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On the latter part of The Heirs' episode 14, Eun Sang decided to reveal her real identity, as being a part of the Social Welfare Group, to her schoolmates at Bo Na and Chan Young's Reunion Party. Eun Sang, despite having known Rachel's plot and having received an earlier warning from the broken-hearted Young Do, still gathered her courage to show up and do the catering service at the party. Kim Tan, being one of her knights, immediately came to the rescue. He did not stop Eun Sang from revealing the truth since he, himself, did the same thing to his family. Instead, the episode ended up with Tan walking to Eun Sang, removing Eun Sang's apron and ponytail. After which, Tan wholeheartedly said to Eun Sang "Nice to meet you, Eun Sang from the Social Welfare Group. I'm the illegitimate son, Kim Tan." Then, Kim Tan kissed Eun Sang on the forehead, leaving the audience in awe and amazement. This, for me, is the most touching scene throughout the drama so far. Indeed, if the love is true, it knows no boundaries. This may have been a cliche already, but it is real. To love someone, is to take a leap of faith because everything starts with a little courage. The love is genuine if you accept each other no matter what background he or she has, no matter what past he or she has been from. No matter how people try so much to bring you down, if the love is true, the love will still be there and will forever stand strong amidst everything. I hope my random thoughts somehow made your day. -theresev
when Tan Ask him isf she will be with her to runaway Es said no but run to him hugging him it means they will face their problems and not to runaway is so touching for me..
absolutely endearing, that ES being a proper well brought up gal despite a poor one has the maturity and grit to be as naturally honest in her way of life she want to be.
The last part of ep 14 is the culmination of KT's love for ES. To show to everyone that Love don't see social standing.... It also sends comforting feeling to ES that their love is for real. Go KT and ES love one another....
thumbs up for them.. for portraying a really really good character. good job! nice story of L O V E .
so very touching a night and shining armor...some guys ask why eun sang not falling inlove in bad guy like young do...?...for me eun sang and kim tan they feel the love each one...Love at first sight(kt)stranger love(eun sang)destiny(kt,ES tbcos eun sang mom work kt'house)night shining armor(kt toES) so many love involved to them...for being poor and dreamer...lonely #suffering#brave#...i hope u understand what i recognized in this past episode or from the start...this is the call true