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I really liked what @Halsyeon did for Jinho so I'm going to do it too ^^

What is it you like so much about him?
He's such a sweetheart and of course he's drop dead gorgeous and amazingly talented:

But I mostly just love him for being a cute little shit.

How did you come to like him?
Flash back to April where a certain woman *cough @yehetmyohorat97 cough* decided to look at my bias list and spam me with Hongseok and Yeo One to try and get me to stan Pentagon. Well, after a couple of weeks of this and @Halsyeon joining in, I finally gave in and decided to learn their names and thus stan them. As I was being spammed with them both, I began to fall for them both. Then another member came along and decided he had to join in on the fun.

Was there someone who was your bias before that?
I honestly thought that Hongseok was going to win over him and become my bias, but I honestly can't choose between them. I mean just look at that picture of him!
How did you decide he was your bias?
Like I said on the last question, I can't choose between Hongseok and Yeo One, but I also mentioned before that someone decided he needed to join. So all my biases for Pentagon are Hui, Hongseok, and Yeo One. I honestly think that When I See You Again performance is to blame for that hahahaha they're all so talented it's amazing. I don't see how anyone can choose just one bias for Pentagon hahahaha

Why don't you answer these questions yourself about your biases?

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True at the one bias part because I have