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Hello Topp Klass! I bring this weekd mod support winner! I want to thank this person for all the hard work and for bringing you the weekly re-cap. Please help me congradulate this person. So without farther a due........
CONGRADULATIONS @awkwardjazzy for your support. And I really do appreciate your work on the weekly recap. Please let me know what you would like as your prize and remember you will also be entered in a mod support suprise drawing at the end of the quarter.
1. bias day
2. bias one shot
3. bias wallpaper
4. bias spam

Again thank you for your support in me and Topp Dogg! Until next time, stay Klassy!

If you would like to be tagged or untagged, please comment below.
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Wahhh!! Thank you!!! Could I have the bias spam please?? I really wasn't expecting to get this because there are so many hard workers!
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You got it!
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