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this week's theme is to create our own nct unit and here's who is want in it and why.


I'd want this cool Chicago guy in the unit because I feel like he needs to be given more lines so I can hear his voice. also I need to see more of his luscious and fabulous hair
I also have a feeling that he'd be an awesome leader to this unit! he is very caring towards his fellow members.


YES CHITTAPHON!! in this unit he'd be the perfect lead dancer, and let's be honest there is no bad dancer in nct. with his experience in Hit The Stage I am sure he'd have learned great tips and help this unit have incredible performances. also his English pronunciation is really good, like?! I can't wait to hear more of him.✊

Hansol & Kun

boys where are you at! I would want them in this unit because we all know they need to debut, and what better group than nct?! first off excellent dancers but now we would get to see their talent showcased!


Sicheng of course because I wish to hear more of his voice, with whatever he is comfortable with though. I feel like his Korean is getting better but he's kinda shy, just not as much as before. so hopefully he becomes more confident!


another awesome member who again needs more lines, he's got a beautiful voice to share and I'm sure this unit would let him demonstrate what he can do.


a cool concept would be something that sounds like Ten's "Dream In A Dream" it could combine some traditional music with electro or trap or something like that, they would stand out but still have that "oh it's definitely NCT" feel to it. I think it would be cool because since this unit would consist of foreign members they could deliver this type of fusion with confidence, add some of themselves into their music and identify with it.

my dream unit would have a strong dance and vocals WITH EVEN LINE DISTRIBUTION of course. *cough* SM *cough*
what kind of unit do you want to see and who would you pick in your dream unit?

But this is my group 😭😭😭😭 Was gonna put the unloved members together. Gotta think of a whole new concept now
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I thought so too but I guess SM trying to solidify the permanent units before discussing and U line up or sub unit
Yes we need a NCT U COMEBACK
NCT10 consisting of Ten