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You react

Losing the guys at the airport.

Simon Dominic

You swore you were talking to him one minute but when you turn around you don't see him. After looking around you sigh and stand up on a bench and yell, "Simon! Simon Dominic, Simon D-O-M-I,"
Simon:"N-I-C oooh!"


You walked away for a second to check when your flight was going to leave and when you came back he's no where to be found. You check your phone to see if he texted you but he hasn't and when you call him he doesn't answer.
You: "I'm going to kill him."
When he gets back you, yell at him for walking off.
You:"Where did you go Hyukwoo?"
he pouts.
Loco: "Jagiya, I saw a girl that looked like you. I followed her for about fifteen minutes before I realized she wasn't you."


You: "I can't believe you."
Jay:"Bae wait-"
You:"I told you to stand right there Jaebeom."
Jay: "Babe you down understand-"
You: "You're damn right I do not understand. What's so hard about don't move from this spot until I come back because I don't want to lose you Jay?"
Jay:"Babe he had a service dog and it was so cute."
You: (shaking your head) "That dog was on duty and you distracted him you should be ashamed of yourself Jaebeom."

Ugly Duck

You: "Marco!"
You: -_- "I'm going to kill him.
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@BBxGD hahahaha that how you find simon xD
3 months agoΒ·Reply
3 months agoΒ·Reply
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Jay and Dogs... he is one after all
3 months agoΒ·Reply
MARCO! QUACK! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
3 months agoΒ·Reply
3 months ago
Lmfaooo omg!!! That shit with simon was hilarious Hahah!! Locos was soo cute and innocent... That's my fave pic of Jay @BabydollBre.. I need you to stop.. l faoooo but they're all hilarious.
3 months agoΒ·Reply
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@royalpandajedi what's an act?! lmaoo
3 months ago