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Hey everyone! It's Amber here! And I am back with another card for "Bias Wrecker Honorary Mentions" One of my other bias wreckers is none other than..............

Drum roll please


He was born January 26, 1996 in Gwangju, South Korea

I.M is the main rapper and maknae of Monsta X

You see this cute dork right above ⤴ He is my bias wrecker. He climbed up my bias list the day I saw Monsta X live in concert.

"I.M What I Am"

That is all for today's "Bias Wrecker Honorary Mentions" Look forward to @DefSoul1994 card!!
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Oh my god!!!! Please someone get this baby!!!
Hi there! I know this is random but may I ask you who your Monsta X bias is?
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Lol, I don't know why the babies wanna come to me!!!!!