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Sorry for not uploading last time, life has a way of slapping you in the face when you be living peacefully. Anyways, I'm thinking of doing another one-shot series but I have to many groups I love, please comment which boy group would you like me to write: Monstax, 2pm, Got7, 17, etc. The most likes will be the winner. Deadline is August 19.
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My mind is slowly catching up on how in the hell he's here, on my doorstep. Before I can even put that thought into a question. He picks me up and throws me over his shoulder and walks in the front door, closing it with his foot. I squealed when he picked me up and then started laughing, smacking his bum. He lowers me on the couch and pounces on me. He rests his head in between my breasts and gets comfortable while he says, "I'm tired, let me sleep for a little bit and then we'll talk."

I nod and then I remember he can't see, so I give him a sound that sounds like ok. "hmm." I caress his head, until I hear slow and even breath ripple through my shirt. I start to think back on how I got home and recall that we went to the hotel to grab a bite and a drink and how the music was calling me. I stumbled a little when I cross the threshold of the hotel to the dancefloor. Memories rushed past and my heartbeat picked up and I facepalmed my forehead. What in the world was I doing on the dancefloor with Ricky and Daniel. My face blanched when I remember photos being taken. Oh, Shi -
Ok, don't stress. I don't think, I mean I KNOW, I didn't do anything other than dance. I should tell Kris about last night but I'll tell him how I did the photoshoot first and then go on from there. He should understand since he's a celebrity himself. Ok, deep breath....Fighting!
I hear my phone ring and vibrate on the floor. I quickly and gently, look for my phone with my hand and locate it. I picked it up after the 3rd ring.
I whispered hello.
"Hey, Jinny. Just wanted to let you know that everyone was pleased with your pictures and your work ethics." says Ricky. I blush feeling embarrassed by the compliment and happy.
"Thanks, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I had fun doing it. Didn't know I was gonna be exhausted after a few hours in bed. I thought I would have to be in a lot of different positions, but you helped me a lot. So, did Daniel." I said, smiling at the tactics Ricky and Daniel did to make me laugh and make me feel comfortable.
"It's not a big deal, you are a natural. As a matter of fact, my agent looked over the photos and asked me if you'd be interested in being a model with our company."
"Me, a natural? You really think so? I'd have to think about it before I make any decisions, can you wait?" I said, whispering to not wake Kris up.
"Yea, sure but try to keep in mind that some opportunites have time limits. Take care, Jinny." He hung up the phone. I gently put my phone on the ground.
I glance down at Kris and I see him with his eyes open. He slowly raises his head, pushing himself off of me, kneeling between my legs. My eyes searching his face to see if he heard my phone conversation.
"So, what was that about?" Kris says quietly. So, he did hear.
"You know that I'm looking for a job, right?" waiting for him to answer me, he nods. I explained to him about Ricky coming to me and offering me a job. I went on to the hotel dinner party and explained that ALL the models and crew were dancing together. He gave me a frown. I rushed to tell him about the phone conversation and the job opportunity.
Once I finished, he started laughing. Confusion written on my face, looking at him like what's so funny. He said that from the one sided phone conversation he heard me talking, it sounded like I was having sex with someone else.
I remembered what I said and thinking from that point of view, I started laughing so hard.
Kris put his hands under my knees and pulled me to him. My eyes were closed from laughing so hard, they opened when he pulled me to him. I saw his intense stare and I gulped, audibly. He smirked.
I put my hand on his chest when he leaned over me. My voice sounded hoarse to my ears, "Kris, tell me why you're here." His stare softened and his face nuzzled in the crook of my neck. "I missed you..." he says softly. I rub my hands on his back, "Is that all?" my gut is telling me there's more.
He opens his mouth and closes it, although I can't see it, I feel it. I grab his face in both hands and lift it to meet his eyes. His eyes seem troubled. "Kris, you know you can talk to me about anything. I'm not here to pass judgement on you, I'm here to listen to you; about your dreams, your fears, your worries." I said trying to convey how I feel.
He got up from the sofa, looking down at me. "The only thing I'm worried about is my sanity," I tilted my head to side, confused, "if I stay any closer to you, I will devour you whole.", ending that with a smoldering look. I blush and sit up on the sofa.
"Is there any food or should I go buy some?" Kris asked, looking around my place. "Sorry, let me give you a tour." I stood up and led him around. He commented on my bedroom, how the bed isn't big enough. I asked him to why and he says that both of us wouldn't fit. I smacked his arm and showed him the kitchen. I opened the fridge and it was mostly empty.
"Let's go shopping." I said, embarrassed of the lack of food.
We got our cup of coffee at Starbucks and headed for the market. Since, no one really know Kris around here, there was no need to wear masks. He put on a pair of sunglasses and held my hand the whole time. We bought a months worth of food, I used the money from the shoot. They gave me 2,000 with a note that said 'an extra 500 for helping us out', I'm considering taking the offer if that means i can make one months salary in one day. I tuned back into the conversation about how I should eat and not starve. Which I told him that I don't cook too often and I go out for dinner mostly. He says that's not good and that I should be careful of what I eat. I just nodded and smiled. It was cute that he cared about me enough to scold me.
My hand was still in his while we headed for the car, I almost tripped until he steadied me. We both looked down and saw my shoelace untied. I bent to tie it, but he was faster and kneeled to tie it. Putting the bags of goods on the ground.
My heart fluttered and butterflies were flying erratically in my tummy. I should be careful or I will fall hard for him and we both know that he can't commit because of his career. He stood once he finished and lead me by my hand to the car and drove home.
During the ride home, I can tell he was happy but every now and then, he'd become serious. We put the groceries away and I couldn't tip-toe around him anymore.
"Kris, are the members ok? Is there something going on in Korea?" I asked him, gently prying to see if he will finally tell me what's wrong. He sat on the high chair under the kitchen counter.
"I'm just homesick. I haven't seen my family since my trainee days." says Kris. I can hear the forlorn and longing in his voice, I rush to hug him.
His arms wrap around my waist and he exhales deeply. My soul can feel the loneliness and sadness he has. I dipped my head to the crook of his neck and kissed him. I continued leaving butterfly kisses on his neck and shoulder, anywhere my lips can reach. His arms tightened and he stood up and put me on the counter. One hand around my waist pulling me up against him. The other hand holding my leg to his side under my knee.
Things clattered to the floor while we made out.
As I'm feeling Kris's hand that's holding my knee gradually descending, my hands are feeling his back and wandering to the front. I hear the doorbell ringing and I freeze. Kris keeps kissing my neck and going lower. I hear the door knob trying to open the door and then I hear a key sliding in, making that jiggling noise keys do. I push Kris a little bit to get his attention and he looks up at me. I point at the door and say, "Help me clean up, hurry!". I look at my wardrobe and see it's disheveled, I run my hands to fix it, but it's too late. I'm face to face with ...
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