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Chapter 7 ************* ~Lei's P.O.V~ I picked up my glass, taking a sip of it as I felt the awkwardness in the room. My brother's were having a stare down with Wonshik. I couldn't be more then happy to be back with him. The past days without him been miserable. It was something that I was craving for him, and looking at the burnt drawing I had of him from the start didn't help. Actually none of the drawling I drew of him and the others didn't help. Even Cory and Kisu tried to convenience me to go back but as stubborn as I was, I wanted to wait for Wonshik to be the one to apologize first. I knew, I was over reacting from the start but I was getting tired of his other side getting the best of us.  Hearing a throat being cleared, I looked up to see Cory eyeing Wonshik as he was getting ready to talk. "So, Ravi is it?" He asked as I personally wanted to face palm myself in this embarrassing moment. "Since you and my baby sister are mates, I would like to know more about you before I hand her off again to you. Someone told me that there's nothing that can stop you two being together. My expectations are pretty high and you manage to pass all of them then I'll accept you as one of our brothers." he said making heads turn to him. "Cory, you can't be serious?" Hui asked in surprised as the rest of them. Cory turned to Hui, looking him straight in the eyes. "This is not up to discussion Hui, as leader you are to obey orders I give out." He looked at my older brothers with a death glare waiting for them to say or do anything. They all seem to clench their teeth and not say anything. Cory snapped his attention back to Wonshik. "So please tell us about yourself?" I wanted to groan. How can they do this to me? This was so embarrassing to have them treat Wonshik like this in front of me. "What's there to know about me, besides being a prince of the night world and being Lei mate." He said looking at Cory.  "Family background?" "My parents were the king and queen of the night world until they were murdered by an unknown clan. My Aunt practice witchcraft and spelled me with a different personality. It's when the spirit energy of my other side is off balance then I have trouble controlling myself. But I have been working on myself control." "Lei said that all the people that we are hunting is connected together, do you know anything about it?" "I personally don't know who or what clan you are hunting but I might know who is behind it." I told him as he lend forward. "Really? Who then?" "When I was younger, we had a priest, who was close to the family. he disappeared until weeks ago. He came over for dinner and I saw the pentagram with the rose on his inner forearm. The one Lei saw on the girl that she hunts. I believe that the priest is behind the clan." there was a loud clank of something being drop. We all looked at Kisu sitting there shocked and recovering quickly before picking up his fork from the floor.  "Interesting because one of the vamps on the list is a priest. Priest Nam Dongmin." Cory said as he rubbed his chin. "Kisu is in charge of his case. Kisu do you have anything to say about Priest Nam?"  Kisu was about to say something but was cut off when his phone started ringing. He took it out and looked at it before excusing himself from the table. It wasn't long before we heard the front door shut. We were all silent eating for awhile until Cory brought up more questions for Wonshik to answer. By the time dinner was over, I told everyone that I would do the dirty dishes as they go do what they need to do. Cory ended up taking Wonshik to the office for some talk he wanted Wonshik to know about.  I was washing the last dish when I felt strong arms snaked around my waist as a pair of lips kissed some skin of my neck from the back. I couldn't help but smile as I ran the plate under water to wash the soap away. "Kitten when you get done lets go home." I knew that he meant the mansion of his and his brothers live in but I wanted to play a joke on him. "Home?" I tried my best to act like I was confused. He hummed, while running his nose across my jaw and into the crook of my neck. He placed sweet kisses on my neck which was tickling me. "Home with me and my brothers." I hold back some giggles that were trying to make their way out. "But what about my brothers?" Placing the plate in the dish washer. I put dish washing soap in the dish washer and set it to start running in four hours. I turned around in Wonshik grasp and wrapped my arms around his neck as my fingers automatically play with his hair.  "Cory said he approves of me and I can take you home with me. He also said that he wants us to visit more often so they can get use to the idea of us being together. So what do you say, we go home now?" He asked me while giving me the puppy dog eyes. I laughed and nod my head. "Let me get my stuff first." After saying goodbye to my brothers, Wonshik grabbed my hand and lead the way home. It was almost sunrise. I was kinda worried about being in the sun if we happened to not make it home on time. "Don't worry Kitten. I'm a pure blood Vampire. The sun doesn't affect me as much as being a turned vampire does. They have more cravings and can't deal with much sunlight during the day." I listen to him talking about his kind. It was fascinating by learning new facts on vampires. I was smiled at him talking when something suddenly stopped me in my tracks. In a dark corner that almost light shinning into it, I saw my brother Kisu who had his back turned and talking to another person. "What?" Wonshik asked confused as why I stopped walking. When he saw what I was looking at, he seemed to be surprised as I was. "Lei listen to me carefully, we are just going to pretend that we didn't-----" I cut him off as I made my way to my brother. I stood behind him with my arms crossed my chest. The guy in front of my brother silver eyes widen, my brother tilt his head to a side as he was trying to figure out what was wrong with the guy. Kisu slowly turned around to see me standing there as Wonshik a few steps back from me.  "Lei what are you doing here?" "Going home with Wonshik, what are you doing? Who's he?" I questioned him as I eyed the guy behind my brother. He was dressed in all black. It was a little washed out but it worked with him and his black hair with silver eyes. I wasn't for sure if he was another hunter or a vampire but from my spiritual vibes, I could feel that he was a vampire.  "It's none of your concern Lei just go home with Ravi." He told me but I refused because I wanted to know who he was talking to. "I'm not going until you tell me." I huffed while putting my foot down. Kisu glared at me as his fist was shaking in rage.  "I said it wasn't your concern!!!! Now leave!!!" He growled between his teeth, The vampire bid his goodbye to Kisu and left to beat the sunlight. "Take her home Ravi" Kisu spook to Wonshik as he walked away from us. "Kitten it's getting late, let's just get home." ~Kisu P.O.V~  I was mentally slapping myself on the head as I was almost caught by Lei. At dinner when Cory and Ravi were talking about Father Nam, I couldn't help but drop my fork and when I received a call from him, I rushed to him as fast as I could and told him about  Ravi's suspicions on them. I was being a little over protective of my love as she been going up against my sister. On the first night of them fighting it was I that had made the noise. I had to play cool on my brothers behalf if they found out how I'm betraying them, they would never let me live it down and I was alright with that.  I finally made it to my house, opening the door. I made my way to the shower and straight to bed before my brother could come in my room. I felt the loneliness of not having my mate with me as I drifted to sleep.  ~Ravi's P.O.V~ As we continued our walk home after running into Kisu and the mystery vampire that Lei doesn't know but getting one whiff of that vampire I knew he was under Father Nam. I could smell the sent off of Kisu and the vampire. I knew now that I was convinced that Kisu was working with Father Nam and I didn't have the heart to tell Lei as she would be heartbroken by her own brother's betrayal. Although I couldn't stand on the side to watch her fall like that. I was now conflicted on what to do but one thing I do know was that I'm going to be one hell of a liar to Lei. A beautiful Liar at that. 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