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It was a hot summer night as they strolled along the park path, Xiumin held Nari’s hand, he liked how it felt, her slender fingers between his. Her hands were soft like he figured they would be. He wanted to put his arms around her but it was far too warm. Nari was telling him about her day and what she's been up to since that other evening. Xiumin listened but the hot air was bothering him, his clothes were starting to stick to him. He needed to cool off. There was only one place for that and they passed it a few minutes ago. He stopped.

“Follow me.” He turned around, towing her right behind him.

“Where we going?” She asked trying to keep up.

“Someplace to chill” he says almost going into a trot.

They went down a slope that lead to a huge water fountain. Xiumin pulled Nari right behind him. He kicked his shoes off and stepped into the fountain. The water was so cool, he let out a deep satisfying sigh, then he put his hand out to Nari, telling her to come.

It wasn't deep, it went up to his thigh from what she could tell. This scene was picturesque, the water fountain was spewing from the other end of the pool, there was a waterfall like wall beyond that with ever changing multi-colored lights underneath the water and, there was no one around. Nari couldn't believe how it looked, how it felt, it looked like a scene from Romeo and Juliet. She slipped each shoe off, she reached over and tested the water with her fingertips, it was cold.

Xiumin held her hands as she got in. He liked how her body shook a little. “Are you okay?”

“Its a bit cold.” She answered. The water was up to his thighs but for her it went up to her waist. She tried not to shiver.

“Be careful, the bottom is slippery” he cautioned her but it was too late, she slipped and fell right into his arms.

Even though he was standing steady, he caught her and fell back into the water on purpose. They both went under the surface and then emerged back up. Nari screamed from the coldness. Xiumin laughed at how good it felt.

“How can you like this? it's Cold!“ She wrapped her arms around herself, her teeth starting to chatter.

“Get in, you'll get used to it. It feels warm after a while” he dunked his head back.

Then he pulled her in, wrapping his arms around her. Nari curled up into chest to keep warm. Xiumin watched her bottom lip slowly stop shivering. He pulled her arms out and around his neck.

“See. It's warm.”

She nodded as her body relaxed against his.

He nuzzled against her ear, she sighed. Making a path of small light kisses across her cheek to her lips. She moaned softly as his warm lips warmed hers, his hot tongue gazing across her own tongue. She played with his hair as he moved them around in the water. Before she knew it, he pinned her against the side. He was on his knees, he pulled her legs around him, he reached over her head, holding onto the edge.

She kissed up and down his neck, making him purr in turn.

“Nari” he cooed. He wanted to grind up against her but he restrained himself.

“Nari…” he was withering, “Nari, let's stop…” he let out a soft moan as she sucked on his earlobe. With her body pushed up against him, he was losing control.

“Do you really want to? Because it don't feel like it.” She whispered into his ear before continuing to torment him. She pulled his head back and bit up his throat.

Then, he pushed away from her. After a minute, she went after him. He tried to keep his distance, trying to keep to what he planned, making this relationship work properly. When she stood up, her wet clothes stuck to her body, he could see how small her body was, the curvature from her shoulders to her waist. The shape of her breasts. It was too much, he turned and walked away. Nari caught up to him, she pinned him against the wall.

“Kim MinSeok-ssi, don't make me chase you.” She laid a kiss on him, a kiss that released him from his morals.

Nari pushed hard up against him, pinning his hands over his head, her open mouth washing over his face and neck. He moaned trying to resist.

He let out a deep growl, “No, not like this.”

Nari, he's trying to be good...