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Hello again ARMYs and Agust D stans!!

Anthony here bringing you day 6 of my Agust D 1 Year Anniversary Event!! Where I talk about each track of Agust D's, aka Suga of BTS, mixtape!!
(Sorry this one's late. Tech issues yesterday)

In case you missed the previous cards:
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These are just my opinions, let me know what you all think!

Today I'll be going over track 6:

140503 새벽에 (140503 at dawn)

This is a very short, very candid track. It's another track that has no chorus or hook but much shorter than track 5, 치리사일사팔. In this track, he opens up about his social phobia.
I'll add my comments below about the lyrics.


Severance from the world, the feeling of leaving home
I hate consuming but my point of view is 19 years
If I see it from there, my trainee life is basically a perfect score
The social phobia that came up thanks to that, my social connections are zero
I'm always preparing, if I go to places
I hide the self that's behind my defensive posture
I hide myself completely like I've become a criminal, always
I can't even take one step outside the dorm that's like a prison
I go out being pushed
The friends and family, whatever
They don't stay, just glance at my side as they pass by
My arrows are still astray from the target called human connection
I pretend I'm not lonely, I pretend I'm not suffering
I pretend I'm okay for no reason, meaninglessly I pretend to be strong
Don't come over the wall I've put up in front of myself
Don't throw me off this island in this wide sea
He closes himself off, shuts himself away so that he won't get hurt. We sometimes don't think of how lonely the life of an idol could be. Especially for someone who already has a hard time with people. He can't go in public without being overwhelmed and now that he is famous it's worse. People and cameras in his face 24/7. This is a lot of work and this song makes me appreciate just how much he gives to achieve his dreams of sharing his music. As someone with social phobia too, this is another favorite track of mine.
Overall, it's a great track. The composition is awesome as well. It feels very raw and genuine. Just like the lyrics.

Stay tuned for track 7: "마지막 (The Last)"
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This isa great song!
It really is!! 😍
I'm so proud of him T^T he's so strong
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ikr?? T^T