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***Character*** Namjoon ❇ a.k.a Rap Monster ❇ Sharp shooter ❇ IQ of 148 ❇ In charge of money going in and out HQ ❇ Leader of New Crown Jungkook ❇ Cunning and convincing ❇ "Exterminates" the rats ❇ Uses good looks to lure victims ❇ Always ahead never behind ❇ Member of New Crown Taehyung ❇ a.k.a V ❇ Will kill on instinct ❇ Heavily skilled in weaponry ❇ always prepared to fight ❇ Member of New Crown Yoongi ⚜ a.k.a Suga ⚜ Genious ⚜ Cold-blooded killer ⚜ Skilled in Drug distribution ⚜ Leader of Old Crown Jimin ⚜ Killer looks ⚜ Skilled fighter ⚜ Smooth as a mother fucker ⚜ In charge of "keeping the females in check" ⚜ Member of Old Crown Hoseok ⚜ a.k.a J-Hope ⚜ Most wanted killer ⚜ "Unknown Past" ⚜ If you're on his list..just hope it's quick and painless ⚜ Member of Old Crown Y/N ☯ Quick with her words ☯ Sharp Tongue ☯ Sarcastic as a mother fucker ☯ Lost he Parents at a young age ☯ Fighting skills (To be reveal ) **Jin's involvement will be revealed in the story ** *********** One week earlier ************* It's been a long day surviving abnoxious and unnecessary laud customers although it wasn't four o'clock yet. You've had enough ready to explode at any given second. "Two latte macchiatos table four" said Yuna handing over the tray for you to serve the customers. You took the tray with precaution knowing very well they were hot to the touch. Not only that but if by any chance you dropped any, it would come out of your pay. Slowly with a sweet reminder and fake smile you walked to table four "Careful it's hot", telling yourself what idiot couldn't tell. One of the two customers picked up the cup forgetting your warning a second ago. Letting it slip from his grasp. The sudden burn he got, as you tried to back away, instantly spilling all over. You were unintentionally the target, Turning that rude behavior into apologetic gestures and never ending "sorry". Yuna was glad you didn't make a scene knowing how short tempered you are. Instead allowing you to go home and change out of those covered with hot coffee, instead you decided to take the rest of the day off. It's been nothing but since this morning walking up one hour late. Letting it all go Now the coffee was starting to cool off making it stickier by the minute. "This can't get any worse" you said waiting for the bus. Even though you didn't need to but refused to call Jungkook to pick you up. "There's no reason to bother him with this nonsense" You said as the bus arrived. Y/N got in taking a seat in the back near the door. Cheeking your phone for the latest articles one taking your interest in particular. ❇ Y/N Point of View❇ *** Unidentified male body found dead near local abandoned factory. Suspected of foul play. No suspects found connected to the homicide. *** It send chills through my body knowing that was the third one this week. None of them connected but people say it could be the work of this notorious gang. Well know but out of fear people tend to look the other way. They might as well put the case to rest like the other two. I put my phone inside my bad getting up at the upcoming stop. Taking another look at my shirt before stepping out Into the open. Great.. the stain left a reveiling look inside my white blouse "this can't possibly get any worse" I said to myself. Stepping out of the bus I walked back to her apartment two blocks away. Lucky for me i began to feel those small drolets of water, not even a minute into it my body was drenched in water. Crying my eyes out I kept walking, cursing the universe for what was possibly the worse day of my life. Don't get me wrong I love it when it rains but when I'm inside covered by my sheets watching a horror flick with my boyfriend. But this was too much, I tried to wipe my eyes from the burning sensation the water had as it got into my eyes. Turning left at the next corner, there it was home sweet home. Squishing out some of the water in my blouse, now entirely visible for all perverts to see. My black jeans were no help either becoming one with my skin. I headed to the stairs up to my apartment. *Sign* "I need a shower" I said searching for the keys inside my handbag. As I opened the door to the apartment something wasn't right. There was someone in the shower. Jungkook is home early? I thought. It doesn't add up, he probably got sick or something since he's told me how strict the office was with it's employees​. Quietly walking into my room to get out of those clothes sticking to your body more than anything. A hot relaxing shower is all I could think of right now, every now and then peeking out to see if he was still taking a shower. My eyes grew wide at the sign of Jungkook's phone. Since he didnt know I would be home early, he left it unattended in the living room. Jungkook left his phone, it's unlike him to do such a thing. He guarded the device like his life depended on it. This surprised me. Checking my surroundings​, making sure he was still in the shower. Eying the living room as to how many steps it will take to get my fingers on the item. "He wouldn't mind. It will only be a second" I thought. Tip towing my way to the couch where his phone was laying. Assuring myself the shower was still on. It didn't feel right. My hand nervously shaking as I got even closer. Still hesitating wheather to look. I took the deepest breath as if she was about to jump off a cliff. Grabbed it innocently curious to Snoop​ around. ❇ SWIPE❇ **Click swipe** I stared at the phone for a few seconds feeling like I've just won the lottery. Yes I was his girlfriend but that didn't give me the right to Snoop around. Although what you don't know won't kill you, right. Or so they say, but I'm still willing to risk my life, still not sure why it felt like I was. Swiping left and right to find pictures of us and a few he's snapped without my knowledge. "Wow it seems more like he's stalking me with these pics" still swiping until a message popped up. Without having to look twice I knew it was a long one, so I had to know what it was.. curiosity getting the best of me at this point. I saw the message, soon a feeling of regret took over me... ***There's more talk going around. They might have to crack this one open in order for people to shut their mouths and mind their own business. We've covered all our tracks as promised.*** Leaving me with more questions than answers, but I keep scrolling most likely digging my own grave. Yup I might as well make it worth the trouble. I kept reading the following message. ***Boss wants to know about the kitten. You won't have her for long will you? It's too dangerous and you know it.*** Kitten? Were they talking about me?. What's all of this. Standing there scared asking yourself what does Junkook have to do with a dead body, forgetting he wasn't suppose to know you were there. The shower head was turned off. That annoying squeaky knob becoming my death sentence. Sending my body into panic mode. Making sure I left the phone as it was, silently sprinting back to my safe zone. Slapping both my cheeks into acting normal. I look into my closet for a set of clothes to change into almost completely forgetting my soaking wet body. Yup I need a shower to cleans me from the sins I've currently committed. "Y/N, what are you doing here so early" Junkook said taking the towel from his waist to place onto your soaking body. Causing you to blush at the sculpted features he's been blessed with. "You're so innocent, it makes me want you even more" he said cornering me as he bit his lower lip. The view made me see stars, Im still not use to seeing him this comfortable around my place since we've only been dating for nine months and living together for two. "I've had a rough day, I need a shower" and with that he leaned over to press his lips against mine slowly biting a little harder each time as I let him take the lead, my bottom lip swollen as he released me. With A diabolic smirk and look in his eyes he stepped back enough for me to pass out of my room into the bathroom to freshen up. Did he know something already? Maybe he heard me come in? What if he's planning my death already? No that can't be, I didnt make a sound loud enough to know someone was inside. Trying to called myself I turned on the hot water to help me relax my muscles from the unwanted stress I brought upon myself. The sound of thunder and rain hitting against the bathroom window startled me. I wrapped the towel around my chest and dried my hair. The room was awfully quiet, I walked quickly to my room avoiding all verbal contact as I didn't want to be interrogated into confessing white I've done. I shut the door, jungkook fixated on his phone he probably didn't even notice me passing by. Exhausted physically and mentally I decided it was best to sleep early, it was only seven but the heavy rainfall made it look later than it was. As I layed there on my warm bed for two minutes, I was happily dozing off into deep sleep. Unaware of what might happen to me the next morning.
***Did you really think I didn't notice...huh?*** A deep voice spoke from behind me as he placed a knife right on my neck.