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Jaeyoon & Chani Day
Hello welcome to Jaeyoon and Chani day! This week we are doing: "Create a special group with your member(s) and other idols." So my group would obviously consist of both Jaeyoon and Chani. But I'd also have Kino from Pentagon, Sejun from Victon, Haechan from NCT, and lastly Eunwoo from Astro in it. I don't know why but I feel like these boys would make a killer group. They'd be named: Dream Team (Because it's a dream of mine for them to perform together!) Below I'll list their positions for the group:


Position: Vocalist, In charge of comedy


Position: Rapper, Lead Dancer


Positon: Leader, Main Dancer, Vocalist


Position: Vocalist, Visual


Position: Main Vocalist, In charge of Sass XD, Maknae


Position: Vocalist, Visual, Face of the Group

- What's your Dream Team? -

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That would be interesting sub unit
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It definitely would!
8 days ago