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Hey guys, I'm here with the new chapter. Sorry if this post is a bit messy and worse for wear, but I'm doing this from my phone since I decided to not lug my laptop around with me. I'll spiff it up when I get back. The app keeps randomly crashing while trying to link the chapters, so I'm just gonna leave it alone. For now though, I hope you enjoy the fluffy chapter.

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Disclaimer: The events are purely fictional. While BTS is real, I don't know them personally so this is just for fun. The original pictures do not belong to me, but the editing does.

Warning: Fluffy!

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Narrator POV 17 years ago Summer break started a little early for the boys. Since they’d gone back to the cabin, Namjoon had spent every day in the clearing. Yoongi came sometimes, but he didn’t want to show how excited he was to see her again. He’d tried to forget about her over the past year, but had only been partially successful. Jin felt bad for Namjoon, waiting every day for someone who would possibly never show up.
At the end of the second week of waiting, Namjoon felt like his heart couldn’t sink any lower. What he was afraid for last year could really come true—he could end up never seeing her again. He mentally berated himself, though for what he was angry at himself for he didn’t know. It’s not like he could’ve just confessed to her, they barely knew each other. It would’ve probably scared her away. They were too young to have phones and if she wasn’t able to give her name, there was no way she would give her home address for them to exchange letters. Namjoon let out a long sigh.
“It’s summer break,” that voice, “why’re you sighing like that already?” Namjoon looked up to see the person he’d been hoping to see. Once again, his breath was taken away. She’d changed a lot in the last year. She was taller, almost as tall as him now, though he hadn’t hit his growth spurt yet, her voice had changed a little, her face had lost the little baby fat she’d had, and she definitely looked less like a child. Namjoon’s mouth went dry.
“A-Angel,” he choked out. Sam giggled. Her laugh was the same.
“Are you surprised to see me?”
“A bit,” he answered, with his voice more level. “I wasn’t sure you were going to come back this year.”
“My parents weren’t sure if we were going to either, but I convinced them to come. I wanted to see you—all of you, I mean.” Sam blushed. “I missed you guys.”
“I—we missed you too. It was weird going back and not seeing you every day. Even hyungs said so.” Sam walked up to him with a smile. “What?”
“Sit down.”
“Huh—uh, ok.” He plopped down on the soft grass. Sam giggled as she sat down next to him and leaned back against a tree. She patted her outstretched legs. Namjoon cocked his head.
“Ari, has it been that long already? Lay down. You look tired.” Namjoon couldn’t help his face lighting up as he remembered all the days they’d sneak off to their hiding place. They’d spend half the day with Namjoon lying down on her lap, sometimes they switched but Angel always seemed to prefer letting Namjoon sleep, with her carding her hands gently through his hair. They’d passed it off as just a friendly thing, but both of them felt like it was so much more.
Namjoon lay down and let his eyes fall shut as Angel started combing through his hair. Her nails were longer than she’d had them last year and they felt so nice against his scalp. It was true that he was tired, but there was no way his heart was calm enough for him to sleep now. A few minutes later, Namjoon felt Angel’s hands start to slow down. A minute later, it stopped. He turned to his back and saw her head dipped forward, eyes shut. Looks like she was the tired one. He stayed that way, admiring her sleeping features, until she started tilting to one side and the other, body jerking to try to keep herself upright. Namjoon chuckled and carefully lifted himself from her lap.
He sat down next to her and gently helped her lie down, her head in his lap. She sighed pleasantly and wrapped her arms around his legs, obviously mistaking it for a pillow. The sun slowly made its way across the sky. After maybe a few hours, Namjoon couldn’t be sure, he heard twigs snapping across the clearing. He recognized the scent of his brothers. They came into the clearing and Namjoon quickly held his finger up to his lips, hushing them, and pointing down at Angel. He didn’t miss the downward twitch of Yoongi’s lips. But when Yoongi's gaze settled on her, he started smiling again.
There was an unpleasant feeling in Namjoon’s chest. Namjoon was certain that Yoongi liked Angel as more than just a friend and he was afraid that Angel would see Yoongi was a better choice. He thought Angel liked him since she spent so much time with just him, but he couldn’t be sure. Yoongi was older and Namjoon knew that a lot of girls liked older guys. Namjoon was older than her as well, but Yoongi acted more mature than all of them.
The guys sat down next to Namjoon and began talking quietly. Soon, Namjoon felt Angel begin to stir. All of their attention turned to her. She rolled onto her back and began stretching. Namjoon turned away when her shirt rose a little, exposing a sliver of her stomach.
“How did I end being the one laying down?” she asked as she yawned.
“You fell asleep and almost fell over.”
“Mmm, sorry.”
“You look like a doll when you’re sleeping,” Jin interrupted.
Sam jolted and sat up. “Peach!” Then she saw Yoongi. “Kit! I missed you guys!”
Everyone stood up and hugs were exchanged. Until the sun staring dipping below the trees, they talked about things that had happened during the last year.
“I should go before my parents get worried,” Sam reluctantly told them. She was happy to finally be together with them again.
“Yeah,” Yoongi said. “You don’t want to get in trouble or they might not let you back out.” He ruffled her hair and she shied away, swatting at his hand playfully.
“Tomorrow then?” Jin asked. Sam nodded.
“Every day, if possible.”
“Good.” He patted her head and waved. “I’ll see you two back at home.”
Yoongi said his goodbyes as well and shuffled after Jin.
“I’m just glad you’re back,” Namjoon told her. “Me too. I was so scared I wouldn’t get to see you all again.”
“Same. And now we’re going to have to make up for an entire year’s worth of hanging out.” Sam smiled and nodded. “Then… see you tomorrow.”
“Tomorrow.” She waved and started walking backwards. She turned and Namjoon forced himself to turn away as well. He was sad to see her leave after finally seeing her again. He was so deeply lost in his thoughts that he was completely taken by surprise when arms wrapped around his waist. He jumped and he heard Angel laugh. He quickly turned in her arms and it was Sam’s turn to jump. “I—uh—I forgot to give you a hug when I first saw you. I did for—uh, the others, so I just—and I just thought about it.”
Namjoon hugged her back and Sam stopped talking. “I really missed you.”
“M-me too. I mean, I missed you. You know, there’s one bad thing about having met you.” Namjoon frowned and looked down. Sam just smiled brighter. “Conversations with other people all seem so dull now.”
Namjoon burst out laughing and Sam joined. “But this time, I’m really going. Bye, Ari.”
“Bye, Angel.” They were both still laughing as Sam started jogging back home.
Namjoon hadn’t realized exactly how much he’d missed Angel until he finally saw her again. The time away had dulled his memories of her smile and laugh, the way her nose scrunched when she laughed, the way conversations with her always made him feel better. Namjoon wouldn’t realize until years later, how much she impacted his life.
Okay, hope you enjoyed the fluffiness. I'm not sure if I'll be able to put out the next chapter because of the way my Vingle is behaving on my devices, but I promise to try. Now, after 15 hours of walking, I'm going to bed. Goodnight all and hope to see you at the next chapter.

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