs tensed. "Don't cum." he warned. "Jay don't." You whined. Your lower half raised up and he continued to pull it in and out of you twisting it and taking it deeper inside of you. You felt his lips on your clit and his tongue swirled around your clit before he sucked on it. You moaned loudly and yanked at the binds on your wrists. He sucked on you harder making your thighs push against the sides of his face. He moved the vibrator faster inside of you fucking you with your own toy. "Stoooop- I'm gonna-cuuummm. Jay!" You moaned and screamed as you yanked at your binds and wiggled even more. The vibrator stopped moving and in an instant he was on top of you again. You felt his heat rub against your clit as he grabbed your neck and growled in your ear. "Stop fucking moving." he said. You weren't sure if he was angry or not. You couldn't see. For that reason, your heart raced and you whined, having your sight taken made your sense of touch go up and your adrenaline rush. You had no idea what he'd do next and when he'd do it. You were excited, scared and so incredibly wet because of it. You felt tears welling up in your eyes. The vibrator was still inside of you, destroying your insides. Your walls clamped down on it even harder to keep it inside. You whined and continued moving without listening to him. "Stop moving." He warned. "Jaaay." You whined. He pinched your nipple while he said, "Do you want me to leave?" "No! Please just fuck me." You cried. "Then do as I ask little one." He said softly. He kissed your cheek as you cried softly. You pressed your legs together trying to obey but he parted them again. "Keep them open." "I'm going to die." You panted. You heard him chuckle and he said, "No you won't baby girl." He opened your legs wider until your were spread eagle, open wide enough for him to see everything. You wondered how helpless you looked under him. You yanked on your binds again, "Stop doing that or you'll hurt yourself." He warned you. You stopped moving your hands and tried to focus on catching your breath. His hand roamed your body slowly to calm you down. Your body jerked on its trembling as it tried to calm down. "You want me to fuck you baby girl?" He said. "Yes." His hand glided back to your neck and you felt his lips on your jawline. "I said, do you want me to fuck you baby girl?" He repeated more aggressively. "Yes." You mewled like you were begging. He kissed you savagely, hard, hot and heavy as his hand left your neck. You felt your vibrator slip inside your ass and you yelped and yanked on your binds again. Jay slammed into you and your back arched off the bed. The bed began to rock against the wall as you screamed in pain and pleasure. Jay fucked you hard and fast. His thumbs pushed into your hips and he slammed into you. You could feel his hands on your knees keeping them pushed down as your body was punished by him. One hand left your knee and then you felt hot wax being poured onto your body again. Your voice went through screams, whines, gasps and purrs while Jay fucked the life out of you. His lips came back to yours and he kissed you hard and rough. His hand disappeared again but you were scared of what he'd do next. He used another vibrator on high on your clit making you yank your hands down to try and touch him. Your legs shook as you felt a wave rush over you. You screamed feeling yourself get closer. Then he stopped moving. You shuddered and whined and pulled at your binds again. Nothing happened for a moment and he didn't say anything. Your binds were tight on your wrist now from pulling so much and your hands felt cold like you'd finally cut off your circulation enough that they were almost asleep. Your hands suddenly fell back down to the bed with relief. He finally released your hands from your binds and your arms immediately found his neck to wrap around. He lifted you up into his arm. His hand cradled the back of your head while he made you bounce on his dick. Your hips rolled aggressively against him and then his hand started to pull the vibrator in and out of your ass. You stopped moving and gripped tighter onto his neck mewling and allowing more tears to escape your eyes. "Don't cum yet." he whispered with a husky voice as though he were close himself. "Jay please." You cried. He smacked your ass making you yelp in pain. "You're mine little girl, do you understand? This fucking pussy is mine." He growled into your breast.

He placed kisses on your chest and you felt the wax on your body break apart and fall down between your bodies. He pulled out the vibrator and you heard it hit something before you assumed it hit your floor. He threw you on your back on the bed and then grabbed you by your ankles and flipped you over. He came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your body and pulled you up. He slipped inside you and started fucking you fast. You whined and screamed while he destroyed your body. Your legs shook as and you gripped the sheets. He lifted you up so that your body was pressed against his back. He held you close to him and fucked you faster and harder. His fingers played with your clit. He kissed your ear and he said, "You wanna cum for me baby girl?" "Yes." You breathed. His hand came to your neck again and he squeezed hard enough to make you light headed. He fucked you harder and faster and his fingers circled around your clit faster as he said in your ear, "Yeah? You want to fucking come for me baby girl? You can cum all over me baby. Cum so fucking hard on my dick." He said with a fucked out voice. You turned your head to kiss him and he gave you a sloppy wet kiss. His fingers teased your nipples and he licked your neck. "Come on baby fucking come for me." "Jay." You cried. You shivered when he kissed the back of your neck. "Faster." You moaned. You were so close. Jay stopped and brought you back down to the bed. He parted your legs again but this time let his tip ride along your folds. He brought his hand to your neck again. Excitement raced through your body, furiously pumping your heart. He hovered his lips over yours. You could feel his breath and your lips waited for them to touch you. Your hand came up to touch him and he grabbed and pinned it to the bed before you could reach him. You were trying not to show how frustrated you were that he'd let you ride down a high when he told you, you could come. He was still just allowing his cock to rub your folds and you couldn't take it much longer. "Please." You whispered. Your eyes rolled back and your chest rose. Your legs wanted to wrap around him and squeeze him tighter but you tried staying as still as your body would allow. "You know not to tell me what to do little one." You moaned hearing him call you little one. He made you feel small underneath him but in a fantastic way. "I'm sorry." You whined. Jay lowered to kiss by your ear and those wet sounds spurred you on. His hand on your neck left to pin your other hand down. His tongue drew a line up the side of your face and your cried wanting him to just fuck you already. "Jay please. Please. I need you. Please." You begged in whispers. His voice was hot and fucked out when he said, "I love the way you beg." He finally slipped off your blindfold. You blinked to try and get your eyes to adjust to him but he slammed into your body again making you scream and your back arch off the bed. He continued moving without allowing you to settle. He moved faster like you asked. Your hands gripped his arms while your bodies collided. He groaned and grunted, his jaw clenched and his eyebrows pinched together. You were a whining, screaming mess; your nails dug into his skin creating crescent imprints. When he lowered down to your body, your arms wrapped around him and you scratched at his back. It made him go harder but his thrusts were choppy. "Jay, I'm close." "Uh- me too baby girl." He groaned in your ear. You felt his hand slip between your grinding bodies and he pressed his thumb to your clit as he sat up. He drew circles and you cried feeling it build up faster than before. Before you could warn Jay you gripped his hand and you saw white. Your orgasm washed over you so powerfully you threw your head back with a loud moan crying as you came down. Your body was shaking so hard you couldn't stop it. Your walls squeezed Jay so tightly he followed your orgasm with one last slam into your body while he shot his substance inside of you. His hips jerked into you like his climax came just as hard as yours and he pulled out to collapse on the bed beside you. He was panting heavily and you hadn't moved yet. He turned over to blow out the candle he had lit but he slowly poured the hot wax all over your body again. You whined at the heat that was both painful and erotic. He chuckled at your reaction. Your body just wouldn't move. You were panting in place and Jay's hand came up to cup your cheek and turn your head to face him. He gave you a soft smile. His fingers gently brushed your sweaty hair from your face and he kissed you lightly. "I didn't do everything I wanted to do to you." He said. Your eyes widened, "There was more?" "A lot more baby girl. The main thing was I wanted that pretty little mouth of yours to go down on me." He grinned. You gave him a troubled look but mustered up the strength to get up. When you started moving towards his heat, he stopped you. "Whoa whoa, Y/n not tonight baby girl." He said. "Isn't that what you wanted?" You asked. His finger came to the bottom of your chin and he placed his lips on yours ever so softly. He smiled and said, "You're tired baby girl. I can see it in your eyes. Lay down next to me." He said. He pulled you back down to the bed so you were laying on your side. You were facing his chest while your hand came up to his chest and drew little circles with your finger. The wax he'd poured onto you, you hadn't wiped off and you didn't really have the energy to. At this point your were just calming down to sleep. Jay's POV While she drew circles on his chest, Jay couldn't help but realize how pleased he was that she wanted to suck him off. It wasn't the act of her giving him a blow job it was her response to him wanting one and stopping her when she went to do it, 'isn't that what you wanted?' She was going to do it for him because that's what he wanted, even though she was dog tired. He didn't want to tell her how happy that made him. It might voice too many feelings for her comfort. Still he wondered why she didn't like getting into relationships. "Are you going on the trip to Hawaii with me?" She asked. She yawned so cutely and her eyes blinked to clear from the tears she built up with the yawn. "Do you want me to come? I assumed you'd take your crew or give the trip to them." He said. "I sound selfish saying this but this a trip I really need for myself." "Then why take me?" He chuckled. She shrugged, "I don't like being alone." She said. He couldn't help but think that, in this gigantic mansion of a house, she was already alone. It made a little sense to him now why she would always ask him to stay the night after sex. Being a boss had her too busy to really invest in people that weren't a part of her crew. She loved them but on her own she couldn't survive. Or maybe she could. She just didn't want to survive alone. "Plus, I can have sex with you, it would de-stress me. I planned on taking two weeks off after these concert dates anyway. I just need some time to decompress." She said. Her eyes were lowering like she was falling asleep. He kissed her forehead and said, "Yeah babygirl. I'll go with you." She smiled a little and her hand slipped from his chest. He pulled the covers over her a bit more. She sighed feeling a little more comfortable. "I wanted to ask you something." He whispered. "What?" She looked up at him with glittering big eyes. "You have two doggy beds in your living room but you don't have any dogs. Why are they there?" "Oh I bought them at a flee market thinking they were seat cushions." "Really?" He asked confused. She chuckled lightly, "No. I had two dogs. Lili and Cosmo. Lili was a retriever and Cosmo was a Dalmatian and Collie mixed." "That's an interesting combo." "Yup. He wasn't the most beautiful pup but he was loyal and such a sweetheart." "What happened to them?" She sighed and looked up at him. He could tell she was trying to mask some sadness in her eyes. "Lili died of old age and Cosmo followed a week after." "How did Cosmo die?" "The vet says malnutrition. I say a broken heart. Cosmo loved Lili; they were best friends. He'd been with her all his life. He was a pup when Lili was already three. He followed her around everywhere. After she died, he got really lethargic and he stopped eating. He was so depressed. I just couldn't get rid of their beds. If I did it just meant I'd really have to acknowledge that they're gone. They were my best friends too." She looked at him and he could tell she was trying to push down that lump in her throat. He kissed her softly but deeply, lovingly. She was alone and she didn't like it. He could see why she liked to busy herself or why she liked to hang out at the clubs. It all just meant she had less time to be alone. "I'm sorry Y/n. They must've loved each other." She shrugged, "I guess dogs can fall in love easier. Aside from family and friends I don't really know what it's like." "You've had boyfriends before right?" He asked curiously. His hand came to the curve of her waist and she took in a breath like it relaxed her. Her eyes were falling even more but she kept talking. "Yeah but they weren't people I loved, just men to have sex with." "Why don't you fall in love, little one?" "I don't believe in it I guess. I don't know I just grew up reading and watching and worshipping all these things about romance and love and any time I got into a relationship it was never as spectacular as I had dreamed it was. My expectations were always high and they tried to meet them but they always fell short. I realized I was creating too many problems for them and myself but I just couldn't lower my expectations. So I did the next best thing, I didn't get close. I didn't expect anything but sex because the kind of Romance and love I'm looking for just doesn't exist. I stopped looking for love and settled for instant gratification." "Y/n." He whispered. Damn it. "Do you remember when you asked me did I do this alot?" she asked. "Yeah?" "Admittedly, you're the first person I've ever asked to do this for me but I had been thinking about it for a long time. I just kept getting into relationships with guys that wanted more. I broke their hearts because I didn't want more with them. They weren't enough. I had been thinking this way was easier for a while. There's no real attachment." she yawned again. "Do you still think that?" There wasn't an answer. "Y/n?" He looked at her face carefully. He heard her speech getting slower and she sounded like she was fading. She had finally fallen asleep. He kissed her forehead and drew closer to her. He felt her snuggle up even more towards him and he smiled. She felt it was impossible but he loved her. What was this spark that she was looking for? And how could he get through to her, if she had already decided there would be no strings attached...
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