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Who: Reader x Jay Park What: Flip Universe, Smut Story: As the CEO of MGM, Kim Hyojin known by your American name Y/n, you're battling the stress as a boss. So you enlist Park Jaebeom, as your stress reliever. No strings attached. Jay's POV "So let me get this straight- you want to get her a puppy?" Kiseok said. He looked at Jay like he had no idea what was going on in his friend's mind. Meanwhile, Jay was sitting back relaxed against the couch of his dance studio waiting for his next class to begin.
"Yes." "And you're doing this because you don't want her to be lonely?" Kiseok asked. "Yes." "Jay have you even thought about how she might take this? I mean you two are just supposed to be having sex right? This is a no strings attached kind of deal not a buy her a puppy cause she's lonely in her her four million won house kind of deal." "I can't help it Kiseok okay? I love her." "You what?" He looked at Jay like he was insane. Jay just laughed and placed his laptop on the couch beside him. He leaned on his knees and just thought about the night they had a few days ago right after the charity event. She was getting ready to leave for her concert so he wouldn't see her for a while but she had texted him over the few days in place of not seeing him. She texted him this morning with a picture of her entire crew in the studio. Jay just smiled at the ground and said, "I'm in love with her." "She's not going to return those feelings though Jay. You know that, almost everyone that follows her knows that her relationships never pan out. You're setting yourself up. Plus she's a young girl she's probably flighty." Jay looked up at Kiseok and said, "I don't care." "Jay." "I don't. I'm in love with her and you trying to talk me out of it isn't going to work and if it did then it wouldn't be real love. Look, I know it's insane to fall in love with the chick that pretty much hates love but the fact of the matter is that I love her. She doesn't even hate love she's just looking for something out of this world. She wants a wow factor." "And you think you can give that to her?" Jay smiled and said, "Yeah. Kiseok I can see it in her eyes, I can hear it in her voice. Every time I call her little one or baby girl she's not just turned on she's awakened. It's clear she's never had anyone talk to her the way I do and she loves the fact that I'll take control from her so that she doesn't have to all the time. She's a boss, she's a bad girl Kiseok but she's also exhausted. She's alone and so she keeps herself occupied so she doesn't have to remind herself that she's alone. She keeps getting into relationships because she doesn't want to be alone. She came up with this damn contract to bind us just so she has someone that will come to her when she needs them. She's...alone." Jay said. "And you think getting her a puppy will make her not only feel less lonely but fall in love with you?" Kiseok asked skeptical. Jay just chuckled and stood up to stretch his legs. He groaned in his hands while he wiped his face with them. He didn't know how to explain it. Kiseok wasn't understanding where he was coming from. "Okay look, every little girl grows up wanting a prince charming. Someone to love them and fight the dragon and kiss her to wake her up from death or dance with her at the ball when she's wearing a pretty dress-" "You watch way too many Disney movies." Kiseok interrupted. Jay laughed, "You get what I mean though, right? There's an expectation that women have for men. They want us to be romantic, now most women grow out of the whole fairytale love and see the world and frankly men as they really are. Y/n hasn't or rather she has and that's what broke her heart. The wow factor she was searching for, that she believed in when she was a little girl she's scared of never finding. So all I have to do is wow her. I have to become prince Charming." "But you're not a prince and you're hardly charming." Kiseok said with a laugh. Jay laughed and threw a couch pillow at Kiseok. Seonghwa walked in a little later and said, "Hey what's going on?" "Jay's getting a puppy." Kiseok said. "Don't you already have two dogs?" Seonghwa shook his head. "It's for Y/n." Kiseok said. "Dude." Jay said. "What?" "You know he's dating her best friend. He's going to blow the whole surprise." Kiseok laughed. Seonghwa sighed, "We're not dating we're just- hanging out." Seonghwa said sitting down. Kiseok scoffed, "Please, Y/n's none commitment and Hyun Jung is a commitment junkie in your eyes. You like her but you want to flirt so you keep her at arms length and dumbass over there likes her so much he's willing to become a fictional character for her sake." "Are you just upset because you're the only one that's single?" Jay laughed. Kiseok threw the pillow back into Jay's face and he laughed. Seonghwa looked over at Jay and said, "Wait you're in love with her?" Jay nodded. "What, are you going to talk me out of it too?" He asked. Seonghwa shook his head, "No me and Hyun Jung actually think you two are good together." "Really?" Kiseok and Jay said shocked. "Yeah. She says Y/n seems freer now. She seems less tense and she's not getting stressed out as easily as she used too. Especially the day after you two meet up, Y/n's really happy but super calm." He said. "But Jay just gets dumber." Kiseok said Seonghwa laughed, "But he's happier. Besides he's the one that said he doesn't want to be alone all his life. She's the only girl he's ever gushed over and she's the only one he's ever tried to go after. The rest have been one night stands and sloppy excuses as to why he doesn't want to be with them." Kiseok agreed to that and decided to give Jay a break. Jay smiled and went back to his laptop. He honestly couldn't buy her a puppy at the moment because she still had two more concerts and the trip to Hawaii but he was trying to figure out a good plan to give her the dog. He wanted the dog to grow up with her so he would check back again by the end of the month. At the moment he had to get ready for his next class... Y/n's POV You already informed Hoody and the rest of your crew that you were taking two weeks off after the concert dates just to decompress. Your concerts went off without a hitch and you weren't really stressed again but you still felt the need to escape from MGM. Yesterday, Chaewon had talked to you about a song he was working on and when you got back he should have two done that he was considering promoting. Black was helping him produce it and Wegun was going to help on a song that he'd already set up and started writing with Hyun Jung. It wasn't on purpose that you only told Hyun Jung you were going to Hawaii with Jay it just kind of happened. You didn't feel the need to tell the others or even her for that matter. She just happened to ask what you were going to do and you mentioned that you got to go on a tour of the island but you might see what Jay wanted to do while you two were there. She only smiled at you when she found out were taking Jay. You didn't even realize you said it until you had said it. You looked at her thinking she was going to scold you or tell you to becareful but she was content. Possibly even happy. It unnerved you more that you were happy to be having a single week alone with Jay. This would be the first time you two would be together for a longer period of time than just a night for sex. You guys met for business meetings and had lunch together and, so far, the media just believed you two were good friends and in business together. You had your choreographers team up with Jay in his studio and Jay had been talking about expanding to a bigger facility because there were more people joining his studio. He was getting calls to choreograph idols dance moves with another team and there was a b boy group that had heard of him and wanted to see if they could collaborate on something. He was getting a lot of publicity because of his connection with MGM which kind of put a fear in your heart as you thought about it. You had to remind yourself that this was only about sex. You had offered him anything he wanted in return, it was apart of the contract to discuss business and then a completely separate contract that bound you two in business together. If he was just doing this for the attention it had been your own fault because you opened the door for that. The problem was you didn't want to believe that. You had learned a lot about Jay over the passing month or so and even more you started to like him. You had already let him in far more than you let anyone else in your heart. You told him about your dog's, about why you didn't fall in love. You even told him about the embarrassing moment you tripped on stage at your graduation and your gown ripped and pulled down your dress so far that your bra was showing. Not even Hyun Jung knew about that. You had worked hard to make sure no one knew about that. Jay was kind of getting to you and you didn't like it because what you were feeling was so foreign. Even the way he called you little one, he knew what that did to you but you couldn't ask him to stop. That term drew you into him more and anytime you were with him it was like he took the weight of MGM off your shoulders and set it down for a moment. You felt like you could breathe again. There was just an odd twist in your heart you didn't understand and you almost called your mom to talk about it. She probably wouldn't approve of yours and Jay's relationship because it was only about the sex. You didn't want to lie to your mom about anything but you also didn't want to have to explain that you had basically contracted his penis for play time whenever you were to stressed out. Still, motherly advice was what you could use. ~Xxx~ All of your things were packed up for your trip to Hawaii and Taewon was on his way to get you after he had picked up Jay. You sat outside your place thinking about how nice it would be to be on the beach. You even had a nice bathing suit that you were excited about Jay seeing. You looked up to see Taewon driving up. Jay stepped out in white knee length shorts and a white button down shirt. It was like four in the morning but he looked like he was shining bright as hell. He smiled at you and Taewon opened the trunk and helped Jay put your bags in the back. "I could've done it guys but thank you." You smiled. Jay chuckled and came up to kiss you quick. Taewon bowed to you with a smile and Jay opened the door for you to get in. He ran around the car and jumped in himself. He looked over at you and smiled at you yawning. He held out his arms to you and you smiled and scooted over to him. You let your back rest against his chest and he wrapped his arms around you and kissed the top of your head. "I'll wake you up when we're there." He whispered. "Thank you." You yawned again. You passed out in the back seat and, although you'd slept for about a good hour, it felt like only ten minutes had passed. You and Jay unloaded your bags and headed into the airport. It was still another hour before your flight; this time you told Jay you'd wake him up when it was time to go. His position was a little less comfortable than yours was. His arms were folded and his head was leaned back against the wall. His lips were slightly parted so you could see his front two teeth only. You chuckled silently. You went to go get coffee and brought him some back as well. When it was finally time to board, you both got on and fell asleep in first class immediately. While you were used to being up at six in the morning to be at MGM, you were dog tired today. Nine hours spent on the plane looked like, sleeping for four hours, thumb wars with Jay, 20 questions, Ispy, watching transporter 2 in Korean and ordering Champagne. You hated being on long flights. When you guys finally touched down in Honolulu, you were ready to kiss the ground. You had to wait to get a rental car and then you headed to the hotel where you two slept more because of jet lag. Seoul was nineteen hours ahead of Hawaii and that was just mixing all your days and hours up in your head. You came to relax though, so relaxing is what you'd do. ~XxX~ When you woke up, it was close to night fall. Jay was watching TV in bed, you sat up and said, "Why didn't you wake me up?" "You look cute when you're asleep. You wake up before me all the time. I never get to enjoy your sleeping face." "I fall asleep before you all the time." "I fall asleep seconds after you Y/n. It takes a lot of energy to fuck the stress out of you." He laughed. You rolled your eyes. Your stomach growled and you looked at him, "Do you want to get something to eat?" You asked. "Sure what are you craving?" "Let's see what they've got." You shrugged. You ended going to Chef Mavo; you got Salmon and he ordered some kind of beef. You two shared your meals with each other. You eating off his fork and him doing the same. You two laughed quietly to each other but spoke mostly in Korean. By now it was just a more comfortable language for you than English but he could jump between both very easily. "You said you have fun when you dance right?" He said. You nodded. "So we should go dancing. Maybe we can find a local place here and dance together." You smiled and looked down. The grin on your face wouldn't disappear because of what you were thinking. Your legs pressed together and Jay laughed, "What?" "We can dance in the hotel." You said. He cocked and eyebrow and nodded, "Yes we can." You giggled and you two finished up eating to head back to the hotel. You walked in front of him, you weren't in your business personality but this was the only time you'd be able to one up Jay. You didn't have to be in charge you just wanted to tease him a little like he'd done to you. You reached the hotel door and Jay rubbed up behind you, pressing his body against yours. He kissed your cheek and let his lips run down the side of your face to your shoulder. You looked over your shoulder with a sly smile and opened the door. You hooked your fingers with his and pulled him inside the hotel room with you. He kicked the door with his foot and pushed you against the wall. He kissed you but you stopped him and said, "You owe me a dance." You breathed. He chuckled and you walked past him. You grabbed your wireless speaker and hooked it up to your phone. You pulled the desk chair up and had Jay take a seat. You played Beyonce's dance for you. Jay licked his lips and watched as you started to sway your hips to the beat of the music. You stepped up to him in a sexy cat walk and then spread your legs to drop to the floor. You flipped your hair and turned on your knees so you could pop your booty. You made it back to your feet and took off the jacket you had on. Your swirled your hips around and backed up into his lap and started to twerk on him. You felt him grow and he groaned a little. You pulled off your shirt and tossed it to the side so you were in your bra. He stood up to get to you and you walked him back into the seat. You kissed down his neck and you heard him growl. You smiled and moved back to take off your pants. His own private little strip show, you turned around and bent over and made your ass go in a circle. Your black and red panties gave definition to your cheeks because the panties were in a butterfly design. You were able to slip your pants off with your heels still on. You walked back up to him and climbed on his lap. You started to grind on him, your hand gripping his hair from behind and your other hand sliding down his chest. He licked his lips and his hands came to your ass to squeeze and move along with your grinding. You kissed him softly as you grinned on him slowly making him want you more. You were getting wet but you liked feeling his bulge against your panties. You started getting a little more aggressive with your grinding and kissing him harder. Jay gripped your ass making you grind harder. You breathed on his lips heavily and he couldn't take it any longer. He pushed up holding onto you by your ass; he turned and pushed you against the wall. He let go of your ass to pin your hands on the wall. He came close to your ear, "Don't even try it." He growled. You moaned. "Are you done playing games baby girl?" You nodded. "Good." He said. He pulled you off the wall with your legs still wrapped around his waist. Partition came on just as you hit the bed. He left your heels on but he yanked your panties off. He opened your legs and he undid his pants. You sat up to watch him move with haste. He pushed his boxers down just enough to release his throbbing rod. He yanked you down to the edge so that he could get to you and he slipped inside of you with ease. You gripped his shoulders, crying into his chest. "Brace yourself." He whispered. He started moving fast and hard. His speed stayed even but he became incredibly rough with you, especially when you started moaning loudly. His hand went over your mouth and he told you to quiet down. He gave you that signature smile but it didn't stop the screams leaving your mouth. He pulled out of you suddenly and dropped to his knees while he pulled your legs onto his shoulder with your entrance in full view. His tongue snaked out and flicked at your sensitive nub. Your clit swelled up from being turned on. Your stomach twisted as he blew on your clit softly. He kissed your inner thighs just to drive you crazy. His lips kissed up your folds and he licked everywhere except where you needed. Your hands went to his to push him down and he pulled up and popped your hands. "Do you want me to punish you again little one?" He said. You bit your lip and shook your head. You felt your body bloom everytime he called you little one. He knew exactly what he was doing to you. "You teased me baby. Your sexy little dance made me so fucking hard but in not going to fuck you that fast baby girl." He stood up and leaned over to get into your ear. He sounded evil but there was pleasure mixed with that tone that made your thighs tense up and your core ignite. "I'm going to take my time." He stood up straight and pulled you up with him so that you were sitting on the edge of the bed. He placed his heat in your face close to your lips. "Now open that pretty little mouth and say ah." He smiled. You looked up and smiled back at him, your mouth opened, your tongue slid out and you began to lick....
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