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I'll Protect You Part 15

Genre: Angst
Pairing: Reader x ???
Length: 2342  words
Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol
Summary: I was meant to keep you safe not to fall in love with you.

Part 15

Y/N’s Pov:

 You landed in Hong Kong and tried to stay calm but the flight attendant lady was such a bitch with me. She wouldn't give me my stuff, she kept giving me attitude, she even asked for a mandatory full body check. That's when I draw the line, once she took me to the back I showed her my badge.

“Miss. I am so sorry I-”

“Save it, you're still getting reported.” You said walking back.

“W-what? WHY?” She asked grabbing your arm.

“Before you knew about my true information you treated me poorly and unkind having me go through unnecessary procedures which is a violation of conduct. If I were a regular passenger I'd sew you and your line for everything you've got.” You said slower getting closer to her. “Have a nice flight.”

 When you walked out Seo Joon and Hyungsik were smiling and holding your bags.

“Showed your badge?” Seo Joon said handing you your backpack.

“Yup.” You said taking it and walked away like nothing.

“Reporting her?” Hyungsik asked handing you your carry on.

“Yup.” You said taking it. “So where's the next Hotel at?”

“Ha this way Miss ‘Moon’.” Seo Joon said grabbing his bags.

 You and the guys all shared a room except Seo Joon and Hyungsik. The four beds were together in one large room and Seo Joon and Hyungsik had their own.

 Jin and Namjoon shared a bed, Tae and Hobi, Yoongi and Jimin, and JungKookie and I again. I've honestly gotten so close to all of that this didn't bother me. Once settled we just chilled for a while.

“The fans are really liking our styles Moon, they even made a fan page dedicated to your work.” Hobi said scrolling through his phone.

“Yeah, you're getting some great publicity!” Tae said showing you his phone with nice and friendly comments.

“Congrats!” Namjoon said looking of your shoulder.

“Congrats? Why?” You said turning your head to look at him.

“Your business of course!” Jin said.

“By the time we’re done with the tour you'll have a bunch of sponsors for your Business in Korea.” Namjoon said sitting back down.

“Oh” you smiled a little fake smile. “Yeah.”

 Hong Kong's audiences were very nice but weren't as energetic as the American fans. Still sweet. The guys are even sweeter, they truly care about their  Army. I would've never thought they'd be this close. Then again they did get a Top social artist award in America.

“That was a great concert!” Tae yelled running in with his faces covered.

“Yeah! After tomorrow's concert we get three days here!” Jimin yelled coming in after.

“Yeah! Three days of pure bliss!” Tae yelled back.

“I'm so proud of you guys.” You said giving them water. “But let's wait till you guys aren't so sweaty to celebrate.”

“Thanks Moon!” Jimin and Tae hugged you.

“Gross guys!” You yelled and they both kissed your cheeks before running to their stylists seats to get their makeup off. “Aish!”

 Jungkook sneaked behind you and wrapped his arm around your waist. When he placed his chin on your shoulder you could feel his sweat.

“Ewww.” You pushed him away and grabbed his hand. “Let's get you cleaned up too Junggross.”

  After you and the boys went back to the dorm and they passed out. After every concert they get so drained, it’s kinda cute. Reminds me of how the guys crash after a major takedown. Makes me proud of them and know they put in their all.

  When you woke up instead of Jungkook cuddling with you it was none other than Park Jimin.

“Good morning!” He said hugging your waist.

“Jimin what are you doing?” You said hugging him back.

“Moon you know we love you right?” You pulled away. “I know you're worried about your business Moon. I can tell by the way you talked to Namjoon the other day.”

“Jimin~” you placed your hand on his shoulder.

“Moon, you've done so much work for us and we truly want the best for you, we want you to live your dream, we want to live it with you.” He hugged you. “No matter what your dream is Moon we’ll be there for you.”

“Thank you Jimin.” You kissed his cheek and got out of bed.

 You looked at him hold his cheek and smile at you as you walked to the bathroom to change. Once out you and the boys went out for breakfast. They honestly are the cutest dorks, even in the morning. Even Yoongi, no matter how much he probably hates me he's still cute.

“You look flustered again, wanna talk about it?” Jimin said sitting next to you while the boys ordered.

“How many more concerts till we’re back in Korea Jimin?” You asked.

“Fourteen, why?”

“And after you have two more concerts. After that your next album after that another tour.” You trailed off.

“And over all that hard work and all the effort?” You looked at him confused. “We make our fans happy, excited and most importantly to us, proud.”

“You truly care about them, huh?” You said as he hugged you.

“You’ll do the same for all of your fans soon too.”


“Oh here come the guys.” Jimin said.

   I won't have fans...if anything the Army might want me dead after I lied to them. Damn.

“Woah I can't believe we’re going to Australia!” Jungkook said bring you your food.

“Moon!”  You turned around to find Hyungsik and Seo Joon.

“I thought they were eating at the hotel?” Jungkook asked.

“They were.” You said excusing yourself from the table. “What's up guys?”

“Daisy sent us something really cool and is gonna call in 5.” Hyungsik said.

“We kinda need you.” Seo Joon said looking at they boys.

“I got it.” You walked to them. “I'm sorry guys, something came up.” You grabbed your bag. “I'll see you guys at the dorms!”

“You good?” Seo Joon asked wrapping his arm around your waist. You nodded. “Great let's go.”

 You ran back to the hotel and snacked off the guy's plates while you talked on the phone with Daisy.

“I swear! But that's not the point~!” She whined. “Ok as you guys know I sent a package, and I'm really happy you didn't open it. But video call me!”

“Ok.” Seo Joon said accepting the video call and handing you a knife to open the box.

“Ok so there's a code on the safe to open it. Y/n it's my office number.” You typed it in and it opened.

“Woah!” Hyungsik said grabbing one of the brackets in the safe. “Stylin!”

“Eeekkkk! Aren't they!” She squealed.

“Woah. They could go with anything.” Seo Joon said.

“Oh oh and that's not even the best part! If you all would focus your attention to the strap on it you'll see a button. If you clip open that button, it has a button that will send the bracelets your location and contacted to the nearest officers.”

“So basically a life alert?” You asked.

“Yes but for you guys. It's only a tester and I thought what better team to try it out on.” She said smiling at us put them on. “The best part is since you guys are undercover it only vibrates. And won't show anything till opened by one of you.”

“Woah, and if one of us get hurt during a mission boom other officers are their for backup.” Seo Joon said.

“And they are cool. Can we call each other through these?!” Hyungsik asked.

“Hyungsik be real!” Seo Joon said.

“Actually you can, if you look in the safe once more please, you'll see earpieces. There's a mic on the bracelets and will pick up to only you three when they are turned on.”

“Woah! Sweet!” Hyungsik said.

“Woah Daisy this is really cool.” You praised her.

“I KNOW! You're so lucky you have me.” You rolled your eyes. “Ok well I'm back on call. I'll talk to you guys later! Bye!”

“Bye Daisy!” (Y/n)

“Bye! Thank you!” (Hyungsik)

“Later!” (Seo Joon)

“Totally worth missing breakfast, right?” Hyungsik asked.

“Shit how long has it been?” You asked putting the bracelet back on.

“About two hours. Why?” Seo Joon said.

“Shit bye guys gotta go!” You ran down the hall to your room with the guys.

“Have fun!” Hyungsik and Seo Joon yelled.

 You ran in and the only one there was Yoongi and he was by the door, looks like he just walked in.

“Yoongi? Where are the guys?” You asked placing your bag on the bed.

“They sent me to come and get you. Come on.” Yoongi said picking back up your bag and giving it to you before walking out.

“Ok then.”  You walked out behind him.

 He didn't turn around once. He didn't say a word till we reached the boys, and even then he didn't even acknowledge me. It's been'd think he'd be at the least less rude.

“Hey what happened?” Jungkook whispered in your ear.

“I'll tell you later.” You whispered back.

“Moon-ah!” Hobi squealed hugging you. “You're back!”

“Now we can go looking around again!” Tae said lifting you up.

“Woah Tae put her down.” Namjoon said.

“Ya!” Yoongi said making everyone look at him.

“Ok…” you giggled as Tae put you down.

“So what are we doing?” You said still giggling.

“Sightseeing and just having fun. Jungkook and Jimin found a really cool arcade around here.” Namjoon said while you all walked towards the door.

“Sweet.” You smiled and look Yoongi dead in the eyes. He smiled, but with a blink he was flustered and looked away.

 The last few days was honestly amazing, I couldn't imagine having that much fun on a mission. We went to go see a movie, we did karaoke. The arcade was so much fun, we went it to dinner, the sites were beautiful, and even when we just chilled and lazier around it made me feel...normal.

 My whole life I've been ready to take on the role of my parents and for the first time I felt like I was meant to be here...meant to be stylist. I love Bangtang, I wish thy went clients...I wish I could tell them the truth.

 They've done so much for me, and we're friends. Now I have friends...ok I don't. I have family, my team. With Bangtang they take such good care of me, And my team, this honestly makes me wonder why there's someone after them. I will keep them safe at all costs, I owe them my life and if it comes down to it I will give it.

“Moon- ah!~” Hobi said picking up one of your bags. “Our seats are next to each other on the plane with Jin hyung!”

“Really? Sweet!” You said grabbing your other bag.

“Well you guys seem ready.” Jin said walking out of the room with you guys.

 You guys boarded on the plane and almost lost your shit.

Yoongi’s Pov:

 He was standing there looking at Moon sitting there dazed. He smiled to himself, even like that she was cute.

“I'm gonna go talk to Moon, brb!” Jimin said and Yoongi watched them as they talked till they all went to go sit and eat.

“Woah I can't believe we’re going to Australia!” Jungkook said as we sat down when someone yelled.

“Moon!”  We all turned around to find Hyungsik and Seo Joon.

“I thought they were eating at the hotel?” Jungkook asked.

“They were.” Moon said excusing herself from the table.

 They talked and then Moon came dashing back to the table, the guys still there.

“I'm sorry guys, something came up.” She grabbed her bag and took off. “I'll see you guys at the dorms!”

  Yoongi saw Seo Joon wrapping his arm around Moons waist. She nodded and they left. Yoongi's jaw clenched his teeth watching them leave, he hated that. They finished eating and stayed there for about an hour before they went back to the dorm.

 They were waiting in the lobby for Moon to come down and of had been 45 minutes before Yoongi was easy to snatch her away from Seo Joon.

“Jungkook you should go see if she's ready-” Namjoon was cut off.

“I'll go.” Yoongi said and he walked to their room.

 He got there and took a deep breath. At least they didn't come in here. His thoughts were cut off when the door opened.

 “Yoongi? Where are the guys?” Moon asked throwing her bag on the bed.

“They sent me to come and get you. Come on.” Yoongi said picking up her bag and shoving it at her before walking out.

“Ok then.”  She said before walked out behind him.

 He didn't want turn around, he didn't want to see her face, not because he was mad but because he just missed her. Yeah he sees her everyday...but still can't bring himself to get back close with her.

 Once there Jungkook walked up to her and they started whispering till Hobi went in for a hug.

“Moon-ah!” Hobi squealed hugging her, even the guys love her. “You're back!”

“Now we can go looking around again!” Tae said lifting her up.

“Woah Tae put her down.” Namjoon said.

“Ya!” Yoongi said with spite wanting her off Tae.

“Ok…” Tae said putting her down

“So what are we doing?” She said giggling.

“Sightseeing and just having fun. Jungkook and Jimin found a really cool arcade around here.” Namjoon said while we all walked out.

“Sweet.” She smiled and looked me dead in the eyes. Of course I smiled, but then I was a little flustered and looked away. I'm a guy what can I say...swag.

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