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Now I know not a lot of you guys remember but I made a card a while back filled with
J-Hope quotes and this one makes complete sense why he's all alone:
I'm not a hardcore theorist, so I might be wrong. But idk it looks kinda legit.
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Well I love being a theorist but, most of the time my theories are a bit off (but that's because I interpret them a bit different, I have some experience over what they're portraying). I could see it, as even though each of them are paired but, you have Jin who connects them all. Following the theories, not to dissuade your theory, Jin, Tae and Joon are connected which makes sense why they may be looking at each other. And the most complicated are the connections b/w the last four members. Hobi and Jimin connected by mental illness; yet Jimin is connected to Yoongi who he fails to save. While Yoongi and Kookie are connected by some sort of accident (also that both failed to save each other). But I think Hobi is kind of left out because he really only has one storyline, there's the part where he is somewhat connected to Tae. I don't know it's so complicated....I could write an entire book about how I think the whole storyline goes. But yeah, you're observation is another way to look at it.