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Hello InnerCircle! It's Melissa with Seungyoon Week! For my part of Seungyoon week, I will be sharing some of my favorite fancam videos of Seungyoon performing my favorite Winner song 'Really Really' and 'Baby Baby'
Credit videos to owners
Let's start watching them...
Omg! Just love Seungyoon in this outfit!
Another favorite Outfit! I'm loving to solo focus of Seungyoon.

Well that's all for my part of Seungyoon Week! I hope you all enjoyed watching the videos. Isn't blonde Seungyoon to die for?

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he's beautiful and stunning I know I shouldn't say this people will kill me for saying it but he reminds me of zico they look so similar but different of course
@sugaryhope345 Its ok, you have a right to say what you see. I have to see Zico to compare it myself