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Hakyeon fainted yesterday at a performance in Gyeonju, and recieved first aide. He's resting and recovering!

He had just finished a crazy solo dance and I think it just took it all out of him :/

I am really sorry to have worried many people today. I am really sorry that some people came to Gyeongju to see the VIXX performance. Next time I'll show you my best to the stage I showed you today that I can not show today. I'm really sorry.

You can see it happen at 11:00 :/

Here's a gorgeous fancam of him before it happens:

get well soon bby!

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This broke my heart 😭😭 and I'm gonna see them in 2 weeks I will cheer extra hard πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
watching that actually scared me because of how he fell and how hard it was for him to get up. Leo just picked him up so effortlessly. I hope he gets some rest poor baby.
Dang Leo was like a paramedic! I'm glad he had fast thinking and got him out of there. Poor N :( It makes me sad that the other members didn't seem phased by it; as if it happens in practice all the time. VIXX are just so hardworking and don't know how to rest.... I hope N gets at least a couple days of rest to build up his strength. <3
hi, so myself and other starlights on twitter are asking people to not spread the video around. so can you please take it down on this site also please. thank you😊
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the only person that knew this would happen is god himself.
I hope he is okay now