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EXO Hold Record for Boy Group With The album is the highest in the Korean History.
In a recent report to the album sales in Gaon Chart, ‘The War’ EXO in versions of Korea and China has now sold over 959,417 the coffee per-tanggal 31 July.

Through the success of his new through the album, EXO to hold a new record as a boy group with sales of albums the highest in the history of Korea.

With a total of their album sales to date as much as 7.403 million and it's just for album sales in Korea.

The figure beat the record album sales of Seo Taiji and the Boys (7.2 million), H.O.T (7.024 million) and TVXQ (5.45 million).

It's so no doubt see EXO is known as ‘monster’ to album sales. Congratulations on winning a new record EXO!
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