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Who: Reader x Jay Park What: Flip Universe, Smut Story: As the CEO of MGM, Kim Hyojin known by your American name Y/n, you're battling the stress as a boss. So you enlist Park Jaebeom, as your stress reliever. No strings attached. Y/n's POV You gifted Jay's tip with kitten licks making him hiss through his teeth. His hand rested at the top of your head while you started to flatten your tongue out and ride his tip along your tongue. He groaned deeply with moments of moans being released into the air. His head was thrown back for a moment while his hand combed through his dark brown locks. He licked his lips while you licked up and down his shaft slowly and teasingly. He seemed like he was going crazy, a version of Jay you'd never been honored enough to see until now. He'd focused so much on pleasuring you and melting away your stress with a nice fuck; this was the first time he let you please him. You pressed a smile against his length as you kissed up to the head again. Your hand ran up and down his shaft, jerking him off to bring him closer to an edge. His hips moved slowly back and forth to glide his cock along your hand. He looked back down at you. He bit his lip again seeing you sitting on the edge of the bed once again taking long then short licks of his heat. You licked him up like a melting ice cream cone and he relished the wet sounds that filled the room.
Then you opened your mouth, only to suck on his head but he couldn't take that. He needed just a little more. Jay's hips moved forward gently until he was pushing his length to the back of your throat. You moaned while your lips closed around his length to slide along the slick member. Your wet muscle flattened out underneath his throbbing heat and cradled it. His hand came to your chin as he pulled back just as slowly as he went in your mouth. "Damn, I should've had you do this before." He breathed lightly. Your lips came off of him and you smiled up at him. He traced his tip along your lips before he pushed inside your mouth again. Your tongue swirled around the tip and you took him in deeper; your hand slid up and down his shaft as your slow pace began to speed up. The sounds of your slurps and him gliding to the back of your throat made him release a deep moan. You looked up to see him looking down at you. He bit his lips at the image of you sucking him off you could only imagine how erotic the image was. It made you work harder for him. You took him as deep as you could and held him in your mouth until you had to come up for air. You spread your saliva all around his swollen heat, taking the chance to catch your breath before you gifted the tip with kitten licks again. He pulled your head up and kissed you hard, deep and heavy. His tongue defeating yours for dominance while he stole every ounce of breath from you. His lips attacking yours, making them hurt but feel amazing at the same time. His heavy panting in the broken moments of your lip contact had your core melting. He pushed you to the bed and pinned your hands down. "Fuck I want to take you right now." he said now trying to erase the words he threatened you with before. "Jay- -do whatever you want to me." You said. He looked at you for a moment, his eyes darkening but his expression saying he was surprised at you. He cupped your face and looked you in the eyes. "Do you know what you're saying to me?" He asked panting. "I think so." You whispered. You bit your lip and pushed up on your arm so that you could reach for his heat. Your hand slid up and down and twisted around his large member. You licked your lips and said, "You've taken care of me. I can take care of you. Do whatever you like." You told him. "Y/n...are you mine?" he said trying to clarify. "Yes." You breathed. You didn't even think about the answer it was just a first reaction response. Jay's lips came down on yours heavily again. He ravished your lips in a way that you could sense he was happy and now even hungrier for you. He started to ride his length into your hand until he grabbed the hand that was on it and pushed it into the bed. He pulled off your lips, panting and he went to attack your neck turning you into a moaning mess. He trailed wet kisses down your body and when he came to your legs he licked a long line down one thigh and did the same up your inner thigh. He started licking your clit slowly making your hips roll into his face. "Jay- Jay let me- for you." you moaned. His slow movements had you losing words but Jay chuckled while sucking on your clit. You heard the pop sound of him coming off it and he removed the rest of his pants. You sat up, when he pushed you back down to the bed. He laughed seeing you pout and he climbed on the bed beside you. He pulled on your legs to make you turn on your side and he opened your legs wide enough for his head. "Do what ever you like baby girl but let me finish my meal." He chuckled. He immediately went back to licking you up making you whine and moan. Your hand went to lift his dick to your lips and you licked up and down his shaft before taking him in your mouth completely again and sucking on him. You bobbed your head and hollowed your cheeks as you moved and your sucking became harder when you felt his tongue push inside of you. Your eyes rolled in the back of your head while you jerked him off. You felt the rush of your first orgasm coming just as Jay pushed up to hover over you. His fingers dipped inside of you and his tongue continued to attack your heat. "Jay- I can't." "Go ahead and come baby girl." He told you. He moved from over you so he could get his fingers in a better angle. Your hand ran through his hair while he pumped his fingers faster inside you. He curled them up to make you scream which you quickly covered with your hand. You gripped his hair tighter but let go once he started moving up your body. His fingers kept moving faster and your arms wrapped around his neck. He kissed you while he brought you closer and closer to the edge until you exploded on his fingers. You moaned in his mouth which he happily swallow up. You could taste yourself on his tongue but it mixed with his taste as well. He slowed his fingers leaving you panting and fucked out. "I want to be inside you baby girl." "O-kay." You breathed. He chuckled and flipped you on your side. He laid behind you and lifted your leg up on his arm. He slipped inside you and started moving slowly. He kissed the nape of your neck softly making you suffer from the tingle rising up your back. You turned your head to try and look at him and he kissed the side of your face before making it halfway to your lips. "Y/n." He moaned in your ear. "Jay." You whined. He kissed your neck and started to move deeper in you. He moved a little faster so that there was a steady beat of your bodies slapping against each other. You went to hold your leg up while his hand slipped to the front of you body to play with your breast. He pushed up your bra to twist and tease your nipples and his hips picked up finding himself closer and closer to an edge. He flipped you over onto your stomach and pushed himself up on his arms. He raised your butt in the air getting a better angle than before. Your bodies were sweating as they were writhing against each other making you feel high again. You could feel him building to something again and he moved faster. "Ah- fuck. Fuck baby girl." He moaned. His curses sounded too erotic for you to respond in words. Instead, you spoke to him in heated moans while the bed shook underneath you two. "Oh fuck baby girl- I'm gonna cum." He groaned. He reached around for your neck and you leaned your head back moving yourself into a cobra kind of yoga stretch. He kissed you before letting you back down. He pulled you up into him and kissed your shoulder while he continued to fuck you. You could feel yourself get light headed, blood rushed through you in an amazing surge of adrenaline. You were moaning harder along with him each moan quickly followed another you had no idea how loud you two were and you didn't care; it felt too good being fucked by him. "Shit," He cussed. "Y/n." You felt him shoot inside of you and his hips bucked into you a few more times striking your second orgasm that you pressed your lips to moan through otherwise you'd be way to loud. You gripped the sheets and, once you were able to, you took in a shaking breath. You collapsed to the bed and Jay peppered kisses all over your body. "Y/n." He whispered. He took your hand in his. It was so big compared to yours. He moved his hand around while your fingers played along with his as he spoke to you, "Did you mean it?" He asked. You looked up at him wondering, your eyebrow cocked and he said, "When you said you're mine? Did you mean it?" You looked him in the eyes and saw something that both frightened you but excited you. You lost your breath and you didn't know why. You felt safe with him, at the same time, that safety unnerved you. What you were feeling you couldn't understand. It was the same type of feeling of being a three year old in an open field to watch the fireworks go off. The sound at first makes you scared but the beauty of the lights is what draws you in and makes you stay. Eventually, the sound doesn't scare you anymore and your not afraid because the lights are so beautiful that you can't look away. You can't even hear the sound anymore. You nodded. "I'm yours." You whispered. He left your hand alone to cup your face and he gave you a kiss. Soft and gentle but deep and pure. Enough to send you to sleep in his arms again. ~XxX~ The rest of the trip seemed to go by way too fast for your liking. You and Jay spent the next few days out and about at Honolulu and you bought a few things for Hyun Jung and the other members of MGM. A part of you wanted to have them with you but then you realized you liked it better with just you and Jay. He seemed more intensely happy than before and when you wore the bathing suit you knew he'd like he went crazy. He wouldn't keep his hands off of you while you were at the pool. He kept kissing you on the cheek and he kept you on the shallow end of the pool because he didn't want to lose you. He splashed water in your face and you two had a water fight; at one point he made a dragon ball z reference by acting like he was powering up the Kamehameha wave. Two people at the pool knew what he was talking about which made them start up a conversation with you two. They asked you both to join them for dinner and seeing as how no one really knew your fame in Honolulu you were down for that. You guys drove around a lot and soaked up the sun and at night you two had amazing sex. Something about the sex now made it more intense than it did before. It may have had something to do with Jay making a lot more eye contact than he did before. He did end up spanking you again but it was because he realized that you actually liked it. It turned you on in an odd way but even more than that when he called you little one it turned you on more. You couldn't explain it but it was such a comforting term that you couldn't help but feel your body bloom with those words leaving his lips. You two got back in Seoul late at night and once again you both were tired. Taewon had come to pick you up and you lugged your suitcases to the car and put them in the trunk. You leaned against Jay's chest in the back and fell asleep with your fingers tangled with each others. You didn't stay awake for long but for some odd reason you were talking in your sleep. Well... you were in that sweet spot between half awake but still dreaming. While you were talking in your dreams, Jay was responding to you until you finally woke up. He chuckled, "Sounds like you were having an odd dream." "Aren't all dreams odd?" "Not all." He said softly. "Are we home yet?" You said with your eyes still closed. "Yeah baby, we're pulling up right now." "Don't go home. Stay with me." You yawned. You just got more comfortable against his chest. He brushed your hair back to kiss your head, "Sure baby girl." He said. The car stopped moving but you didn't get out. You were moving slow and trying to get your keys out to the house but you were too tired. Jay just laughed and leaned you against the seat. He took your keys and opened the door for you and took your luggage inside. You were about to fall back asleep when Jay came back to shake you. "Hey, wake up little one." He said giving you a soft kiss on your cheek. You just groaned and shook your head. He chuckled so smoothly in your ear and you could feel his body come over yours. "Let's go baby girl." You felt him scoop you up in his arms and you wrapped your arms around his neck. He carried you into the house and into your bed. You felt him kiss your lips soft but he wasn't there. You reached out for him and opened your eyes. "Jay stay here." You said sleepy. "I am baby girl. I'm just checking the locks." He said. You fell asleep before you were sure he came back. By the time the next day came, it was close to the afternoon and Jay wasn't in bed next to you. That was an odd feeling for you since you were used to waking up before him. You were disappointed that he didn't stay he said he was going to. You remembered what you told him in Hawaii, that you were his. He was genuinely happy about that and you were unsure of your feelings. There was just an odd mix inside of you making you feel uncertain.

You got up and headed into the kitchen to smell coffee in the air. You saw Jay sitting at the small island in your kitchen sipping on his own cup. You tried to pull back the smile on your face but honestly you were glad he stayed. You walked past him to get a cup and pour yourself some coffee. "I thought you left last night." You said casually. "I told you I'd stay baby girl." You turned around to lean against the counter while drinking your coffee. He smiled at you, "What?" You asked. "How does it feel not having to get up early for work?" You sighed and said, "Well I never really had to get up that early I just chose to. I could get more things done in the day that way. But I have to be honest sleeping in has been nice." "You have another full week off before you're back at MGM. Do you want to be alone?" You shook your head. He smiled gently at you and put down his coffee cup. He held out his hand to you and said, "Come here." You placed your cup down and placed your hand in his. He pulled you towards him making you laugh as he did. You climbed up to straddle his lap while your hair waterfalled to one side of your face. He reached up and gave you a soft kiss but you drew closer to him. You kissed him again much longer. He smiled coming off your lips to tilt his head more for a better angle. His hand cupped your cheek before sliding down to the nape of your neck. Your kiss became deeper and your hands slid up to the base of his neck. His other hand made it to your butt. Things started to get a little heated when you started grinding against him but he pulled away from kissing you to lick his own lips and say, "Wait baby." You stopped moving to look at him curiously. "I've got something for you." He said. "Really? What is it?" You asked. He patted your butt to tell you to hop off his lap and once you got off of him he left the kitchen and sounded like he went to the front door. You were wondering what was going on so you walked over and saw a puppy running into the room. He was a brown great Dane probably no more than a few weeks old. You dropped to your knees to pick him up. He sniffed your hand first before he jumped into your arms. You flipped over the great Dane and looked up at Jay. "His name is Jack." He said. "Jack." You said with tears brimming your eyes. "And her name is," He placed another dog on the ground, a German shepherd puppy maybe a few weeks older than Jack and she slowly made her way over to you. "Rose." He said. You looked up at him smiling, laughing and crying at the same time. You scooped up Jack and Rose into your arms and kissed their heads. "You named them?" You asked him. He nodded and brushed your hair with his hand. He kissed your forehead and said, "So you won't be lonely anymore." "Jay." You cried. He laughed and kissed you. "Why?" You asked. "Because you're mine. I don't want you to over work yourself baby girl. Come home and relax, these two will be waiting for you and when you need me I'll come over for you." He said. "I can't believe you bought me two dogs." You sniffed. "Lili and Cosmo would've wanted you to be happy right? They were your best friends so let these two be your friends." "I don't have anymore dog food." You looked up at him realizing you had nothing to feed them. "Don't worry I've got that covered. I have work tomorrow so I have to back home tonight but you won't be alone with them in the house." He said. "Thank you." You whispered on his lips. "Anytime little one." he smiled. He chuckled at the shaky inhale you took after he said that. He kissed you softly before he helped you up. He sent you off to go get dressed and then he took you out to walk the dogs. You two spent as much of the day together as you could before he left you to go home. You were happy. Unbelievably happy. You called up your mother later on that night to tell her about you and Jay. You were thinking about asking Jay to meet your parents but you knew meeting your mom would be an easier affair than your father's rapid fire questions. "You're happier than usual." She chuckled over the phone. "I've-been seeing a guy." You said. It wasn't a lie, even though most of what you'd been seeing him was naked and on top of you. Still, you guys not only did business together but talked, there was a connection between you two. The fact that he went out of his way to buy you two dogs in place of Lili and Cosmo made your heart melt. There was more even to this indescribable feeling you had inside you. "He must be something special for you to sound like that." Your mother laughed. "What do I sound like Momma?" "Like you're in love." She mused. Love? Love...? Was that it? After all the expectations you've had over the years, after waiting for the wow moment, was the feeling that you'd been having all this time love? You thought you'd recognize it when you first felt it but when you thought about him and being with him you couldn't help but be excited. He was someone you looked forward to seeing, someone you wanted to be with and someone you wanted to never let go of you. Everytime he called you little one and you felt more special in his eyes than anyone else's you wondered where that was coming from. How could a romantic not know what love was? Perhaps it was just the first time you allowed yourself to truly give up on love. All your past relationships you thought you had; you thought it was purely physical; it was for you but when you entered those relationships it wasn't with the intent of being just physical. When you entered your relationship with Jay, it was only meant to be physical and somehow he had left you with this feeling of being complete when he was near and missing him when he was gone. You wanted to be with him. "I guess so." You whispered. Your mother only chuckled and started to ask about when you wanted her to meet him. You began to plan things out with her but you decided to keep it as a surprise for Jay. ~XxX~ The days that followed were spent with walks with Rose and Jack, training them and playing with them in the backyard. Jay came over to hang in the pool with you and at one point you got Hyun Jung, Seonghwa and Kiseok at the house to hang. One by one you invited the rest of the MGM family just so the house felt more crowded than usual. Jay couldn't stay because he had another class in the morning and his studio was a ways away from your place. Even more his house was further away from his studio. His popularity just continued to build. Some of his classes were lived streamed on YouTube and that brought more people in. You were glad he was willing to do that. He even did dance practices and dance covers on his YouTube page with MGM choreographers. He only took the one week off for you where as you needed the second week off. He spent as much time with you as had could offer. More than enough so you were grateful to him. By Friday, you had asked him to clear his schedule for lunch. It was the day you mapped out for your mother to meet him. He did as you asked and you were headed into the studio to his classroom to get him. Before you walked in though you peeped through the door to make sure you weren't interrupting anything. Seong Hyeon was there. She was talking to him and Jay looked like he was packing things up to go. He was just about to walk away when she stopped him by placing her hand on his chest. He took her hands in his, you weren't sure what he was saying to her but she just lunged forward to kiss him and you backed away as quickly as you could. Your heart was racing because you didn't know what was going on. You turned and left out. Kiseok and Seonghwa were coming in. "What's up Y/n?" Kiseok greeted you. "I have to go." You said. You hurried past them without stopping and got into your car. You headed to the restaurant where your mother was supposed to be waiting. Jay's POV It wasn't that Seong Hyeon stopping by was a burden it was just that Jay was trying to get out of there as soon as possible. Y/n seemed to want to talk about something serious. When she asked him to clear his schedule for lunch, she seemed very intense. He wondered what was up with her. "I've seen you hanging around Hyojin a lot I know you and her are in business together but is that all it is?" Seong Hyeon asked. Jay was still gathering his things as he spoke. "Yeah." He lied. "Do you like her?" She asked. "Of course." "Jay do you like her?" She asked. Jay chuckled, "Look under normal circumstances I'd have no problem talking about these things with someone but there's only so much I can say Seong Hyeon. Whatever business is going on between me and Y/n has to stay between me and her." He told her. "But what if someone likes you Jay? Someone like.... me." She said innocently. She had stopped him from walking out. He didn't want to crush her feelings but she was a young girl and she wasn't the one that he was in love with so he had to be honest. He took her hands in his and tried to explain to her why they wouldn't be together as carefully as possible. He knew of her crush before and over the weeks since they'd danced she had come to his studio to talk and get lessons but he would always keep it professional. "Seong Hyeon I appreciate your interest in me but you have to understand, things between us can't happen. They won't because I have feelings for someone el-" She lunged up to kiss him anyway and he grabbed her by the waist to pull her from him. "Hasn't that changed anything?" She asked with hope. "No Seong Hyeon. Jesus- I'm in love with Y/n, okay? I'm trying to spare your feelings by letting you down easily but you can not do that. That will ruin everything." He told her. "Does she love you?" She asked. Jay was sure she did but he wasn't going to say it. Part of their contract was not to talk about that side of their relationship. He could express his love for her but going deeper than that was trouble for him with her. "Seong Hyeon the truth is I'm not interested in being with you can't you understand that?" She looked sad and he felt bad but it was the only way it could be. He headed out of the studio and saw Seonghwa and Kiseok walking up to him. "Hey what's wrong with Y/n did you two fight?" Kiseok asked. "What? No, what are you talking about?" He asked. "Dude she just stormed out of here pretty upset." Seonghwa said. "She was here?" Jay asked. While Kiseok and Seonghwa were confirming she'd been at the studio he realized she must've seen them together. Shit...
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