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Hello and welcome to Jinho day!!!

This week let's do "Talking about our biases."

~What is it that you like so much about him?
~How did you come to like him?
~Was there someone who was your bias before that?
~How did you decide he was your bias?

Let's get started~

He literally is the cutest short boy I've ever seen! He's so talented and beautiful. So what I like most about him is his shortness!
When watching their debut there were so many members that were potential biases but Jinho prevailed! I'll get into the other potential biases further down. I came to like him after watching him on their Let's Dance for Gorilla.
Well the whole group is a bunch of bias wreckers but at first I had trouble picking a bias between Jinho, Hongseok, and Yeo One. I later narrowed it down to just Jinho. Now like everyone legal wrecks me!
At the beginning of Q1 this year I became support for Pentagon and I chose to support Jinho. Since then I've only come to like him more and more. That is how he became my Pentagon bias!


Feel free to talk about your bias in the comments too!