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I found a little theory thing on twitter and it's blowing my mind so I thought maybe you guys had an idea on it?...
this is a cool theory but im lol-ing at "pigments" of his imagination ahahhahahaa
such big words 😂😂
I heard another theory that he actually got hit by the car in "I Need U" and that's why he looks back at the car in "RUN" with a smile because he realized that reality would always catch up to him no matter how far he tried to run from it. I think the two theories are connected and support each other. The accident must have left him in a wheelchair. There was also another theory that Jin was the one driving the vehicle that injured him since he was the only one who was seen driving in the videos. The theory claims that Jin was able to be tempted by V, the fallen angel, because he too had harmed somebody. They were both broken, hence, the ending in BS&T.
there was another theory with Jin being dead and it connected to the MVs Prologue, I Need U, and in Run. Where maybe it could have been Namjoon because Jin was just a figment of the boys imagination. And how when they ran away from the cars after destroying them because people started to come out you only saw 5 boys just into the back of the truck when they drove off. Namjoon had to be the one driving since the other five were in the back and Jin wasn't really there. And the whole thing with Jin is a whole nother theory though...
This is a really smart theory but I hate it cuz I don't want them all to just be a dream 😭😭😭
Why did I click on this now my head hurts😥I'm drowning in theories I'm scared
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oh okay xD and yeah I can't wait either! they are very smart
Ugh theories kill me more than the actual comeback 😂😂
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