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Hello ELF! It's Melissa with Siwon Sunday! For this week's Siwon Sunday, I am trying something new. My cover gif might've given it away. I had made a Try not to Fall in Love with Siwon Challenge! Yes that is right! I am challenging you not to fall in love with Siwon. Can you do it? Let's find out...

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! Please let us know how you do. Were you able to resist Siwon? Or did you failed like I did. I even made this and failed XD

Well that is all for this week's Siwon Sunday! I hope you all enjoyed the challenge. It was something different to do for my member and bias Siwon.

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Nope I fell for him! He is just to sexy!
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5 months ago
Lol this one!!!!! Now if that was Donghae.........or Zhoumi..........or Ryeowook........or Eunhyuk..........
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I fell for him a long time ago.
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