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Group Name: Weki Meki
Debuted: August 8th, 2017 - I Don't Like Your Girlfriend
Latest Comeback: August 8th, 2017 - I Don't Like Your Girlfriend
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Members: (8)
Name: Ji Su Yeon
Stage Name: Suyeon
Born: 1997
Position: Leader, Vocalist
Name: Jung Hae Rim
Stage Name: Elly
Born: 1998
Position: Vocalist
She can speak Korean and Japanese.
Participated in Produce 101 but was eliminated in Episode 8.
Name: Choi Yoo Jung
Stage Name: Yoojung
Born: 1999
Position: Rapper, Vocalist
Previously In: I.O.I
She was in Astro's 'Breathless' Music Video.
Name: Kim Do Yeon
Stage Name: Doyeon
Born: 1999
Position: Vocalist
Previously In: I.O.I
Name: Lee Seo Jung
Stage Name: Sei
Born: 2000
Position: Rapper, Vocalist
She was in Astro's 'Confession' Music Video.
Name: Soo Kyung
Stage Name: Lua
Born: 2000
Position: Vocalist
Name: Kang So Eun
Stage Name: Rina
Born: 2001
Position: Vocalist
Name: No Hyo Jung
Stage Name: Lucy
Born: 2002
Position: Maknae, Vocalist


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