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Hello Royal Family! It's Melissa with Sunwoo Sunday! For this week's theme, we are creating an imaginary sub unit for Boys Republic. I will be using Sunwoo as one of the members of my imgainary subunit. I would call it Boys Republic: SSM. Here is who the members will be besides Sunwoo..

SSM would consist of the following Boys Republic members:

Sunwoo would be the leader, Lead Vocalist and Dancer.

SunJun would the Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer and Vocialist.

Minsu would be Maknae, Rapper, Dancer and Vocalist.

The concept would be dark and sexy with choregraphy to match it. Just imagine something that makes you go get ready to after what you want. But basically...
Here is a slideshow video I put together to show what I had in mind when creating my imaginary Boys Republic sub unit...

Well that is all for this week's Sunwoo Sunday! I hope you all enjoyed my imgainary Boys Republic subunit. What did you think of the concept? Was it too out there?

Royal squad
@MelissaGarza -our leader
I love it! That is a great sub unit!
@sukkyongwanser Thank you!