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The Gold Box (BTS Fanfic) Chapter 17 18+

"No she didn't Yoongi! OMG! DO you guys even love each other? I swear, I always see you guys fighting. And, I am telling you all she did was sit in the bar and drink juice....and then some beer. She just called me I think she was feeling tipsy and that Jungkook was here.......What the fuck was that noise?? Shit..." Jimin runs outside, hanging up on Yoongi. 

As he runs out of the club he sees Jungkook dragging another girl to his car. He has a gun in his other hand. The car drives off, as Jimin gets near, he sees a girl laying on the road and Raejin next to her holding her stomach. He gulps looking at the girl and then back at Raejin who yells at him to call the ambulance handing her cellphone to him. 

He grabs it and calls. He sees Yoongi running towards them but he focuses on giving the information and location to the emergency department. 

"I called they are getting here." he says handing the phone to Raejin as Yoongi snatches it from him. 
  "Go with Yoongi. I will get her to the hospital. Are you forgetting you are not suppose to in front of the police??!!" He yells. 
"There is no police here!" She yells back but Yoongi yanks her arm and makes her stand up.
"But there will be soon." He says, his voice deep. "Jimin take care of this okay?" He looks at Jimin and he nods. He grabs Raejin's hand and runs with her to his car. 

Jimin sits down near the girl bleeding, trying to control it. She tries to open her eyes to look at him but soon loses her conscious. With shaking hands he grabs her limp body looking around hoping the ambulance arrives soon. 

He hears the ambulance and sighs in relieve. The cops arrive following them. As they put the girl in the ambulance the cops start questioning him. 

"I was waiting for a friend when I heard a gun shot...I got outside and saw her."

"Were you able to see the person who shot her?"

"No. He drove off"

"Okay what about the car?"

"I don't really was like a sports color I guess"

"I was paying attention to her so I didn't really have the time to look at him." He lies
"Was there anyone else at the scene with you?"

"No, sir"

"Where is your friend?" 

"I can't find her as of now. I will text her about the situation. I am going to the hospital with her" He says pointing at the ambulance. 

"Okay. We are going to the hospital to so you can sit in the car with us." One of the cops says. His voice firm. Jimin knows its the best idea to just do what he wants to not raise any suspicion. He nods and sits in the car as they follow the ambulance. 

They reach the hospital as he sees the girl being checked by different doctors and then heading to the surgery. He waits outside the surgery room. 

Please be alright...please...please

After an hour and half the doctor comes out of the surgery room and tells him that she is stable. They move her to the recovery room. 

The cops tell him that he can stay with her until her someone that knows her arrive. He nods as they walk away discussing the scene. He walks  in the recovery room and sits next to her. He looks at her. 
She has not changed.....looks the same

He has missed her so much. Its been two years since he last her. It was the day they broke up. She found out what and who he worked for and decided that she should end the relationship. He promised her at that time that he will stop working for them but she didn't trust him. She thought people were hard to change and that he will keep lying to her. He hated her for that. 

She was a cop.

And he was a criminal.

She left without saying a word one night. With only a letter behind. She opens her eyes a little seeing him. Her eyes widen as she recognizes. 
"Hi....Jimin" She whispers.

"Umm..Hi bab...I mean Stephanie" He says clearing his throat. He curses himself for his habit of calling her babe. He looks down on the floor, holding back his tears as the memories flow back into his minds. They were high school sweethearts. Each others first love, first kiss, first sexual partners. 

At one time, they thought and planned on getting married and living together. But when they graduated high school Jimin got involved in the underground scene to pay back his families debt. He didn't dare to tell her since she wanted to be a cop. He tried to find a perfect time  to tell her. But he got more scared when she was preparing to get into KAIST's criminology program. 

He remembered how his heart dropped when he heard she passed. And a year after that is when she heard him talking on the phone with his boss.

She confronted him but he couldn't answer. He had no answer. All he could do was apologize, explain he didn't enter in that field by choice and promise to get out of it as soon as possible.

He begged her to stay with him but she was not having it. Her sense of justice was so strong and her trust in him was crumbled. That night she left leaving a note. A note he still carries in his pocket. 

He looks up and find her staring at him. 

"I see you have tattoos now. I thought you would try to leave." She says raising her eyebrow at him. His face gave that "I knew it. That's why I never trusted you" face. 

"Yeah but it was if you stayed. What's the point when the person I love..loved never believed in me" He says looking away. She doesn't say anything and closes her eyes. 

Jimin sees a tall guy in a uniform running towards them. He looks stressed trying to find someone. He looks at where Stephanie is and runs towards them.

Jimin gets up.

"Oh..your new lover is here. Well I am gonna go." He says and quickly walks off before Stephanie can answer. The guy tries to call after him to talk but he doesn't answer and walks quickly. Jimin hides behind a wall and tries to take a peak at them. His heart pounding in his chest. 
Stephanie opens her eyes when she hears Jimin talk again. She sees her senior walk towards her. His face pale and filled with worry. 
"I told you to be careful!" He almost yells.
"Uhh I am sorry. I tried to stay undercover" She says flinching in pain. 
He sighs and leans doesn kissing her forehead. 
"Never do that again! I thought I lost you! I haven't even confessed my feelings..yet" He looks at her his eyes red. 

"Yongguk, are you trying to tell me you like me...." She says.  

Yongguk leans down kissing her lips. "I am" he whispers as he sits on her bed. She scoots over as he lays down holding her carefully in his arm.

Stephanie feels like she could melt in his arms as she rests her head on his chest. She wants to forget everything that happened earlier. And the person she met. But his faces keep popping in front if her eyes making her furious. She clenches Yongguk's shirt and pulls him closer. He hugs her tighter planing a kiss on her forehead. 

Jimin looks at the couple from far away hiding his body behind the wall. Holding back his tears he storms away. When he gets out of the hospital he runs. He runs with his eyes closed trying to erase the scene that he just witnessed. The cold wind hits his face, his tears stream down his face. He finally stops suddenly as he hears a car stopping and the driver yelling at him. He opens his eyes and looks. 

"You bastard! You want to die or something?"  The driver yells. 

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