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The Gold Box (BTS Fanfic) Chapter 16 18+
You are one crazy bastard! Kaida yells at Jungkook.
"Tell me something I don't know" he responds speeding the car up. Kaida gasps holding her seat belt as she sees speed through the road, getting them into an nearly three times in a row. 
"YOU ARE GOING TO GET US KILLED!!"  Kaida yells again, but doesn't get an answer.

As he abruptly makes a turn on a smaller road she tries to look around to see where they are going but the but the road gets darker and darker with no sign or buildings. 

She tries to keep her eyes open and tries to hold herself from vomiting. The sharp turns into the unknown streets make her dizzy. She curses herself for trying to get to know him.  She looks at him trying to read his expression but it is blank, mumbling something to himself. 

"Of all days....she was there. A place she never goes too. I hope she didn't see Jane. I told that bitch to be careful. I swear, Jin spoils her way to much, she thinks she can do anything and no one can harm her!I will be the first one to kill her for real if my plans are ruined because of her." he murmurs . 

She notices his side profile. He is pretty attractive, she admits. She lowers her eyes to his arms, his hands sternly holding the steering wheel. They are muscular, the veins popping up show how much he works out. Her eyes move to his sharp side profile looking at his lips, nose, and his neck. 

The intense gaze makes her nervous. She looks away clearing her throat.  She needs to carefully plan how to get away from him, the dark surrounding don't help either. 
The car stops suddenly, making her jump. 

"What the..." She almost yells turning around but her eyes divert to the big mansion, standing alone in the middle of nowhere with a few lights coming from it's windows. Jungkook turns the car off and takes his seat belt off. He turns towards her slightly turning the light inside the car on. 
"Get out." he looks at her his voice deep and firm. Kaida obeys quietly knowing fighting him will only make it worse. She doesn't know what he is capable of yet. 

She has to be very careful. Without saying anything he gets out and locks the car and motions her to follow him. 
Once again, she obeys. Looking around to find any ways that she good escape as they walk towards the mansion. He opens the door and they walk inside. 

She tries to control her expression as she walks in the mansion. Amazed by its beauty. The interior has a vintage look to it. The walls have painting that she knows are at least worth a billion dollars each. 
She sees another man about their age approach them, his stern face changes as he looks at her and whistles. 
"Woho! she is a babe!"  he says winking at her. "I am Sik-k"
 Kaida gives him a disgusted look as she flinches away from his hand touching her arm. 

"Uhhh....nice to meet you" She says and then looks at Jungkook, who is glaring at the man.
 Jungkook grabs her hand and pulls her near him almost dragging her behind him as he walks. Kaida thinks of just breaking his hand for a minute for dragging her around like this but she stops herself knowing that she is in his house and it has another guy with him. 

They walk upstairs and then towards a huge room. Turning on the lights she looks at the massive bedroom. Once gain, she tries hard to control her facial expressions. 
"You will stay here. If you need anything...." He says as the walk inside. He points to another door in the bedroom. "Just knock on this door, my room is connected to yours."
"Why did you bring me here?

Why did you approach me? Who are you?

Geez, I just wanted to be your friend. You looked lonely.  

Yeah right....anyway's stay here. Do you want to eat something? chicken nuggets? He says and notices her eyes light up. He tries to control his smile but fails seeing her blue eyes sparkle. 
"I guess that's a yes? I will order" He says and yells for Sik-K to order some as walks out of the room closing the door. 

Kaida sits on the bed looking around, thinking if this was a good idea. She could have just ignored him but she had to talk and now she is here. She flops back on the bed and sighs. 
"Kaida....what is this mess that you got yourself into?" She whispers to herself. 

After a while she hears a knock on the door and Jungkook enters handing her the chicken nuggets. Kaida jumps like a child talking the bag from him. Jungkook takes a seat as he watches her eat like a four year old. Smiling as she eats her nuggets sitting on the bed. Once in a while she would look up at him and find him staring, her face would turn red. She also tries to hand him some to share but he refuses. He just enjoys watching her like that. 

The more he looks at her the more he finds her intriguing. He wants to know more about her, what she likes and what she dislikes. He wonders if he can trust her. Although they met in a bizarre situation something about her pulls him and makes him more curious. He wants to know what she does? Is there any other food she likes?

He is bewitched by how her red curly hair falls lightly on her face. How her eyes change color with different lighting. Her rosy cheeks make his heart feel funny. He had only known her for a few hours and he had already memorized how she looked, how she acted. A feeling he never had for anyone before. 

Sure, he had liked people before but not like this. Before, he knew why and what he liked exactly. 
But this, this felt different, and he hated to admit it. He didn't have a reason for why and what attracted him about her. All these emotions to him were cheesy, he thought they only existed in movies that girls watch. But, he was feeling them now, in this moment. As she was doing the most simplest things like eating, tucking her hair behind her ears as he takes small bites of the chicken and then smiling because the food tastes good.  

Is ....this how Taehyung felt for Ali?

He remembers a conversation he had with Taehyung long time ago. He had asked him about  why and what he liked about Ali so much. She didn't even remember him. To her, his existence was nothing at that point. He remembered asking what was it that made him so crazy for despite the fact that they had a feud with her family. And at that time, he had laughed at his  friend's response calling him crazy and immature. 

"Sometimes you just like a person, because it's them. You like them because of who they are. Just them existing makes you happy. The simplest things they do drive you crazy and every minute you want to tell them how much you yearn for them. I have like her since I was young, even though she doesn't even remember me. And I don't think I will like anyone else like that ever again."

"Can you stop staring at me. Its creepy?" Kaida says munching on her last nugget, pulling him out of his thoughts. 

"Who said I was staring at you? Am I crazy? I was just blanking out because I am tired." He says frowning. "By the way Sik-k is having friends over, it going to be like a little party, there is gonna have alcohol, more food and the music will be can join if you want."
"Is literally almost midnight..."

"And...? parties start at midnight. Some one that has been to a club before should know this."
Kaida opens her mouth to say something but he walks out quickly, shutting the door behind him. 

"Today was my first time at a club....." She whispers. 

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