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Doojoon Saturday
Hello B2UTY! It's Melissa with Doojoon Saturday! For this week, I will be sharing some videos of my favorite Doojoon's drama roles.
Credit videos to owners
Let's start watching them...
This is from his earlier drama 'All My Love'
Another clip from 'All My Love'. A kissing scene!
'Let's Eat' is my first Doojoon drama, so its one of my favorites. This is a kiss scene clip. Yeah, I love kiss scenes.
Another clip video from 'Let's Eat'

Well that's all for this week's Doojoon Saturday! I hope you all enjoyed watching Doojoon clip videos. I can't wait to watch more Doojoon acting. He should do more acting roles in dramas or movies. Don't you agree?

I am going to have to add these to my list to watch.
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@sukkyongwanser yes! Also add Splash Splash Love if you haven't seen it yet 😊
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