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CHAPTER 8 *************** ~Ravi's P.O.V~ ~Flashback~ *Kid years* "Father!!! Father!!!" I giggled as my brothers were chasing after me in our game of tag, while our parents were talking to Father Nam. Who was dressed in a white robe with a gold pattern to it. I ran to my Father to hide behind him. "Hey that's not fair Wonshik!!" JaeHwan whined as the grown up laughed at us. My father patted my shoulder as I looked up at him giving me a smile and nodding me to run along to play with my brother, who were now chasing SangHyuk. I smiled back at my Father and joined in the chasing of tag.  *Teenage year* "WonShik its your turn to take our donation to the bowl up front." My mother said after Father Nam announced for the donations. I got up from the bench, took the small amount of money from my mom and headed up to the front where the donation bowls were at. I took a step towards the one that was being held from Father Nam. I dropped the money in and looked at Father Nam. "Thank you Young Master WonShik. Your donation to God and his son will be used well." Father Nam said as I bowed and went back to my seat between JaeHwan and Hongbin. And that was the last time I went to church. ~End of FlashBack~ "WonShik?" "WonShik?" I snapped out of my thoughts to see Lei waving her beautiful hand in front of me. I had went with her to hunt in old abandon churches, thinking that she can find a clue of the unknown clan we are hunting. "Yes Kitten" grabbing her hand and twinning her hand with mine. "You okay?"She asked. I could see the concern in her eyes, I couldn't help but let my lips lift into a small smile. "Yes Kitten being at these churches remind me when I went to church with my parents and brothers." I told her. Her head tilt to the left as she was confused about something. "Vampire's are religious?" She asked as I had let out a howling laugh that had my stomach hurting. "Yes Kitten, some of us vampire's are religious. Just like how some humans are religious."  She nod as she understand of what I was saying. "Let's go home shall we. We been doing this quite sometime and if we stay out any longer it will be sun rise." Telling her as she nod again as we begin our journey to the mansion. After a thirty minute walk home. We opened the door to be greeted by an over exited pregnant Nisha. "Welcome home guys!!! You would not believe where we are all going tomorrow for a Sunday night." she said making us try to guess where everyone in the house hold would be going. "Where?" Lei asked in an unsure in her voice.  "Father Nam was nice enough to invite all of us to service tomorrow, so I hope you have nice clothes to wear tomorrow." She said then leaving us in confusion. After a few minutes, I had shrugged it off. Taking Lei by the hand, I led her to our room so we could take a shower and get ready for bed. ~Lei P.O.V~ The church bells ringed as we all walked up the stairs. We were greeted by the Pastors of the church. I could feel everyone looking and whispering about us spread around the church. "Young Master's I'm so glad you can all make it. It has been a while seen I last seen you all in church." one of the Pastor greeted WonShik and his brothers "Thank you Father Nam for inviting my family and I for your service. We are all looking forward to it."Master N said as he shook Father Nam hand and then gesturing us to find a seat before the service started. We were fortunate that Master N chose the seating in the sixth row for all of us.  He, Nisha and their little son was on the far inside of the bench, then Master Leo and Areum was next to them with Master Ken, Master Hongbin and Master Hyuk. Wonshik sat next to Master Hyuk as I sat at the end.  I shifted in my seat. I was uncomfortable about this whole church thing. Since I am a hunter we believe in a goddess and not god and his holy son. When the service started, I followed WonShik movements of standing up and sitting down. When we were asked to stand up again, I took the chance to look behind me and around me. Something had caught my eye. It was a teen girl with black hair. She was standing with another boy about her age, two twin siblings and a little boy. Something about looking at them made me feel alert. The girl looked up and turned to look at me. I could feel her silver eyes on me as we looked at each other. I could see a small smirk lift on her lips as she wanted to play a game with me.  Wonshik gave my hand a light squeeze. I turned to see him looking at me, to give me a warning of not doing anything that I would regret later. I gave him a nod in understanding and focus on the service but my eyes wonder back to the place where the girl was and she was gone. I could feel the tingles go through my body. I couldn't let this go, I had to figure out who she was.  "I'm going to the bathroom." I told Wonshik. He gave a light nod and let me go. I didn't want to disturb the service so I quietly sneaked out the side door.    Half way wondering the halls of the church, I walked passed by a shadow area. "I thought I wouldn't be seeing you here Huntress." Her high pitch rang in my ears, making me stop in my steps. I slowly turned to look behind me and saw the girl in a black robe, her hair peaked out of her hood. I was about to say something when I felt a small hand took a hold of mine. I looked down to see a little boy. He looked up at me and I saw his scared face feshed and opened from where the cuts were made. I had jumped back into something hard. I caught eyes of silver and green from a tall guy with a knife in his hand. "Aww you scared her" two voices talked in unison making their voices into one. I was cornered no matter what. With each step they made, the more I couldn't move. "You have no where to go." The twins said together. I waited until I had enough room to do my martial arts. I high kicked the guy, punched the girl, jabbed my elbow into the twins and pushed the little boy so I could run down the hall. I took a sharp turn to the left as I knew they were all behind me. My breathe became into short pants as I tried to escape them. Which to my luck I ended up in a dead end. "No where to run now" the boy with the chelsea grin, His smile stretched his grin even more that the blood was leaving trails down his face. I could hear the girl giggles down the hall as her and the rest of them corner me against the wall.  "To bad no one can save you now." she giggled in her high pitch voice. One after another attacked me as I tried to fight them off. I took a knife into the side. The male turned the blade as I gave a scream, I was able to push him off but then one of the twin boys sank his fangs into my neck. I had pushed myself towards the wall so I could slam him against the wall with all my might. He ripped off a chunk of my skin from my neck, leaving me screaming. The other twin pulled my feet from under me as I came crashing down hitting my head to the floor hard. My vision blurred as they all marked their fangs into my skin. I had laid there after they went running off from hearing sudden foot steps. I was sure that my blood had filled the church and every vampire there could smell it.  "Lei!!!" I heard someone say. They had rushed to me and held me in their grip, shaking and screaming at me to keep awake. I couldn't see their face from my blurry vision but I had a feeling that it was Wonshik. This must of how my other brothers and my grandfather felt when being attacked by a vampire. "Lei wake up" was the last thing I heard before passing out. 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