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Hakyeon fainted yesterday at a performance in Gyeonju, and recieved first aide. He's resting and recovering!

He had just finished a crazy solo dance and I think it just took it all out of him :/

I am really sorry to have worried many people today. I am really sorry that some people came to Gyeongju to see the VIXX performance. Next time I'll show you my best to the stage I showed you today that I can not show today. I'm really sorry.

You can see it happen at 11:00 :/

Here's a gorgeous fancam of him before it happens:

get well soon bby!

Dang Leo was like a paramedic! I'm glad he had fast thinking and got him out of there. Poor N :( It makes me sad that the other members didn't seem phased by it; as if it happens in practice all the time. VIXX are just so hardworking and don't know how to rest.... I hope N gets at least a couple days of rest to build up his strength. <3
watching that actually scared me because of how he fell and how hard it was for him to get up. Leo just picked him up so effortlessly. I hope he gets some rest poor baby.
hope he gets better soon.
Awww poor baby get better soon plz 😘
I hope he is okay now
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