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whoops...maybe I translated that partially wrong. I didn't see the comma before so now I read it backwards.

So I gave up on my translations I couldn't understand where some words have formed so I'm just taking from soompi.

"The direction that my heart points towards, the day that I begin to want to run to that place"
I'm crying we already knew the comeback was love yourself but seeing Kookie like this means all of them are going to make me cry! I'm dying here!!!!

yep my feels will be attacked and army is going be balling messes
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I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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Get ready, guys, this is going to be a fun ride with a new comeback.
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is there gonna be 7 of these?? or am i on crack?
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@SugaKookieV but thank you!!!
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