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Hello Topp Klass, I bring you the Topp Dogg Topp Klass of the week! Remember you will be entered in our drawing at the end of the quarter for a secret prize! Help me congradulate this weeks winner........
CONGRADULATIONS @Banitu, for being this week Topp Klass winner. You may choose from
1. spam of your bias
2. wallpaper of your bias
3. one shot of your bias
4. a day for your bias
Please let me know which one you would like. And thank you for supporting us and Topp Dogg!

Who will be our next Topp Klass, all you have to do is like, clip, comment and play with you and you can be the next Topp Klass! Until next time stay Klassy!

If you would like to be tagged or untagged, please comment below.
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